Friday, July 31, 2009

Beyonce No1 Concert

Beyonce's ongoing I AM... World Tour has been ranked a #1 concert attraction thanks to record attendance and an unprecedented multi-leg journey.The tour, in support of Beyonce's 2008 album "I Am... Sasha Fierce," was ranked by Billboard's Hot Tour rankings chart as the no.1 attraction running July 23. In the issue, Billboard journalist Bob Allen confirms the tour's success, stating: "With reported grosses topping $36 million since the tour began, her show ranks among the top 15 grossing tours of the year, with still more dates scheduled in the fall".Promoted by AEG Live in Europe this spring, Beyonce's I AM... tour grossed more than $23 million in ticket sales.While Beyonce's North American leg of the tour continues through Sunday, August 2, Music World/Columbia says the "Diva" has sold out 97% of her shows overall.Following a previously announced four-night residency at the Encore Theatre at the Wynn Las Vegas (July 30 - August 2), Beyonce is set to perform a pair of shows at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan and open the Donbass Stadium in the Ukraine.

Very cleverly orchestrated lol...especially with all them free tickets

LeToya Lucketts @ Loso's album party

LeToya as always looks amazing...especially when she stood next to that wannabe Lil Kim

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Michigan Dog Man

In 1987, as an April's Fool's prank, Michigan DJ Jack O'Malley got together with his production director Steve Cook, and made up a song about a half-dog half-man creature that roamed the backwoods of the northern portion of the state.

The creature, which they dubbed the Michigan Dog Man, was created from bits and pieces of creatures from other state legends, including the Bigfoot legend, the legend of the New Jersey Devil, the Boggy Creek Monster, and several other 'cryptids' (animals that appear in legend but heretofore have not been found in nature).

Cook was an avid fan of the paranormal and a student of folklore. The two men came up with a history of the Michigan Dog Man, which included a seven year cycle of appearances. The song played on the radio, the joke was a success, and then the reports started coming in.

But that wasn't the weirdest part.

Turns out there really is an Indian legend unique to the northern part of Michigan about a half-dog, half-man creature that early French explorers claimed to have seen and is referred to in historical texts as the loup garou.The loup garou is a half-man, half-wolf beast that is roughly equivalent to the werewolf of popular fiction and late night horror movies, and was native to the Canadian woodland areas, Michigan, Indiana, and parts of Illinois.

Linda Godfrey, an Elkhart Wisconsin writer, first heard about Dog Man sitings in the greater Chicagoland area, and began to research the phenomenon. Her first book, The Beast of Bray Road, started out as a tongue-in-cheek look at what she assumed would be a totally bogus collection of local lore and dubious anecdotes. However, once Bray got into her research and began interviewing eyewitnesses and collecting evidence, she found herself quickly coverted.

Today, a Dogman blog keeps Dog Man watchers up on the latest sitings, and Bray continues to research and write about what she now believes is an actual creature.

Is there any truth to the legend?

Well, I walk my dog every morning for an hour in a 700 acre nature preserve a mile from my Michigan home. I've never seen the Dog Man there. But I can tell you for sure that the woods in Michigan can be damned spooky, and there have been many mornings when if I had indeed run into a Dog Man, it wouldn't have really surprised me one bit. Seriously.

We are so isolated from nature, most of us, that we really don't 'get it' anymore. So when these legends surface, they become sensational because they are strange to us. For the native peoples of this region, legend and reality were not so sharply separated. They understood that every place also had spirit, and that spirit could change form, or be formless, or invade a human being. Spirit is fluid, shapeshifting. We have no word for that now. We have no concept. 'Legend' is as close as we come, and that's not quite the right word.

Eyewitnesses confirm the shapeshifting quality of the Dog Man, often reporting that at first they thought they were looking at a huge, unnaturally large dog or wolf, but that as they watched, the animal stood on its hind legs and its arms elongated right before their eyes, becoming more humanlike. The Dog Man is often said to have red eyes and a fierce contenance, a detail shared with the New Jersey Devil.

I have a fascination with the paranormal, and the cryptid branch of the paranormal is especially cool. I do believe that there are creatures that inhabit the netherworld between form and spirit, and that can move at will between these worlds.

Is the Michigan Dog Man one of those creatures?


Wanna go for a walk in the woods?


Bizarre animal in Japan

Here is some provocative video of a mysterious creature encountered by Japanese fishermen on a rocky seashore.

