Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to the Man Meat-Pics and facts about our fave man meat!

Updated so freaking much because I have pictures of men on my computer that is seriously bordering on pathetic...but I want with my friend Kelley to share our favorite man meat! Enjoy and it's 100 percent calorie and fat free!

First in our minds but defi
nitely not our hearts! We love all our men the same!

Our newest piece of meat!  ROB PATTINSON

k I know this pic and many others will have been on many blogs but can you ever look at them enough?  

The only thing that makes this to quote "lauren's bite" sick-nast is the cigarette...smoking is sicknast and groddy.  Other than that...sooo hott! Black and white is hard to pull off unless you're just naturally beautiful...enter RPattz!

some samples of what you might find on this blog (see above) and below:

before I start I want to give credit where credit is due...some of my funny witty comments will be borrowed from the uber-cool lauren from (thanks for the fun new vocab)Her blog is hilarious...check it out (see above address) NOW ON TO THE MAN MEAT! EYE CANDY! whatev! All I can say is soooo hott!

Here is a magazine spread of RPattz from a German magazine I think.  I would credit them so as not to upset the copyright gods but I cannot remember when or where I got it. To whoever this belongs to, thank you.

Is it just me or is everyone noticing how ungracefully Rob is handling his huge star status right now.  I seriously think that he didn't know exactly what he was getting himself into when every female in the world fell in love with his Edward, but dude enough with the hand through the hair, you're hot you know it honey...we know it...why can't you figure it out?  Giving up your privacy is the price of fame darling as much as we feel for you when you have those awkward photo-ops there are millions of men that would trade places with you in a second so ENJOY IT! You are making Brad Pitt look so five years ago.  Well he is, but you see what I mean. 

Born May 13, 1986 in London, UK, this 6 foot 1 inch piece of man candy first stole our hearts as Cedric Diggory in a somewhat juicy role of stealing the girl Harry Potter liked in the fourth installment of the hugely popular Harry Potter franchise.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  If you haven't seen or read the books (yeah right, who hasn't) then don't read further...srsly...stop right now!

After tricking Harry into the Tri-wizard tournament to attain the Goblet of Fire which was really a port-key that transported Harry and Cedric to the cemetary of Voldemort's muggle father Tom Riddle to finally give back to Voldemort what he has always craved his life.  Cedric was not meant to come and just came along for the ride and because of this gets killed by the Avadra Cadavera (not spelled right) curse and dies.  His death haunts Harry throughout the rest of the series because Cedric was such a good competitor and person and did not deserve the fate he met.

All of our female eyes-widened when Cedric jumped into the scene in GOF and we never stopped noticing.  Rob had done some stuff overseas in his native country, but as we all know you aren't really truly famous unless you are internationally recognized.  Playing Cedric did not accomplish that, but another movie he would do a few years later would make him one of the hottest men to grace our movie screens

That movie was: Stephenie Meyer's epic book that has become a world-wide phenomenon known as Twilight and because of the popularity of the gorgeous vampire that stole Bella's heart against his nature and the advice of his family.

From the minute he walked into that cafeteria and Bella asks her new "friend" Jessica about the Cullens, Edward stole all our hearts with the girl that would be his soul-mate.  Edward is an incredibly beautiful guy who has been looking for his soulmate for over 100 years and he finds it in Arizona native, recently transplanted to Forks, Washington Bella Swan.  The story continues and we obsessess and spawn pocket plastic dolls, millions of pictures, hundreds of magazine covers and millions of fans.  He went from the boy who died at Voldemort's wand to the most popular movie star right now and the most talked about internet subject since the start of the World Wide Web. k, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration but still, it could be true.

There will be more pics of Rob (trust) but right now let's get some variety in our meat!

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