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The Kellebelle and I have been busy little bees lately and have sadly neglected the man meat blog. We will have FatherRobward give us our penance later

This little movie came out that 100 million people have been dying to see
NEW MOON, Yes I think that is the name.

Well of course there was Edward--->hawtness

The scene where he is walking to Bella from his car. I just about died!

Then there is Jacob with his body full of muscles. Some I didn't even knew existed. Damn go!

But there was one guy who caught my eye both at the premiere and in the movie. He wasn't in it for very long unfortunately

That would be the man who plays Demetri. Also known in real life as


Hello, what I wouldn't give to have you look at me like this, or AT ALL!!

I mean is there a Team Demetri?? If not there should be!

Drool! Obviously photoshopped but not him....just goes to show can't correct perfection!

For some reason I feel like I need a kiss from a hot man....oh wait there you are Charlie! How convenient. Muah! IF ONLY!

Umm...holy hawtness! long are you legs?? Can I measure really really closely?


Unbutton more buttons all of them that's it.

He was not on the screen very much. But I melted with every word he said.

Charlie we will see you in Eclipse...our love for you will never end..

Shut up Death Cab for Cutie...not everything ends...the celebmanmeat post doesn't end it just takes breaks now and then!

We love you Charlie....Call me!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga

Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce
Behind The Scenes

Will work for food

Is it just me or does Jude Law look like he's having a difficult time? I mean, he looks like a 60 year old bum begging for change. I guess this is what eight kids and a girlfriend who's ten years younger than you will do to you.

So not a good look

What in the hell was she thinking? This is a whole lot of mess. Shoulder pads AND peg legs? My head just exploded. Cute shoes, though.
[Image via Splash News]

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beyonce shops

In February 2009 Beyonce said:
"Honestly, I'm very frugal. I haven't bought a car since I was 16 or any diamonds since I was 17.
I have a lot of property. I've invested my money and I don't have to make any more, thank God, because I'm set. I'm now able really to be free and just do things that make me happy."

Now keep in mind that 20,000 british pounds = 33,222 US dollars as you read the next article.

"We may have given her kudos last week for shopping on the great British high street, but Beyoncé obviously still knows how to spend like a true diva. Our sources at Harvey Nichols tell us Ms Knowles came in to their Knightsbridge branch on Saturday afternoon and spent a mahoosive £20,000 on designer merch!
And want to know what amazing things filled B’s shopping basket? Gladiator crystal sandals (£1675) and a bombshell clutch (£825) from Christopher Kane’s Versus range...

...a Rodarte biker cowl neck jacket (£2275), a safety pin matador jacket by Moschino (£2845), the Alexander Wang “Coco” studded duffle bag (£820)...
...a leather capelet (£570), leather hooded biker jacket (£1235), 13R vintage biker jacket (£1315), a Jade Jagger Jezebel tee (from £85), Philip Lim 3.1 gold sequin tux jacket (£790) and cashmere cardigans (from £415), Erickson Beamon necklace (£795), Lara Bohinc bracelet (£365) and earrings (£310) and bikinis from Eres, Juicy, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Missoni Mare (from £170). Phew!
Beyoncé’s in the middle of her European tour so we’re hoping to spot some of those purchases on stage in the next few weeks, especially the Versus sandals which we adore. A HN spokesperson told us; “she looked amazing, chatted to staff and was really great”. Gorgeous and down to earth with this new wardrobe? Grrrr."

article from:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tina Knowles

Borrowing Solange’s infamous pink lipstick, Miss Tina Knowles [or just plain Miss Knowles if you're nasty] was spotted heading back to her hotel after watching her spawn shake, rattling, and roll around on stage in London on Monday night.

Being escorted by a mysterious friend [I'll leave the guessing up to you] she appeared none too amused to be bum rushed by the pesky paparazzi. Shit, she wasn’t trying to miss the “Video Phone” premiere. She and her friend got to practice the moves for Grown & Sexy Night at the juke joint.

article from:

Mathew Knowles

looking for some new poeple to follow on twitter?
follow and welcome a new twitter, Mathew Knowles.
He has 249 friends and is following 9 people including:
Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and of course Ms. Quenn of twits Solange.
Suprisingly Taraji P. Henson and Alicia Keys also made his top 9.
Cousin Angie Beyince was left out of his selection, but you can follow her at

