Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On my hols

That is it people... I am on my hols for the next two weeks. Please be nice and helpful to Kenia and Jamba while I am away! Lets hope I do not come back to chaos. Either way...normality on this site will resume in 2 weeks. Miss y'all!!!

Michelle on GMTV


Do I even need to write anything? HELP HER SOMEONE!

LeToya: New Video and Album Cover

This might sound bad but when I first saw this I thought it was Kelly lol.. However, saying that LeToya looks arrrmazing on her new albumcover. This is hot!!!

New Author Results

Well...what can I say? This competition was drowned in drama, cheating and also good writers. Thank you for everyone that voted.

Unfortunately, Joshua and LYriqueCD both cheated in the competition and both made foul play. Plus the petty arguing was a big turn off! Which means they are both eliminated from the competition. I need people who I can trust to run this blog

Jamba and Kenia had the best writing skills and the most number of votes over Joshua and LYriqueCD. Therefore I will be appointing BOTH Jamba and Kenia to write for the blog.

Well done Jamba and Kenia. Your writing skills start tomorrow!

Be nice people.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

David Spade's baby girl looks just like Chris Farley

[Image via Perez Hilton]

Jay-Z and Beyonce holding peeps in the music biz to ransom

MTO says:

MediaTakeOut.com told you yesterday that Chris Brown was supposed to perform at the Michael Jackson tribute. Well he was ... then BET changed its mind.What happened you ask??? Well that depends on who you ask - one of MediaTakeOut.com's insiders told us that the powers that be were scared that Chris' performance would cause some sort of backlash.But then again, another of MediaTakeOut.com's insiders is claiming that it was ALL JAY Z' doing. According to that insider, Jay Z SPECIFICALLY FORBID BET from allowing Breezy to perform. He told them that if they did neither he NOR BEYONCE would have performed.Not sure which version of the story is true ... We'd hate to think that Jigga was that vindictive ...

First Letoya and now Chris Brown. Beyonce and Jay-Z need to sit the fuk down...who really wants to see that ugly old camel performing anyway??? And Beyonce.... let other people shine...so greedy bish.

DC Rumours Contest!

Thank you to all of those that applied for the DC Rumours writer contest. We had many applicants but only 4 have survived the first round of cuts. We had people cheating, not listening to instructions and just have no idea whatsoever how to post but once again I will say thankyou for trying...this bloggin aint easy.

The five members needing your votes can be found at the below address. Please read each post and see who made that post which will be at the bottom left hand side at the end of that post. If you like their post the best then vote for them.
Our finalists are:
Joshua Jones
Precious Diva

Check them out here:-

As many people vote as possible please. You will find the poll on the new site ------>

VOTE today as the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Kelly cancels Epsom

It is with regret, that due to personal reasons, Kelly Rowland has had to pull out of the Epsom Live! music night at Epsom Downs Racecourse on Thursday 16th July where she was going to perform to racegoers along with The Saturdays and Alesha Dixon.
Kelly Rowland has passed on her apologies to her fans who were planning on attending to enjoy a evening of racing followed by the concert, however she knows that Alesha Dixon and The Saturdays will still put on an incredible show and she is disappointed not to be playing at such a superb venue.

What personal reasons??

Interesting New on MJ O2 Tour

Leona Lewis, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake are among the stars rumoured to be filling Michael Jackson's O2 tour dates.
According to The Sun, tour promoters AEG are planning a benefit gig in honour of Jackson, who died on Thursday.
The 'Man In The Mirror' singer had signed for a series of gigs at the O2 arena in London prior to his death.
Diana Ross, Sir Paul McCartney and Usher have also reportedly been approached for the tribute.
Earlier this week, it was reported that AEG Live could face a £300 million insurance.

This would be a great idea!! I hope they do it.

