Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Panama "Gollum"

A mystery creature reportedly beaten to death by a group of teenagers in Panama has become the subject of intense speculation on internet forums.

Terrified locals in Cerro Azul were running scared after the creature they describe as “Gollum” crawled out of a lake and charged schoolkids, reports The Sun.

It was spotted on Saturday when four 14 to 16-year-olds were playing by the waterfront, according to Panamanian news service Telemetro.

The hairless creature has been described as having rubbery skin and measuring almost 150cm.

The teenagers were said to have feared for their own safety as the creature moved towards them so they picked up rocks and sticks and beat it to death, before throwing its corpse in the water and running away.

The youths tossed the carcass into a nearby lake but later returned to take photographs, the report said.

Experts have yet to examine the images. However, locals told Panama news channels that the water-monster was “Gollum from Lord of the Rings”.

One said: “I have only seen that creature once before - and it was in the Tolkien film.”

The fictional Gollum - originally known as Smeagol - was a hobbit whose later name was derived from the “disgusting gurgling, choking cough he made”.

JRR Tolkien - who wrote the Middle Earth adventures - said of the character: “He had become deformed and twisted in both body and mind by the corruption of the Ring.

“His only desire was to possess the Ring which had enslaved him, and he pursued it for many years after he lost it.”

Internet speculation centres around whether the “monster” is actually a shaved sloth or pit bull terrier.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tracklisting below:

Intro: The Liberation of Farrah Franklin
Sentence U
Hold On
Post Boy (feat. Pheenx)
Candy Girl
Extraordinary Love
Hurry Please
The Liberation
More Than A Pretty Face
Get At Me
Testimony of Love

Hmmm..... The New album will be called "The Liberation". I think she needs more tracks because I have heard some of those and they aint all that.

Other girls that tried to get into DC

Look at this picture... nah look at it closer!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce and Kelly are there but who the hell is that trying to make out they are LaTavia and LeToya. That is NOT LeToya or LaTavia.... WTF is going on ... did they have body double for the girls to make out they were all still together. I am confused!!!!!!!!!

Nicole keeps an eye on her man!

LOL Look at Nicole in the background watching Lewis's reaction to Beyonce. She is like " at least I wear my own hair... look at this dry shit... better give that horse back his tail bitch"

Solange and Oprah

I am sure if you check your twitter page for Solange tomorrow, the media whore will be continually posting updates on it that she is with Oprah. Girl, Oprah only wants you cos of your sister lol. That must hurt.

They say it is all about "hair" but we really know its about Beyonce... watch her face when Oprah says "And her famous sister Beyonce".... SMH

Solange will be on the Oprah show tomorrow!

LeToya about to be dropped!!!!!!!!!!

LeToya Luckett is about to be dropped from her record label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Capitol Records have bascially said if "Regret" doesnt do well then its over for LeToya. Considering they did hardly any promotion for her album and left it mainly to blogs are we really surprised. The song choices were wrong.... or right but in the wrong order and nothing seemed to be pushed!

To read the full story go here:

Kelly is the black Posh Spice?

Kelly Rowland continues to make her mark in the fashion world. The gorgeous singing star sat front row at the DSquared2 fashion show.

Apparently, that is what people are starting to say. Kelly is making a name for herself in the fashion world and is secretly thinking about making her own clothing line. One that would put House of Deadwrong (Dereon) to shame!!! I hope she does...

Sun glasses inside = fail in my book!

Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce fight over rooms!

Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce fought it out for the biggest dressing room at F1 Rocks - and we lapped up the drama.
LiLo, who was hosting the event for Channel 4, had asked for the best dressing room in the house at Fort Canning, Singapore. But there was a small problem - so had Beyonce.
Bey wanted it decked out in white, with authentic local cushions, and a minimum of four lit mirrors.
Even though she hasn't got a curve out of place she also asked for a mini gym and slimming shakes on her rider, plus champagne and vodka for her pals. What Bey wants, Bey gets. And when Lindsay came on site earlier in the week, she clocked the huge room - and claimed it herself.
All well and good and LiLo was happy all week - until Saturday when Beyonce arrived, with a 70-strong entourage in tow. Her giant security guards ordered LiLo to clear the area to prepare for her grand entrance.
And poor old LiLo was forced to slum it.

Surprise surprise!!! Beyonce is NOT a DIVA remember *rolls eyes*


The new site may not be happening LOL But we will be giving this place a BIG facelift...