Lady Gaga on Beyonce... – Monday night was the premiere of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s sexy, Hype Williams-directed “Video Phone” video, featuring the two pop stars dancing and posing pin-up style with massive toy guns and matching leotards.
The clip is charged with energy, and the cynics out there might wonder if putting two sizzling divas in a room together created any kind of rivalry. But Gaga says there was no such thing.
“What I was excited about is with B, I had no ego,” Gaga told MTV News about the collaboration. “Neither of us had an ego. It wasn’t about competition. It was about, like, ‘Man let’s give the world what they want. Let’s do a real girl-power collaboration where we support one other.’ ”
For the Day-Glo-tinged video, Gaga ditched her typical avant-garde look and styled herself more like Beyoncé. “I said, ‘I want to do you in your video, and I want to tribute you. I want to dress up like you,’ ” she recalled telling her co-star. “And Hype Williams … was so excited. He was like, ‘Gaga I want no makeup on your face.’ It was really stripped down — real Beyoncé hair, and we wore the same outfit in the video, and I [paid tribute to] her.”
Gaga, whose own gothic-pop aesthetic has grown more elaborate as her popularity has risen, said she wanted to honor B for creating her own style. “I wanted to [work with her] because this was an era for her in her career where she defined herself aesthetically,” she said. “And that should be applauded that a woman did that. She’s so great at what she does.”

I AM...YOURS in a year with a new album

Beyoncé tends to walk a straight and narrow path, but she’s no nun. She’s way too sassy, her dancing is too sexy, and her neck cocks too hard for that. On the superstar’s new DVD, I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas, out Monday, audiences experience a show-stopping event as Sasha Fierce and Bey come out to play.
Strutting out in classic Jean-Paul Gaultier, Beyoncé hits the stage with “Hello” before bringing the audience in to help her move through “Irreplaceable.” After a “Sweet Dreams” medley featuring Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love,” Jay-Z’s other half sings “If I Were a Boy” and surprisingly grabs her crotch during the line, “Wish you were a better man.” And to the delight of concertgoers, Beyoncé switches from her R&B roots to the rock tunes of Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know,” while getting on all fours and whipping her hair to and fro.
After intermission, the woman of the hour returns in a black sequined leotard for a Broadway-fashioned narration of her life story, told through song and dance. From Destiny’s Child’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are,” to DC’s first hit “No, No, No,” to her debut solo album, to the YouTube phenomenon “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé shares her magical story. She even throws in an anecdote, describing how Columbia Records failed to like her song choices for Dangerously in Love. She reveals that executives told her before its release that it didn’t have one hit, to which Bey was sly to agree. “I didn’t have one. I had five.” Ouch.
Beyoncé’s I Am… Yours DVD will be edited down into an hour-long TV special, airing November 26 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

–Tanya Remekie -
in other news:

While ending one of her tour stops at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham Nottingham, United Kingdom Beyonce says:
"... I'll see you in a year with a new album..."

Caption LeToya

LeToya rockin some minx nails.
What do you think LeToya is thinking?

LaTavia Roberson

pics of LaTavia taken from her myspace. check out her page at:

LeToya Luckett Interview

stay together or stray together?


They say diamonds are forever, but is there a crack in this rock? Hip hop weekly weighs in on the drama surrounding the platinum Carters.
By Cynthia Horner

Since photos of Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius Hollander appearing to have bold red lipstick staining his lips accompanied by another damning photo of Beyonce shielding her mouth hit the internet, bloggers have been chatting about Beyonce’s alleged cheating ways. People have been putting two and two together and have come to the conclusion that Beyonce and her handsome bodyguard may have been having a fling overseas while Jay-Z remained stateside.
What’s interesting is that following the publication of these photos, Jay cancelled a series of concerts and flew right to Europe to spend a little bit of time with his much younger wife, however the damage had already been done. Stories about what may have happened between Beyonce and her bodyguard had already reached all the major gossip sites, one insider said he’s not surprised if Beyonce has been looking for romance as Jay’s schedule is so hectic that, “She sees the bodyguard more than her husband.”