The excitement begins when the three men notice a group of strange animals on the side of a nearby cliff. Curious, they approach for a closer look and eventually manage to corner one. (The close encounter begins at 1:45 into the video.)

The slimy, pulsating beast — like something out of a Cronenberg film — appears to be some sort of amphibious sea animal that ventured ashore. After poking and prodding the creature with a stick and flipping it over to reveal an undulating, sphincter-like orifice, one of the men rashly — and unwisely — decides to give it a swig of his carbonated beverage. You don’t want to miss the explosive conclusion.

Is this a bizarre new species? Alien creature? Spectacular hoax? You be the judge.

One of Those Days

So today I took off from work to make jewelry. Lots and lots of jewelry.At least that was the plan.Instead, when I got up, I didn't feel so great so I laid around and played on the computer for a while. I am currently obsessed with this game. It's a great time waster. Too much so, most of the time... (shh, don't tell)I finally got up off my fat lazy ass duff and got ready to go downstairs to my

Brad "lazy eye" Pitt is lovin life

Brad looks like he's enjoying his time traipsing around Germany to promote his new movie, Inglorious Basterds. I love pictures of drunk people. And I would love to be in the room when Ang sees this little snapshot. Do you think she'll be pissed? I think she'll be pissed. Y'know, because she lost her iron clad grip on his coin purse long enough for him to have a night out on the town.

[Image via Wenn]

Oh no no no no no!

There is so much wrong with this outfit. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, what are those pants? Do I see pleats? And what is with the ankle fit? And where's the rest of her shirt? I'm so confused... Is this how Kimmy dresses post break-up? Maybe Reggie was her stylist and they had creative differences, hence the split. Kim, baggy on top and baggy on bottom = bad idea. Doesn't she own a clothing store? Shouldn't people that own a clothing store know how to dress well?

[Image via Wenn]

Beyonce's nipples

Like this bitch didnt know her nipples were showing...SMH

Beyonce has most delusional stans

My fellow friend and blogger over at Hip Hop Prophet asked his readers to vote on a poll for who had the most delusional stans. Beyonce won with 79% of the vote. 79% is not a joke!!!!!!!!! So any stans that visit here just know that you are delusional. Dont get me wrong, I am not talking about the fans cos I am also a Beyonce fan...but I aint no stan. My eyes are wide open to her lies and naiveity.

Kelly going to Miss Universe

Kelly Rowland and Flo Rida will jet off to the Bahamas for the 2009 Miss Universe pageant this August.Set to take place at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, the 2009 pageant will feature performances from the duo as well as David Guetta and Heidi Montag.

This chick is just flying around now... you cant stop the bish from being everywhere! Just shows how much Mathew was holding her back. Note to Michelle.... c'mon now

Solange is my rock "Beyonce"

BEYONCE turns to her sister SOLANGE KNOWLES for advice, because she's had so much more "life experience" than the R&B superstar.The singer's younger sibling wed her high school sweetheart and had a baby by the age of 18. She has since gone through a divorce. The Crazy In Love hitmaker, who is married to rapper Jay-Z, admits she turns to 23-year-old Solange to help her through her own personal problems because she's so much more knowledgeable. Beyonce says, "She gives me a lot of advice because she's had some life experiences that I've never had." Last week, Solange shaved her hair off as part of a protest against interviewers who constantly ask her about her famous sister.

hahahaha Solange did it in protest against interviewers now lol sorry but that made me laugh.

Well whatever, nice to see that Beyonce looks up to her sister even though Solange doesnt want anything to do with her in the public eye.

Jay-Z to write autobiography

There could soon be a few choice words in the Beyonce-Jay-Z household. The richest man in rap has signed a megabucks deal to write a book on his life.
It promises to be a warts-and-all account, which won't impress his famously private wife.
Says our bookworm: "It's going to cover everything from his days on the streets as a drug dealer to his fairytale wedding to Bey.
"He'll also be revealing his rapping secrets." Source

Ok lets keep this real... Jay-Z is not going to reveal any secrets about his and Beyonce's marriage. All he will do is write one small paragraph about getting married and how amazing being married to Bey is...the rest of the time will be about rapping. Believe me!

LeToya @ Darrelle Revis party

LeToya looks so hot in this little white dress but umm..... WTF is dude doing in the first pic with that shirt. Eww!