Updates coming shortly today so keep checking back

Love yall!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Moa, New Zealand giant bird

Flightless giant island-living bird was the New Zealand giant moa (Dinornis giganteus), a member of the ratite family. There were several species of moa, some taller than the elephant bird at 7 ft (2 metres) to the middle of the back and 13 ft (4 metres) to the head (twice the height of a tall man), although their necks probably projected forwards like a kiwi rather than upwards as usually depicted. They were more lightly built than the elephant bird, but still three times the weight of a large man at up to 200 - 275 kg. The Giant Moa's eggs measured 10 inches (24 cm) long and 7 inches (18 cm wide). Females were 1.5 times the size and almost 3 times the weight of males, leading scientists the revise moa classification and the number of moa species. In the past, the males and females had been erroneously considered different species due to this size difference. The moas occupied similar niches to mammalian herbivores elsewhere.

New Zealand was even more isolated than Madagascar and had no land mammals except bats. The first Polynesians arrived in New Zealand around the 10th century, becoming the Maori. The dominant life-forms were the giant land birds that lived in the fringes of the semi-tropical forests and on the grasslands and which the Maoris called 'Moas'. Encountering the huge birds, the Maoris made legends of the giant moa, calling it the Poua-Kai and describing it as a huge bird of terrific size and strength which, in a great battle, destroyed half the warriors of a powerful tribe with its terrible rending talons and thrusting bea.

Moas were huge ratite 'running birds' like the Elephant Bird, but they inhabited the grasslands and forest-fringe in extraordinary numbers and variety. Scientists later gave them the family name Dinornithidae, 'terrible birds'. The aggressive Polynesian invaders became a Moa-hunting culture and for the moa, which had had no predators in 100 million years, the effect was devastating.

By the time Europeans discovered the islands in 1770, the giant moas had been hunted to extinction; their official extinction date is given as 1773. Europeans did not learn of the moa's existence until bones were discovered in the 1830s. The exact number of species is open to debate, the current belief is that there were 11 species contemporary with man and that higher counts were due to the sexual dimorphism. With only one natural predator large enough to tackle them (Haast's Eagle, another extinct giant) they were the dominant terrestrial species on the islands. Although the giant moa is the species that has captured the modern imagination, other members of the moa family were turkey-sized and weighed little over 1 kg. One striking feature of moa anatomy, apart from its height, is the complete lack of humeri (upper arm-bones). This means they had no trace of wings, not even a vestigial wing-structure.

There were several families of moa. Pachyornis and Emeus were hunted to extinction by the Maoris between 1100 and 1500. The powerfully built medium-sized Euryapteryx may have survived until 1700. Pygmy Moas, 3 -4 ft tall (90 - 120 cm) of the genera Anomalopteryx and Megalapteryx died out by 1800, hunted by both Maori and Europeans though there is evidence that one of the pygmy moas may have survived into the 20th century and may possibly still exist in the wilderness of Fiordland. By the time Europeans had realised the significance of the discovery of giant moas, the birds were almost extinct.

In 1838, Englishman John Rule brought back a fragment of a huge leg-bone from New Zealand. It was investigated by palaeontologist Richard Owen in London, but even then many dismissed it as a hoax or myth. It took several more years and many more bones to convince naturalists that the moa existed. A consignment of moa bones was sent in 1843 by geologist and missionary, Revd William Williams. He had studied the birds, and had recorded a sighting by two English whalers near Cloudy Bay, in Cook Straits in 1842: "the natives there had mentioned to an Englishman of a whaling party that there was a bird of extraordinary size to be seen only at night on the side of a hill near there; and that he, with the native and a second Englishman, went to the spot; that after waiting some time they saw the creature at some little distance, which they describe as being fourteen or sixteen feet high. One of the men proposed to go nearer and shoot, but his companion was so exceedingly terrified, or perhaps both of them, that they were satisfied with looking at him, when in a little time he took alarm and strode up the mountain."

In the 1850s, New Zealand resident, John White, interviewed several sealers who claimed to have eaten moas on the South Island, indicating that some birds had survived until as late as 1850. The most detailed account of giant moas came from an old Maori on South Island, who described the birds' appearance, habitat, feeding and nesting habits. He Maori described how fierce, booming male moas, guarded nesting females. He also described how the birds were hunted and eaten. Another Maori moa hunter described how the moa defended itself by kicking. Their eggs were taken as food and as curios by Europeans. In 1865, a moa egg containing an embryo was discovered near Cromwell.