Who is the woman in the tight pants?
Although the couple are tight lipped about what may or may not have taken place, other tantalizing photos have now surfaced, this time with Jay-Z and a sexy mysterious woman entering a posh New York City eatery. Both took pains to conceal their identity, but the paps were able to capture them before being stopped. Were these photos of Hay and a friend leaked in an effort to preserve his macho image or was this an innocent business outing?
Is there trouble in paradise? The Carters have been married less than two years, which is not long by most standards, although considerably longer than most other A-list Hollywood marriages. Many of these celebrities haven’t even made it past the first year. And both Beyonce and Jay-Z are high profile attractive celebrities whose careers often take them in two different directions and different parts of the world.
Although there are a number of photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z cozying up and going on dinner dates and vacations, according t o sources close to Hip Hop Weekly the two have actually been singing the marital blues. Who will ever forget the disastrous night at the VMA Awards when Jay’s artist Kanye West treated award recipient Taylor Swift in an inappropriate manner, causing a horrified Beyonce to try to make a way for Taylor to get her moment later in the show. This was done without the consent and approval of Jay-Z who was rumored to be so incensed by Beyonce’s magnanimous gesture which could have been seen as a diss to the Roc, that he later attended VMA after parties without his wife, opting to hang out with Rihanna instead.

Are the two at odds?
This was not the first time the two have been at odds. In 2007 it was rumored that the couple had broken up for awhile, partially over their opposing views toward parenthood. Jay was ready, but she was not. People close to the golden-haired superstar said that Jay has been ready to have kids with her for quite some time, but she wasn’t ready to settle down. According to a report on, the pressure got to be too much and they broke up. The two reconciled and married in April 2008 but recently, when asked about her plans for motherhood, Beyonce was said to have replied, “I definitely want one (a baby), but I’m not ready for all that,” she said of the delivery room experience. “I don’t think a person should see that before her time. It was little much. But I’m so in love with my nephew, and every time I see him I’m like, ‘God, he’s just amazing.” Jay-Z, on the other hand, has been telling the pres that they are ready to settle down and start a family. “Most people dream of having a family someday,” he told the New York Daily News. “So I’m just an American boy.”

Well, he did put a ring it!
Although Hip Hop Weekly insiders close to the couple believe that there could be something going on between Beyonce and the bodyguard, Beyonce has been going out of her way to be more affectionate with her husband in public. She even said at the MTV Europe Music Awards “There’s only one person I want to thank and that’s Jay for putting a ring on it.” And onlookers said she then planted a big red lipstick print right on his lip!
So will the couple stay together or stray together? Only time will tell.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

No nursing home for me, thanks

When I get too old, I may just consider a CareBot. Although, I'd rather not have the one with what looks like one creepy eye. And maybe by the time I get too old to take care of myself properly they'll have figured out a way to make these CareBots look more like Robert Pattinson or Alexander Skarsgard. A girl can dream...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves....

Come on, people! Sing it with me!"Gypsys, tramps, and thievesWe'd hear it from the people of the townThey'd call us Gypsys, tramps, and..."No?Well, you are no fun at all.That's ok, I'm gonna show you a "pretty" anyway. 'Cause I love ya. And that's the way I am.This is a lovely "gypsy" bracelet I made for a friend of mine.I used some of the great Swarovski crystals I got from that I

The sexiest man alive is.....

My good friend (and occasional lover), Johnny Depp! Robert Pattinson who?

To quote the legendary Wayne and Garth: "shwiiiiiiiiing!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kelly & Nelly again?

Kelly tweets:

I know I apologize!! I've been in the studio. Now I'm in here with Nelly. He let me hear some new word... HOT!

B crowd surfs

Solange had this to tweet about her surfing:

B stage diving/ crowd surfing in heels. BAD-ASS Knowles sisters:)

Sorry, on my Kanye Sis rant AGAIN but SHES just BAD-ASS! How many Pop stars do YOU know CROWD SURFIN in HEELS & STILL hitting PERFECT notes?

you agree?

Beyonce & Alicia Keys has your VERY FIRST LOOK at the OFFICIAL Confirmed Tracklisting for Alicia Keys “The Element of Freedom!”

1. The Element Of Freedom (Intro)
2. Love Is Blind
3. Doesn’t Mean Anything
4. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
5. Wait Til They See My Smile
6. That’s How Strong My Love Is
7. Unthinkable (I’m Ready)
8. Love Is My Disease
9. Like The Sea
10. Put It In A Love Song feat. Beyonce’ Knowles
11. This Bed
12. Distance And Time
13. How It Feels To Fly
14. Empire State Of Mind (Part II)

The only feature on the tracklisting is with Beyonce’ (a song Beyonce co-wrote as well), no word if the recent collaboration Alicia recorded with Drake will appear on a revised tracklisting or re-release.