Michelle Williams On National Lottery UK

Kelly Rowland Speaks on Death Of MJ

New Title of Kelly Rowland Song


Apparently, this is the new title track of the new collaboration by David and Kelly. Their new single "When Love Takes Over" has stormed the European Charts and is this years summer anthem. I love it!

LeToya @ BET Awards

Even though she only got to perform at the Pre-performance show she still did her thing! She still looked hotter than Beyawnce.

LeToya @ Pre-Dinner BET Awards

LeToya looked HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if any pics will surface of her and Beyonce. Now that would be quality. I also saw a recent interview with LeToya where she said she no longer has any Dereon in her store anymore. Bitch, I dont blame you.

Beyonce @ BET Awards

One word for her dress...RANK!!! She looks awful. Who the hell dressed this bish?

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael

I'm very sad about Michael Jackson's passing... His
Thriller album was the first record I ever owned, and I was truly obsessed with him throughout my childhood. Strange as he was, he was a brilliant musician, artist, and performer. I used to dance for hours in my room trying to perfect his moves... the only one I truly ever got down was the moonwalk. I hope that now he is truly at peace.

[Image via the Girl from the Ghetto]

Solange and Beyonce perform together

R&B diva Beyonce and sister Solange Knowles have teamed up to perform in a one-off benefit show in Minneapolis next month to help two charities.
The "Put a Ring On It" hitmaker will be playing at the Target Center in Minneapolis on July 16 to benefit the Charles & Phyllis Newman Foundation and their own charitable institution, The Survivor Foundation.
She will be joined by sister Solanger as a special guest.
The concert tickets range from $39 to $1,000 and can be bought at the Target Center's Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets.
The Newman Foundation is an organization that supports programs that support medical research and discovery in humans and animals. The Survivor Foundation provides assistance, education and support to survivors of social, economic and catastrophic hardships

Umm...if Solame is going share the same stage together what will they sing? Do they have a song together?

Beyonce is on Twitter


Here is the official Twitter account for Beyonce. How do I know this? Because Kelly is following it! She has 124,000 already and counting. If only she would just twit something. I am thinking her PR team thinks she is too good for twitter.

Kelly Rowland and Brandy back as friends

Aww....we like seeing this. I am sure Kelly is pleased she took Brandy's advice over Mathew.

Crazy Kelly

Michael Jackson RIP

I follow the rest of the world in the mourning of Michael Jackson. Last night, at 11pm UK Time I heard the news on my radio that MJ had died. I couldn't get back to sleep until 3am..... MJ was a true entertainer and artist. I am literally speechless. On my way to work this morning I saw kids singing MJ songs in the street, people with MJ as their ringtone and every newspaper reporting it. Here are the DC reactions to this sad sad passing:

LeToya Luckett - I am speechless

Beyonce - This is such a tragic loss and a terrible day. The incomparable Michael Jackson has made a bigger impact on music than any other artist in the history of music. He was magic. He was what we all strive to be. He will always be the king of pop! Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about how many moments in life that take your breath away. For anyone who has ever seen, felt, or heard his art, we are all honored to have been alive in this generation to experience the magic of Michael Jackson. I love you Michael.

Kelly Rowland - Michael you left such a legacy on this earth, have touched SO MANY!!! We thank you for such a driving inspiration in music & our lives!! This has got to be one of the saddest days in music history!! Michael Rest In Peace! WE miss you!

I am so sad right now...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Man Meat: Vampire Edition! YUM!

Hello my fellow Man Meat Lovers.
Welcome to the Vampire Edition of Celeb Man Meat!
Vampires are way sexy.
True story.
Who am I to not share the beauty with everyone else?

First up: Eric Northman.
If you watch True Blood, you know who he is.
If you've read the books, you LOVE him!
He's over a thousand years old.
He's funny.
He's badass.
And did I mention that he's way sexy?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen
If you have seen "Twilight" (and I'm pretty sure you have), then you have noticed, along with every other female with eyes, that this Doctor has got it goin' on.
Doctor, Doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of lovin' you!
Daddy Cullen, I hope you make house calls!