Entry for Moa in Harmsworth Natural History (1910): The fate impending in the case of the kiwis has long since overtaken their gigantic extinct cousins the moas (family Dinornithidae), which had already disappeared from New Zealand when those islands were first colonised from Europe, although there is good reason to believe that they lived on till within the last five hundred or four hundred years, if not to a considerably later date. These birds, of which not only the bones, but in some cases the dried skin, feathers, and egg-shells, as well as the pebbles they were in the habit of swallowing, have been preserved in the superficial deposits of New Zealand, attained a wonderful development in those islands, where they were secure from persecution till man appeared on the scene.

Not only did the larger members of the group far exceed the ostrich in size, but they were extraordinarily numerous in species, as they were also in individuals; such a marvellous exuberance of gigantic bird-life being unknown elsewhere on the face of the globe in such a small area. As regards size, the largest moas could have been but little short of 12 feet in height, the tibia being considerably over a yard in length; while the smallest were not larger than a turkey. In reference to their numbers, it may be mentioned that there are some twenty species, arranged in about six genera; and the surface of many parts of the country, as well as bogs and swamps, literally swarmed with their bones.

Some of the moas had four toes to the foot, and others three, but all differed from kiwis in having a bony ridge over the groove for the extensor tendons of the tibia. They are, therefore, evidently the least specialised members of the order yet mentioned, seeing that this bridge is present in the majority of flying birds, and has evidently been lost in all the existing Ratitae. While agreeing in some parts of their organisation with kiwis, moas are distinguished by the short beak and the presence of after-shafts to the feathers while in the larger forms, at any rate, not only was the wing, but likewise the whole shoulder-girdle, wanting. There is, however, reason to believe that certain pigmy moas - which from their size were evidently the most generalised members of the group - retained some of the bones connected with the wing.

Moas were represented by several very distinct structural modifications; the largest being the long-legged, or true, moas (Dinornis) , characterised by the long and comparatively slender leg-bones, and also the large and depressed skulls. In marked contrast to these were the short-legged, or elephant-footed, moas (Pachyornis), in which the limb-bones are remarkable for their short and massive form; the metatarsus being most especially noteworthy in this respect. In these birds the skull is vaulted and the beak narrow and sharp; but in the somewhat smaller and less stoutly-limbed-broad-billed moas (Emeus) it is broad, blunt, and rounded. The other species, in all of which the beak was sharp and narrow, are of relatively small stature, and include the smallest representatives of the family, some of which were less than a yard in height. The eggs of the moas were of a pale green colour, and probably formed a favourite food of the Maori, by whom these birds wcre evidently exterminated.

Several skeletons are on display in museums in New Zealand and Europe and there are models and reconstructions based on these skeletons, on naturally preserved feathers and on oral tales of the bird and on its smaller relative, the kiwi. It is believed that moas resembled kiwis in several ways, that they were communal living and that the eggs were brooded by the males. With no need to look out for predators, their heads were probably carried forwards, like the kiwi, rather than upwards like an ostrich.


Giant Lion's Mane Jellyfish

As a species jellies have been around for a very long time. They appeared in the oceans about 650 million years ago, before the dinosaurs. They still populate our oceans today in a profusion of sizes and shapes. Jellyfish are incredible creatures - it's amazing that they are living things. Check it out...their bodies are made up of 95% water, they have no bones or cartilage, no heart or blood, and no brain! (Talk about a real 'no-brainer'). They are one of earth's simpler and more primitive life forms. The picture you see at right is a much smaller specimen of a lion's mane jelly. The world-record holder was found dead, washed up on a beach.

Scientists have determined that some jellies have eyes that can detect light from dark and even some movement of objects in their field of vision. It doesn't seem possible that any living creature could have eyes, but NO BRAIN. The brain is where the processing of visual stimuli happens in most higher-order species. How does the procedure work in jellies with eyes and no brains? Scientists don't really know for sure, but by studying jellies they can learn a lot about how vision works and what role the brain plays in processing visual input.

Silent Predators

The Arctic Lion's Mane, like most jellies, is a predator - it kills and eats other living creatures from the "animal" kingdom. (Even though water buffaloes and hippopatomi eat living things (plants), they are not considered predators.) That means that this giant jelly stalks, pursues, catches, kills and consumes its prey. What does it like to eat? Fish, plankton, and even other jellies. It's pretty hard to picture a jellyfish stalking and killing its prey, but it usually doesn't have to swim to catch a meal. You could say the Arctic Lion's Mane has its meal delivered.