Monday, November 16, 2009

LeToya Luckett & Missy Elliot - Regret (Remix)

Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Video Phone (Remix)

cause you know they gone block when i take these flicks...

Michelle Williams is showing off her photogenic side. Below is the final outcome of her Derek Blanks Alter Ego shoot.
Unsure of where or why these remaining three were shot, but Ms. Williams is working it!

Seriously, what?

Who in the hell eats, no, shares a caramel apple at an NBA game? A caramel apple? Really? What's next? Caviar at a rugby game? Maybe some fried butter at a swim meet?

[Image via Splash News]

You know what made me feel good this afternoon?

This picture.

No make-up. No fabulous hair. Honestly, there's not a whole lot of pretty going on here, and it made me feel good. Sorry, Katie. You're just kinda normal. Well, sort of. Aside from whole married to Tom Cruise and having an alien baby.

[Image via Splash News]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

you can find me in da club...

Beyonce Knowles requested a 'wind machine' at a London nightclub.
The singer hired new nightspot Kanaloa to party with the crew and dancers from her 'I Am Sasha Fierce' world tour and stunned event organizers with her bizarre request.
A source said: "Beyonce arrived at about midnight with a massive entourage.
"On her table, alongside huge treasure chest cocktails, she had a big industrial fan which remained just inches from her face to keep her hair blowing everywhere-just like it does in her 'Crazy in Love' video."
This is not the first time the 'If I Were A Boy' hitmaker's extravagance has drawn attention this week.
While performing in Liverpool, the singer booked a separate hotel room to house her 21 pieces of luggage.
A source at the city's Malmaison hotel-where the star took a £170-a-night room for her luggage-said: "She had seven suitcases, three hand-luggage bags and two boxes, all for her mammoth concert. In the cases there were, apparently, 14 dresses, lots of shoes, make-up and 25 wigs."
It took four helpers to carry her luggage up the stairs to the room, which was situated close to the Liverpool Echo Arena, where she performed twice this week.
article from

Christmas Cards I'm Working On

I know it's a little early...but I may put them for sale on Etsy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Labyrinth and Minotaur


Greek legend would have us believe that when King Minos (son of Zeus) came to the Cretan throne his brothers weren’t too chuffed so, in order to prove his right to the crown he ’sent an ancient email’ (prayed to Poseidon, God of the Sea) to give a sign of approval. He asked that a white bull be sent to him as confirmation and promised that if that sign of approval was sent, he’d sacrifice the bull in Poseidon’s honour.

Poseidon duly obliged but Minos decided he rather liked the little white bull (now’s the time for all of you over 45 to burst into song with your impressions of Tommy Steele (at least here in the UK)!!) so decided to sacrifice the best bull from his herd instead. Obviously not the sharpest chisel in the tool box – even I know you don’t tangle with the gods! – it goes without saying that Poseidon wasn’t best pleased so he punished Minos by forcing Pasiphae, Minos’ wife, to fall in love with the white bull. She arranged for the architect Daedalus to make a wooden cow, she then climbed into it and fooled the white bull into mating with her – just hope she made sure there weren’t any splinters! From this mating Pasiphae produced a child that had the head and tail of a bull but the body of a man, and this monstrosity scared the Cretans to such an extent that Minos summoned Daedalus to his Court and commissioned him to make a labyrinth so big and complex that it’d be impossible to escape from it.

Once it had been completed, Minos and his Merry Men, captured the minotaur and locked him in the labyrinth but every so often, seven youths and maidens were gathered from Athens and sent into the maze for the minotaur’s delectation and delight! When it came to the the third sacrificial anniversary, the Greek hero Theseus (the product of a menage a trois – his mother Aethra had entered into a bit of hanky panky with Poseidon and Aegeus on the same night!) volunteered to go into the maze as part of the picnic hamper and kill the minotaur to prevent more of his fellow Athenians being led to the slaughter.

On arriving on Crete, Theseus met Ariadne, Minos’ daughter, who fell in love with him and told him that, provided he agreed to marry her, she would let him into the secret of getting out of the impenetrable maze with all his bits intact. He agreed to the arrangement, so she gave him a ball of thread, he tied one end of the thread securely at the entrance to the maze and, as he walked through, he slowly unwound it. Once he’d come across the minotaur which, by some miracle, happened to be taking a snooze, he beat it to death and then led the remaining sacrificial Athenians back to safety by rewinding the thread.