New Dereon Ad

Love Beyonce's positions but hates the clothes. Ugh! I mean who wears that shit?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Direction

Well, actually a re-visit of an old direction...Years ago when I had nothing better to do with my downtime (read "no laptop") I was knitting a lot, but it wasn't really fulfilling the more creative desires I had. I was painting not much some, but wanted to do something else.I have always loved jewelry. All kinds. I get the Sundance catalog, which I adore, and regularly drool over the jewelry,

Jessica sure knows how to talk purdy

I'm not sure what's more funny about this clip. The fact that the guy taking the video called Jessica Simpson's Mom "Mrs. Spears," or the fact that Jessica Simpson proves, once again, what an idiot she is. Apparently it's okay to say "Indian giver" if you're from Texas. Y'know, because everything's better there.

I think I might know why Tony Romo dumped her the day before her birthday. It had nothing to do with her neediness. I think it might be because every time they were enjoying each other's company in the bedroom, she'd start hollering some Texas saying. I've heard that her favorites included:

"Beat me like a rented mule!!"
"Hey, nobody ever drowned in sweat."
"You are busier than a cat trying to cover up crap on a marble floor!"
"Can we cuddle, Tony? I'm as cold as a witch's tit."
"Oh, wow! This ain't your first rodeo, is it?!"
"I can't cotton to that, Tony!"
"Every time I stand up, my mind sits down."
When dealin' with a slick son of a b...., start off by pinnin' him down and changin' his oil."

Nothing says refreshing like a nice warm bottle of TruBlood

Alf and I have been sucked into the True Blood series on HBO, often throwing in a few catch phrases from the show into our every day life. The producers of the show announced at Comic-Con last week that the TruBlood drink will be hitting shelves soon. No need to fret, it's not real blood. Well, not human blood, anyway. The drink is made from the juice of blood oranges. You can pre-order your four pack online for only $16.

And now for your viewing pleasure, one of my favorite lines from the series, spoken by Bill Compton, Vampire.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dirty Dancing Spoof

<a href="" target="_new" title="Channing Tatum and Charlyne Yi Cinemash ">Video: Channing Tatum and Charlyne Yi Cinemash "Dirty Dancing"</a>

Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe) and Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) spoof a pivotal scene (with several others mixed in) from Dirty Dancing. I laughed out loud.

Kelly Clarkson: I did not copy Beyonce

Kelly Clarkson has denied the suggestion that she ripped off Beyoncé's hit single "Halo" for her upcoming track 'Already Gone'.
The singer explained that the similarity between the two songs resulted from both artists working with songwriter-producer Ryan Tedder of One Republic, CBC News reports.
Clarkson said: "Ryan and I met each other at the record label, before he was working with anyone else. We wrote about six songs together, four or five of them made the album.
"It was all fine and dandy. I'd never heard of a song called 'Halo'. Her album came out when my album was already being printed."
She added: "No-one's gonna be sittin' at home, thinking, 'Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyoncé and Kelly the same track to write to'. No, they're just gonna be saying I ripped someone off. I called Ryan and said, 'I don't understand. Why would you do that?'"
The former American Idol star claimed that she "fought and fought" to prevent her record label from releasing the track as a single, but the company refused to agree to her request.
Clarkson said: "In the end, they're releasing it without my consent. It sucks, but it's one of those things I have no control over.
"I already made my album. At this point, the record company can do whatever they want with it. It's kind of a s**tty situation, but... you know, you learn."

UPDATED!! RUMOUR: Mathew Knowles got a woman pregnant!

There is a rumour swirling around that Mathew Knowles has a baby on the way and it aint from Tina. Apparently, Beyonce is absolutely fuming about this and will not speak to her father.
He is said to have had a little party with a couple of girls and ended up getting one of them cooking in their oven.
I told you a couple of weeks ago that Mathew and Tina were seperated but not looking to divorce as they wanted to keep a family unit.
Imma ask Solange on twitter about know that bish always clears up the rumours.
UPDATE: Only last month reported the following:
Bossip has been chillin at the Essence Music festival for the last few days, and guess who one of our spies caught all snuggled up with some redbone?
Mathew Knowles walked by holding the hand of some young light-skinned woman. When he noticed that several people recognized who he was, he immediately let her hand go. Some speculate that she may have been Tina Knowles’ assistant, however they looked quite cozy.

LeToya : Final VIBE Magazine

LeToya is killing it right now! She looks so hot in this new outtake pic from Vibe Magazine.