Usually, an unsuspecting fish will swim into the almost invisible tentacles of the jellyfish, which are loaded with millions of nematocysts (stinging capsules contained within cells called cnidocytes located along the tentacles). When the fish contacts the tentacles a paralyzing venom is immediately injected into the victim. Then the jelly can eat its quarry at its leisure. Lion's Mane jellies can also pursue and kill other jellies for food. But then, there are also other creatures in the sea which eat the Lion's Mane.

If a human were to get stung by a Lion's Mane jelly it could be fatal, provided enough poison had been absorbed by the body. The venom can cause paralysis of the breathing muscles so the victim would die from suffocation. Don't expect to go swimming at the beach and see a huge Lion's Mane jelly - this big guy probably lived way out in the open ocean, way down deep. Many of this species of jellyfish are found in frigid, Arctic waters.


Well we here at DCRumours are currently working on a new site for us to locate to. There may be news up today, there maybe not. I working on getting the site finished ASAP.

Please, any photoshop people email me, I need your help:

Its gonna be hot!

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Ten Hot Vampires. One of them should bite me!

The Celeb Man Meat world may never be the same.
We have been tainted by hot vampire men, and we are surrounded.
Our best bet is to give ourselves over to the hotness.
We are all in love with at least one vampire, there is no denying it.
If you're telling yourself you don't buy into that crap, quit it.
There is at least one vampire for all you gals out there!

Vampire 1:

This is James of Twilight fame.
James died in the first movie.
However, he is still one hot piece o' meat.
Check out those abs.
FYI: Don't forget to check out the
if you haven't had the chance yet! ;)

Vampire 2:

Jasper Hale.
Civil War Soldier.
Eyes to die for...and I probably would.

Vampire 3:

Carlisle Cullen.
Oldest of the Cullen vampires.
He's a doctor.
Have I mentioned that I have always wanted to marry a doctor?
Especially one as eternally hot as Carlisle.
Smart guys are sexy.

Vampire 4:

Damon Salvatore of Vampire Diaries fame.
One creeptastic chunk of hotness.
Just don't do your scary as shit vampire face and you can remain on my list of vampires who are allowed to bite me and bring into their world of darkness.

Vampire 5:

Good, Bad, Broody...
Who wouldn't want to spend an eternity with that?
I'm just sayin'...

Vampire 6:

Emmett Cullen.
Holy hotness, where is my battery operated fan?!?!
Forget Rosalie!
I'm here for ya, babe!

Vampire 7:

Eric Northman of True Blood fame.
Over a thousand years old.
Former Viking.
'Nuff said.

Vampire 8:

Stefan Salvatore.
Have I mentioned that sometimes I forget how to breathe?
Don't bother me while I'm basking in the hotness of Stefan or I will send creepy faced Damon after you!
Or I'll just send Bill Compton to annoy the hell out of you!
Either way, don't hinder my Stefan viewing experience or you'll be sorry!

Vampire 9:

Edward Cullen.
I still have no words.
All those Cullen boys are F-I-N-E, and I don't care which one of them bites me!
Have we all seen what I'm talking about yet?
If not....

Vampire 10:

Spike of Buffy fame.
Sex on a Stick personified.
I don't care that his accent is fake.
I don't care that he has a bad smoking habit.
I don't care that he's an alcoholic vampire.
I don't care that he plays Kitten Poker.
The bottom line...

I have given you ten perfectly hot vampire specimens!
What is not to love?
It's a "Vampires are Hot" world we currently live in.
Bring on the Eternal Darkness!
I already avoid sunlight as much as possible anyway!
If you agree with me, please give me a "yay" shout out!
And while you're at it, name your preference!
We all like a little monster in our fictional man!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Who sang it better? Beyonce or Brandy?



You decide!

Solange and Beyonce do another ad.

Both look gorgeous and seem to have exactly the same figure!

LeToya talks about rejoining Destinys Child

In a recent interview LeToya discusses rejoining DC and what it should involve.

Would you reunite with Destiny's Child if the opportunity presented itself?

I wouldn't mind it. All of us would have to be on the same page about everything. The respect would have to be there for everyone. We would have to know that we're going out there to do this for the fans and that's it. I don't know.

Would it have to be the original quartet or would you do it as a quintet?

It would need to be about eight of us. [Laughs] But I would love to be out there onstage with the girls again and have that time. It's been about 10 or 11 years.