Emmett Cullen.
Why hello there!
Rosalie is one lucky girl!
Can I take you home with me????

If you were ever a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel," then you can't help but love this brooding, soulful vampire who lost his soul if he experienced a moment of true happiness (aka, sex with Buffy...ahem).
And when Angel (Angelus) was evil...YIKES!
He was still hot when he was evil, and for some reason he wore leather pants when he was gone with the soul.
I don't know.
It was pretty hot though.

Edward Cullen.
If you do NOT know who this guy is by now, you have obviously been living under a rock for over a year now!
Some of you may look at him and say "Wow, he looks a lot like Cedric Diggory!"
This is because I believe that when Voldemort's lackey Avada Kedavra'd poor Cedric, he really became the steamy hot vampire we all know and love today!
Okay, wishful thinking, but at the same time, Dr. Cullen can bite me whenever he likes!

Okay, I had to save my personal favorite for last.
Spike (aka William the Bloody).
My all-time favorite vampire!!
I'm a girl who prefers the guys with dark hair, but I'll have to admit, Spike managed to sway me just a little.
He was downright sexy.
His black duster was sexy.
His swagger was sexy.
His accent was sexy.
His scar on his eyebrow was sexy.
His Bloody Awful Poetry was sexy.

Please let me know of any super sexy vampires I have left out, and I will add them later!
These are all the pics I have at the moment.
I know there are many more sexy ones out there!
Ian Somerhalder will be included in here shortly!

I'm OUT!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Heath Ledger

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Heath Ledger died?
I was at work.
That memory will stick with me forever.

Heath Ledger was an extremely talented and amazing actor!
Even a year and a half after his death, I still find myself in shock.
He had so much potential.
He was proving himself as a serious actor.
And in the blink of an eye it was all taken away.

Heath Ledger was only 28 years old.
He had just finished filming "The Dark Knight."
His performance as the Joker was chilling and fascinating.
He had not finished filming "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."

In addition to being a wonderful actor, Heath Ledger was also the proud father of a little girl named Matilda, a child who looks just like him.
It's sad to think that he will never get moments like that again.

Heath Ledger's wonderful smile will never be forgotten.

We will never forget his passion for his work either.
We continue to mourn his loss.
He was taken too early and could have gone far!

RIP Heath Ledger
You will always be in our hearts!


Kelly, Angie and Lala get together

Lala is 30th today and was photographed with Angie (Bey's cousin) and Kelly Rowland. This is an interesting sight to behold. Although the relationship between Mathew and Kelly is nothing but down hill it seems Kelly has kept herself still affiliated with the other Knowles. I am glad to see that.

Uh oh....

Guys, I am going away on holiday from the 1st July to the 14th July. I need one of you guys to kindly take over for this time. Please put your email address in the comments section below. If you are going to apply then please be serious about this. There will be a competition on Monday for the finalists and you could become a permanent writer for the blog.
Our readers will be choosing who they would like to become the writer so be ready to write a story for the judging panel (our readers).

Peace X

P.S. If no one applies then DCRumours will be shut down for those two weeks.

First Lady & Beyonce still endorsing eachother

The first lady took first tweens Malia and Sasha to the Verizon Center to see one of their favorite singers, bringing along friends from Chicago as well as staffers from the White House, the first lady’s office confirms.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle......you letting Beyonce be your child's role model????? and not someone like Alicia Keys??? You just fuelling fire to speculation that you are all part of the Illuminate and self promoting one another....again! *rolls eyes*

LeToya must be like - FOOL!

