Thursday, May 7, 2009

All I can say is.... holy crap.

I had the pleasure of seeing David Beckham in Berlin, Germany during the World Cup in 2006 (I was sitting on a rock wall waiting for my lost luggage to arrive and here he comes, swaggering down the sidewalk) and, yes, my mouth dropped (my gum may have even fallen out) and all I can say is thankfully I had sunglasses on. However, I think the drool was a dead giveaway that I was staring at him. So, the whole time he's walking by, yes, I'm imagining him with his shirt off (okay, so I was imagining him as he is in this pic) and hoping, no, praying that he doesn't open his mouth to say something to the guy walking with him. I love looking at David Beckham, but I don't necessarily love listening to him... his voice does NOT match his body. And oh my, what a body.

This pic is from last summer, but I stumbled upon it this afternoon and had to share... I think he's probably one of maybe three men that can actually pull off the speedo.

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