Friday, May 15, 2009

Stacy and Clinton are going to tackle Blossom

Remember Blossom? Oh, God, I loved that show. Guess what other show I love? What Not to Wear. Yes, I do. I love it. Stacy and Clinton are fantastically evil. And now, they're going to give Blossom, Mayim Bialik, a makeover. There aren't too many current pictures of her out there, but I found a somewhat recent one. I admit, the hair is a bit frumpy and the sweater paired with matching earrings and dogtags is a bit, well, ugly. But, she's said so herself, she's not into fashion and she really just likes to blend in.

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What about Six? What about Jenna Von Oy? Like her old friend, she's appeared in a handful of TV series, but I don't think she's kept a lower profile than Blossom. I mean, you tell me. What do you think she's been up to? She's got "I've got a stripper pole in my bedroom" written all over her.

[Image via Hub Pages]

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