MediaTakeOut.com got EXCLUSIVE pics of rapper Slim Thug's recent run in with the Atlanta police. Apparently him and one of his female friends got caught doing some stuff on the side of the road.
WTF is this fool doing? Poor LeToya...imagine seeing your ex man doing this shit. Looks like Slim just cant help himself...he lost a good one with LeToya

Solange's OP Fall Campaign

Solange appears in the 2009 OP (Open Campus) Fall Campaign with some of Hollywood’s young and talented who include, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, Brody Jenner (The Hills), Cody Linley (Disney Star) and AnnaLynne McCord (90210).
Aww bless...this week's diary for Solange and Beyonce must read...do something for charity lol

Acoustic Kelly - When Loves Takes Over

Proof L'Oreal is Racist - Whitened Bey on Purpose!

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal, which was last year accused of whitening Beyonce Knowles' skin in an ad, has been found guilty of racial discrimination by a French court over its all-white recruitment policy for its shampoo sales teams.

So basically L'Oreal only recruit white people to sell their products which is why Beyonce was whitened to make her look more appealing to the European Market. This is really sickening that in an age where there is a black president, one of the largest comestics company in the world is still doing this shit. Black people should boycott L'Oreal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I've Been Working On

I have a friend here at work whose husband is being re-deployed to Iraq for, I think, the 3rd time. (sucks) They (his unit) decided they wanted t-shirts to help out a little with morale/camaraderie.The original design was developed by one of the guys in the unit, but it was determined to be too busy, and too many colors for a t-shirt print.So she came to me and asked if I could help out. For our

Dear Katie Price

Dear Katie,

Hey, I know it's been a long time since we've chatted, but I figured I'd send you a quick note. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but recent media pictures of you have been, well, less than flattering. I'm not sure who dresses you, but you may want to rethink some of your fashion choices (i.e. the outfit above is a great example of how much of a skank you look these days). And a hair braid around your forehead? Honestly, what is that all about? Is that your own hair or did you actually buy that? And those eye lashes? They look like porn moustaches. I'm also a little worried about your stomach... Have you and Tara Reid been hanging out? If so, may I make a recommendation that you not hang out with her ever again? It could really hurt your image. One other thing, does the shirtless guy to your right have a dead cat hanging from his shoulder? I'm confused... are you partying or dumpster diving?

Maybe someday we can be friends again, but since you refuse to listen to me, I'm just going to keep gloating at all the drunk ho pictures that are swirling around the internet (and, Katie, it's "internet" not "internets").

Take care,
Your Dignity

[Image via WENN]

Vanessa Minnillo says: Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!

Two of the most boring people in the world finally called it quits after three years. It's the same old "they remain close friends" crap, and I can't help but wonder if they just got tired of not having anything to talk about except her boobs and his pecs. Well, for all you The Soup fans, now Nick has time on his hands to make more
guest appearances on One Tree Hill.

Beyonce talks about Hunger

Props to Beyonce...at least she actually doing something positive.

Michelle copying Kelly Rowland now

Michelle Williams has revealed that she has recorded a duet with dance star Ultra Naté.
Ultra Naté, best known for her 1997 hit 'Free', will share vocals with the Destiny's Child singer on a track called 'I'm Waiting On You'.

Although I think this is a great move for Michelle, this is a dance track...just like Kelly just did. Why you copying her style? Did Mathew put you up to this bish?

Your voice

Here we are again people and I am asking you what you would like for the site. I would actually like to switch the layout up a little so if any of you are good with graphics then leave your email in the comments below... it would be nice to have a new banner with more relevant pics.

I was also thinking of having a post everyday that links to other stories that do not concern DC. Updates on new music and other gossip. What do you think?

let me know below...

love y'all and your continued support. Anything else you think would be a good change but please tell me

Soulgirl XX

LeToya - She Ain't Got Shit On Me Pics

She coming for you Beyonce....

Backstage Pic of Beyonce, Jay-Z & Fabolous

Here is a pic of Bey, Jay-Z and Fabolous backstage with some other folk.... I am so glad her hair is back to normal.

Beyonce & Jay-Z @ Avenue Bar

They look like they should be holding hands..... its like she is hinting for it but he is just ignoring her. Hold her damn hand Jay-Z... fool