This myth has stood the test of time and many have tried to discover the site of the Minoan palace and the labyrinth. This yearning for the truth behind the ancient tale, was fuelled by a wealthy English archaeologist, Arthur Evans who visited Crete and excavated and partially reconstructed the site at Knossos between 1900 and 1935. Now, over half a million people a year visit the ruins and are told that this was the site of King Minos’ palace and consequently the most likely location of the mighty labyrinth so it’s little wonder that other sites in the area are shoved on the back burner, but a group of English scholars from Oxford University joined forces with the Hellenic Speleological Society and spent the last summer delving into a medley of tunnels and caves discovered in a disused quarry just 20 miles up the road.

Gortyn, in southern Crete. was at one time the Roman capital of the island. The archaeologists discovered that the caves at Gortyn (known locally as the Labyrinthos Caves) had been visited by ‘archaeological thieves’ – basically less energetic and rugged Indiana Joneses or less buxom and scantily clad Lara Crofts! – who were on the verge of blowing the whole thing sky high by dynamiting one of the inner chambers in the hope of finding treasure but thankfully our archaeological heroes arrived just in the nick of time!

The caves run to about two and a half miles and have numerous tunnels leading to wide chambers and dead end rooms which have been visited by travellers since Medieval times who were searching for the labyrinth. Unfortunately, interest waned in these a-mazing caves and was re-routed to Knossos over the last 100 years or so thanks to Arthur Evans’ excavation escapades. The caves at Gortyn then fell into neglect and even became a Nazi ammunition dump during World War 2!

Nicholas Howarth, a geographer from Oxford University who led the Anglo side of the expedition, said that the Gortyn caves had a menacing feel about them and it’d certainly be easy to become lost in the mass of tunnels and chambers so there seemed to be no reason why Gortyn couldn’t have been the location of the cave maze. He believes the main reason Knossos had remained so highly regarded as the labyrinth site was due to Arthur Evans who had the wealth and clout to promote the area once he’d excavated and partially reconstructed it.

But before you make up your mind which is the most likely site, Nicholas Howarth has also said there may be a third option; at Skotino on the Greek mainland but little’s known about this at the moment.

The fact of the matter is that there’s no real evidence that King Minos’ palace, the labyrinth or the minotaur existed – it’s purely a myth.

Andrew Shapland, the curator of Greek Bronze Age at the British Museum in London added his two penn’orth by saying that Knossos is mentioned by Homer (the Greek poet, not Simpson!) so it seems more likely that if in fact this myth was a reality then Knossos would be the favoured site.


According to Greek myth, there was only one Minotaur - the child of Pasiphae, Queen of Crete and wife of King Minos, and a white bull sent by the sea god Poseidon.

The Minotaur had the body of an enormous human, with the head and shoulders of a bull. His body - particularly the animal parts - was covered in brown hair, and his horns were wickedly sharp, with a span wider then a man's outstretched arms. Given his fearsome reputation, it seems likely that he measured around 10 ft (3 m) high.

King Minos trapped his stepson in the great Labyrinth below the palace of Knossos and kept the Minotaur satisfied by feeding him 14 young men and women exacted as tribute from the Athenians. According to one version of legend, this tribute was made every nine years, suggesting the Minotaur could live off stockpiled nutrient reserves for long periods of time. However, other versions suggest the tribute was annual, or that Minoans were slaughtered instead of Athenians eight years out of nine.

The Minotaur was probably about 30 when the Athenian hero Theseus came to Knossos, entered the maze-like Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived and killed it, and was at his physical prime. This suggests a total lifespan of around 50 years.

Many observers said that the Minotaur was invulnerable to any weapon but his own horn driven through his brain. This is probably an exaggeration, although a Minotaur's size, speed, strength and ferocity, combined with a pair of deadly horns, must have made it a formidable adversary.

Knosses was destroyed by some form of cataclysm around 1450 BCE. Barbarian invasion from the mainland was once the favored explanation, but now a volcanic eruption and subsequent tidal wave are thought to have been responsible. By 1100 BCE, the Minoan civilization had faded.