I recently decided to upload my Itouch with LeToya songs as I hadnt really given them a chance before and now I am even more a fan of LeToya. I cannot wait for her album to drop!!!!!!!! If you didnt know already here is the official tracklisting:

01 – Lady Love
02 – She Ain’t Got Shit on Me
03 – Not Anymore
04 – Lazy
05 – Good to Me
06 – Over
07 – Regret
08 – I Need a U
09 – Take Away Love
10 – After Party
11 – Drained
12 – Tears
13 – Matter
14 – Love Rollercoaster
15 – Don’t Need U
16 – Swagger
I am so excited!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you know what it's time for? It's time for a sexy party.

Ok, so not really, but I can't help but jump at any excuse to have a sexy party. This time, though, it's in poor taste. So, sorry.

The Emmy nominated Family Guy is having some issues getting an upcoming risqué episode to air. Um, I thought risqué and Family Guy went hand in hand, no?? Creator Seth MacFarlane said: “20th Century Fox… allowed us to produce this episode and then said, ‘You know what? We’re scared to f---ing death of this.’”

And now, a sexy party compliments of Stewie Griffin.

Happy Birthday, Pa!

Happy Birthday, brotha of mine!!


How in the WORLD is this guy famous?!

[Image via CelebSlam]

Crap on a stick!

Something happened this weekend that I didn't actually believe until I looked it up online (what did we ever do without the internet?). Alf was flipping through the channels and stopped on 9 1/2 Weeks, a movie that neither one of us has ever seen, but we do know of it because of the infamous sexy food scene. So, I'm watching and I'm like, who IS that hot guy?? And Alf said, "can you believe that's Mickey Rourke." I spit out my red bull. Or my wine. All right, who are we kidding. My wine. So, this is Mickey Rourke from the 80's.

Totally hot, totally doable. I like.

And here he is today.

Now, I get it. The movie is 23 years old. People age. And, apparently, Mickey has had a pretty rough life. But, I was so flustered by the fact that, here I was, swooning and practically drooling over this hot guy in 9 1/2 weeks and it was Mickey Rourke. Didn't see that one coming.

[Images via Gordon and the Whale and Get Back Images]

Destiny's Child will be together in Vegas!

There is going to be a North American leg "I AM...tour" wrap up party on Aug. 2 at Vegas’ XS nightclub. Jay-Z, Kelly, Solange and Michelle are all scheduled to be there. You heard it here first!

Hot = dirty mullet and t-shirt ensemble?

I read in some celebrity gossip magazine this weekend that Kristen Stewart was so excited to see Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con in San Diego (they've been rumored to have an off screen romance and both have been filming movies on opposite coasts for the last three months) that she was planning to "wow" him by looking the hottest she's ever looked. And then I saw pics of all the Twilight hotties at Comic-Con. Um, either Kristen has no clue as to what it means to look hot or those celebrity magazines are just full of lies. And we all know it's definitely not the latter.

[Image via]

Beyonce loves Fur

We all know the video where Beyonce was caught out by PETA asking her what the hell she was doing wearing dead animals... she also uses fur in the Dereon line. I was actually watching a THS on Pink the other evening and she is a hard core animals rights activist. Apparently she dissed Beyonce in an interview that Beyonce was carrying out. Beyonce asked her about what clothes she likes wearing..Pink said "No dead animals" and Beyonce was like "ummmmm... ok".. Pink called her a stupid bitch. I love it!

Apparently, Beyonce has not been seen in fur this year... but it is obvious why not. It has been reported that Beyonce recieves alot of hate mail for the wearing of fur.. also... fur isnt in fashion right now. Beyonce has a responsibility to set an example whether she likes it or not.

Wearing fur is nasty! What do you think? Sometimes I think Beyonce is just plain dumb... who knows

Michelle desperate to leave Mathew

I have recieved three different emails from three different sources who are saying the same thing: Michelle wants to leave MWE and no longer have Mathew as her manager. This week Michelle made a video claiming that she had "Ego" first but "gave" (more like Mathew stole it) to Beyonce for her album.

Michelle has been letting alot slip lately saying that she was unhappy with the promotion of her third album. Personally, I agree. She should have had more promo and more hits. "Hello Heartbreak" has still no release date and no one knows if it isnt being released any longer.