If they were to all rejoin I think it would be great PR and also great for the image of Beyonce etc to have all that former members on stage. All doing an album, and all sharing out the lyrics etc. I think that would be an amazing comeback. What do you think?

Kelly Rowland: "No DC Reunion"

Kelly Rowland exclusively told 3am: "We're not getting back together, they're just rumours.
It seems people are thirsty for it to happen, but it's not on the books.
"Michelle is playing Roxie Hart in Chicago, I'm working on my solo album, and Bey's got her own things going on."
Aww, shame! Kelly scotched the rumours as she helped volunteers at a community centre in London for Orange RockCorps She is also performing in tonight's Orange RockCorps gig alongside Nas, Razorlight and her dance partner David Guetta.

I am so sad about this. Soon it will be too late for them to reform.... no one will care by then.

Beyonce: New Film Role

Beyoncé's name has been linked to a remake of the classic film 'A Star is Born'.
The Hollywood Reporter says that the singer's name has "surfaced in connection with the lead role" but she is "not officially involved at this point".
'A Star is Born' tells the story of a young hopeful who becomes involved with a major male

Michelle Williams Interview

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farrah's TV Show - More Info

Well we have more details on Farrah's new show. Apparently, this is for hot woman and whether their good looks are a blessing or work against them.

Im not being mean but that does sound kinda lame. I wonder if any TV companies have picked up on it. I doubt it! Anyway, auditions are tomorrow so if you want to go then email her.... or find her on twitter.

I thought we stopped all this foolishness

Terrorists After Beyonce!!!!

SINGER BEYONCE KNOWLES is being targeted by Islamic extremists trying to force her to scrap a gig.
A right-wing Muslim party claims the star's sexy outfits and provocative stage routines are "immoral" and a danger to the young.
They are threatening to "take action" to prevent her staging a show near Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur scheduled for October 25 as part of a world tour.
Two years ago US beauty Beyonce, 28, had to pull out of a gig in Malaysia over similar fears.
The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said: "This performance is not suitable for Muslims - her attire and behaviour onstage are immoral."

To be honest, I feel where they are coming from. But then again, are they not taking this too far? If you dont want to see the concert then dont go and see it.

Kelly on Beyonce

Kelly recently hit up a chatroom with producer Science in London. When asked about her relationship with Beyonce and whether they would do a song together..she replied:

"There is no songs in the works but we still talk... on the phone"

Sounds to me like they really have lost touch with eachother. I talk to people on the phone but I dont call them my friends... hmmmm... We used to see these girls everywhere together...regardless of other commitments. Its so sad.

Michelle Williams talk about making babies!

“Every now and then I think they are cute and I adore my three God children, but it’s a lot. I understand the whole nanny thing, but I want my children to fear me and know the power of my discipline, not some nanny, so I’ll need a little more time before I start a family (laughs),”

Shame... looks like Michelle does not have any plans for making babies soon...

LeToya's MTV photoshoot

She looks cute but needs to put some weight on. Look at those skinny legs!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blood red sky

Uh, this really happened. Sydney, Australia residents woke up to this morning to this sky:

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jane Golding says that the color comes from an exorbitant amount of dust that has collected in the area, saying:

"The reason for the dust is we had some really strong winds in the inland areas of NSW and in South Australia for a sustained period yesterday. That's lifted a whole lot of dust off the ground because it's quite dry out there, many of those areas are still drought affected…I've not seen anything like this before."

She also pointed out that the reddish haze is expected to fade as the sun gets higher in the sky, changing from "a crimson red to orange by about 7am." A severe weather warning has gone out across the city, as the dust has made visibility terrible, and the winds carrying this reddish dust are as high as 60km/h and expected to get even worse.

Uh, that's just crazy.

New couple alert!

Personally, I find this coupling a very odd one, but hey, I'm not a celebrity living in Hollywood getting hopped up and making bad decisions.

[Image via Getty]

Opportunity Knocked

So I got a lovely email from a Duchess Erickson at who saw my jewelry and that I have a blog and asked if I would be interested in participating in a program they have where they send samples to some jewelry makers/bloggers and have them talk about the products and use them. I thought this would be fun and give me extra stuff to blog about, so I said "sure"!This month, apparently,

Farrah is making a new TV show

Farrah Franklin is currently auditioning for a new TV show. She is said to be producing and casting the venture. There is no word on what the TV show will be about but I expect nothing but GHETTO Trash… I am sure we will love it.
If you are interested in being in Farrah's new show then all you have to do is email here for details: