Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Succeed Professionally When All Jobs are Temporary

In today’s world, everyone is a temporary worker.
Even if you’re an executive at a well-established company, your job could be temporary. Working for yourself? There’s no telling how long your business might last.
Particularly in a down economy and a tight job market, it’s important to keep this in mind. Companies downsize. People get fired or laid off. The market changes. And while you might find another job in your field, your career is likely less stable than the careers your grandparents had years ago.
You may be tempted to get comfortable in your job because it doesn’t seem threatened at the moment. But as recent news goes to show, the multitude of jobs that seemed like they would be around forever are disappearing. Several cases in point: Bank of America laying off 30,000 workers, Borders bookstore closing, and even the U.S. Postal Service closing offices across the country.

How can you prepare for these inevitable changes in your career? Here are a few ways to safeguard your income:

Create a strong personal brand. Although your current job and career play a part in your professional brand, your personal brand is something that stays with you throughout your entire career, no matter where you end up working. Get active online, share and create relevant content, and give people a reason to remember – and hire – you.
Continually build upon your skills and education. Stay on top of news and trends within your industry. If your company won’t pay for professional development, figure out other ways to make it a priority. Learn new skills by attending webinars, conferences and training sessions, and gain skills that will help you regardless of whether you decide to move up in your current career or transition into a related field.
Build a professional portfolio. Keep track of your accomplishments, work pieces, recommendations and referrals in one place. Consider securing your own domain name ( to house your professional portfolio. That way, when it comes time for a new job search, you’ll have everything you need all in one place.
Have a back-up career. When I was laid off from my job in public relations a few years ago, I realized the importance of starting my own side business to ensure I always had a job. Now, my back-up career is my full-time one. You never know how things will pan out, and you can no longer count on a company to keep you employed. So think outside the box about how you can grow your own side gig that can serve as a back-up plan. Thanks to the Internet and social networking, it’s easier to start your own business than ever before.
Maintain your professional network. Networking is still one of the top ways to land a new job. By keeping in contact with your professional connections, you’re more likely to learn about new job opportunities, gain referrals and make additional connections. And if you do lose your job, you’ll have a network to turn to for help.

Τοπική Αυτοδιοίκηση Απεργία

Πολεμούμε να συντηρήσουμε τα κεκτημένα δηλαδή να πληρωνόμαστε χωρίς να εργαζόμαστε (να πηγαίνουμε Σουπερ Μάρκετ στις ώρες εργασίες και να ταλαιπωρούμε τον κόσμο που μας πληρώνει τους μισθούς) .

Ξέρεις τι είναι να κερδίζεις μια θέση στο Δήμο γλύφοντας και έρποντας και ύστερα να σε υποχρεώνουνε να δουλεύεις ; ΟΧΙ, αν δεν συντηρήσουμε το δικαίωμα στην πληρωμένη τεμπελιά, θα σύρουμε την χώρα, μαζί μας, στα Τάρταρα..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RIM needs a New Strategy

The industry lost an icon in Steve Jobs, but as we mourn and celebrate the life of the late chairman and former CEO of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), we also must face the other realities confronting everyone in the electronics industry. Even Apple itself cannot afford to be so deeply immersed in mourning that the company's product offering, technology strategy, and growth trajectory begin to suffer. That's why I suggested in a recent blog that the entire industry needs to turn the page on Jobs's "greatness" and his achievements and legacy. It's time to build something new. (See: Steve Jobs Is Gone; Turn the Page.)
Will the industry remain on Apple-watch or begin innovating beyond Apple, the bellwether? Will a new, dynamic, and groundbreaking product come from a company other than Apple, or will companies like Research in Motion, Motorola Mobility, Samsung, and Sony-Ericsson continue to wait for the next market-leading offering from Cupertino, Calif.? It's time to stop chasing Apple's skirt. In order to do this, however, RIM must first ask tough questions about its current strategy. (See: RIM Needs to Dump the PlayBook.)
Another report says an investor has repeated its request for RIM to explore options that would improve its market value. It's not clear what the options would be, but I expect these could include a sale of assets or a merger with another company. Do you agree?
There are other issues facing the industry and the wider economy. As Michael Wood insists in his blog, the unemployment situation in the United States and financial pressures elsewhere point to a double-dip recession. Is he correct? Personally, I think Wood is onto something here. You don't have to be a genius to know chip sales are slowing, for instance. Manufacturers are already announcing that sales might be lower in the third quarter. (See: It's a Double-Dip Recession.)


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Rihanna Loses it for Esquire

And by it, I mean her hygiene. Some may consider these pics sexy and daring (yeah, the girl has a killer body) but to me it looks like she may have dirt in places where there shouldn't be dirt. A full body exfoliation is sometimes quite nice, but not if you've been buried alive and then fought your way out of the muck, and in the process lost some clothing. Poor thing. I hope she wasn't too traumatized by the experience.

[Image via Esquire Magazine]