Michelle is said to be tired of not being able to spread her wings to full capacity. All the good gigs go to Solange or Beyonce and she feels shut out. The days of DC and playing background are over. Michelle is a solo artist and she is ready to shine.

Go Michelle...

Official DC Rumours Mixtape: Must be Destiny

So if I was to put a mixtape together of all the ladies, this is what it would be. If you don't know some of the songs then go find them and download them.

1. LeToya Luckett - Regret
2. Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
3. Beyonce - New Shoes
4. Michelle Williams - Break the dawn
5. Pheenx (Farrah) - Post Boy
6. LeToya Luckett - She ain't got shit on me
7. Beyonce - Lost yo mind
8. Kelly Rowland - Every thought is you
9. Farrah - Hurry please
10. Michelle Williams - The Greatest
11. LeToya Luckett - I dont need you
12. Beyonce - Keep giving your love to me
13. Kelly Rowland - Gotsa Go
14. Destiny's Child - Know that
15. Pheenx (Farrah) - Sharp Shooter
16. Michelle Williams - Hello Heartbreak
17. LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore
18. Kelly Rowland - My Obsession
19. Destiny's Child - Feel the same way I do
What would you ultimate mixtape be?

Kelly plays ball

Singer Kelly Rowland was spotted making a run for a touchdown, while participating in the 2010 Madden Football Game Celebrity Match Launch on Friday in Malibu, CA.

Beyonce in NY

I am actually loving the lime shoes and hat. She looks stylish without trying. How does she walk in those day in and day out Ill never know. Her feet must be mash up!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RPattz Video of the Week

He's the man I want just like he bout you?


K, apparently while living my life during the day, I'm missing some hotness on TV in the form of the much ridiculed soap opera.
I need to stop hating and get to drooling apparently.

Ladies, meet Eric Winter from Days of Our Lives and like 10,000 other shows, he is like a professional guest star...srsly go to IMDB you will see what I mean.
This is a Days of Our Lives Publicity Shot of Eric, he was on the show forever...until 2005

It's kinda hard to find pictures of this guy not attached to his Siamese twin/new wife, Roselyn Sanchez, she knows what she's got and she is hanging on tight!

Here's Eric a little younger and a little less!

Patriotic, boxers, and hot abs, me=died
Love to see a man, just being a man you know?
Here he is lifting stuff, all manly!
Who doesn't like a man who's fearless? Well he is, there were some steamy scenes with another man on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters, he was the dreamboat that almost replaced Scotty, just almost. If you don't watch it, just look and drool.
Okay, you know how I said he is a professional guest star, here he is as an Ex in the short running show the Ex-list. (tie to Twilight *ahem*)

Here is Eric, and if you look you can see his permanent arm fixture right behind him she must have gotten distracted to let him go for even enough time to take the picture...geez girl...clingy much? This is him at the premiere of the Ugly Truth...srsly she's clingy!

This is a publicity shot from one of his many guest starring roles...

I shall now list in no particular order the shows he has guest starred or starred on..all are cancelled or he was on like 5 episodes.
1.) Moonlight-cancelled 2.)The Ex-List-cancelled after 7 episodes see above pic 3.) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay 4.)Brothers and Sisters on ABC show still on-he's not. 5.)Viva Laughlin-all 3 epidsodes that aired 6.)Wildfire on ABCFamily lasted a while he was on 5 eps. 7.)Love, Inc. 8.) Pepper Dennis 9.)CSI like 5 episodes 10.)Charmed 1 ep....there are many more we won't list them all as the would make the blog way too long

okay more pics
no doubt on one of his guest starring roles...that looks like his wife sitting next to him, not surprised she doesn't let him out of her site...srsly
Again on Brothers and Sisters

K, he is hot! Obviously! He hasn't hit it big yet, but I feel a big movie role to make him a household name coming in his future, but I'm no psychic

Oh cool little tidbit, I can connect him to Twilight in two steps
1.)Guest starred as an EX on the Ex-list with Elisabeth Reaser
2.) Elisabeth Reaser plays Esme Cullen on Twilight.

Damn I'm good!

Oh and I can connect him to Supernatural too
1.) Was on Wildfire with the starring role girl
2.) Starring role girl on Wildfire plays demon-bitch Ruby on Supernatural

Like I said, Damn I'm good! lol no it's actually kinda pathetic

I wish someone would pay me for this type of stuff...srsly that would be my dream job!