In art and mythology, at least, the Minotaur lives on. Theseus and the Minotaur were favorite subjects for painters and craftsmen of ancient Greece. The tale continues to be one of the most popular of ancient legends. In the Middle Ages, Dante imagined the Minotaur as the brutal guardian of the Seventh Circle of Hell, a symbol of perversion.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Letoya - Complex Magazine

Lady Love sat down to answer complex magazine complex 7 questions this month:

Interview by Andrew Rivera
Sometimes music comebacks can be doomed by irrelevance (word to the homie Ma$e). Luckily, LeToya Luckett doesn’t have that problem. The lovely LeToya has had a spot in our hearts since she was with Destiny’s Child, so we were happy to see her pop up on 106 & Park last night with her new video “Regret,” featuring Ludacris. We figured it was high time to catch up with the confident singer/actress.
Yep, actress. Oh you ain’t know? Between working on music and promoting her album Lady Love, LeToya is set to appear in two films next year—Preacher’s Kid and Killers—as well as the play Rumors. Sure, she’s busy, but who’s too busy to undergo The Complex 7? Peep LeToya’s answers on “roach killers,” Marvin Gaye, and whose poster she used to kiss every night.

LeToya says: If you have no personality, I can’t do it…no personality and body odor. And you have to have some relationship with God. You can’t be one of those atheists.

LeToya says: Like the wrong pair of shoes? I don’t know if I’m a square-toe shoe sort of girl. No! I don’t know if it’s the pointy ones I don’t like—we call them “roach killers” in Houston. [Laughs.] Like, I better not see a dude with roach killers on, no roach-killer Gators!

LeToya says: T.I.—yeah, I mean there is no specific one. You’ve got Paper Trail , I love I’m Serious, his first album, and King is great.

LeToya says: I don’t drink or smoke. Comfort food? You know what? I love cupcakes, I’m a cupcake girl. I always go to Crumbs when I’m in the city.

LeToya says: Anything by Marvin Gaye. His voice is a problem. He has the sexiest voice. Or Maxwell! Yeah, I wouldn’t know about a liquor or anything, so I guess I’d have to apply it to music.

LeToya says: I only had one crush. The only reason I want to take it back is because he ended up being one of my best friends. I was in love! When I say love, I mean, oh my god. Like kissed his poster everyday. Romeo from Immature. Yes, Romeo from Immature, I wanted the eye-patch and everything, I loved him. Kissed the poster every day. But we ended up becoming best friends, so it’s weird, cause now that’s the homie and it’s like, “Wow, I liked you—a lot.”

LeToya says: No!

Michelle Williams - Until There's A Cure

Michelle Williams is getting into the charity work too. She is currently featured in ads for the AIDS charity the Until There's A Cure Foundation.

B & Gaga

above are pics from the video phone remix video.

the blond hair & style looks rihannaish to me.

below is the link to lady gaga feat. beyonce- telephone

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Beyonce has been keeping busy in Greece. She had a press confrence that her mother attended, but her father was nowhere in sight. She received a gold paque for all three of her solo albums, and lastly she did a photoshoot for her Dereon clothing line in a yellow dress. The only thing left to wonder is where is the jelly?

Beyone & Lady Gaga

Beyone & Lady Gaga - Video Phone (remix) is below. The video is coming 11/23.
It is rumored that the Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone will be the single off of Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster"

Beyonce is a stupid person

CAIRO: In a shocking display of poor diplomacy, Egypt’s chief Egyptologist Zahi Hawass allegedly called American pop-star Beyonce a “stupid person” during her brief tour of the Giza pyramids earlier this week. Writing in al-Shorouk newspaper, Summer al-Gamal said that Hawass became fed up with the pop star’s attitude after she did not show the interest Hawass felt was deserved of the pyramids.

According to Gamal, during Hawass’ self-guided tour, he said “I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamen,” but then his anger and frustration made its way to the forefront.

“Then he stopped being diplomatic and said in anger, ’she’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand’,” wrote Gamal.

Hawass is known for his outbursts. A number of foreigners have told Bikya Masr that he has employed Arabic to insult others at dinner events and gatherings, believing the non-Egyptians will not understand his Arabic. Beyonce, obviously, did not understand his jabs, Gamal said.

“She’s coming here to take pictures and that’s it,” Gamal quoted Hawass as saying.

He then assigned one of his assistants to take the American star and her entourage to a designed location nearby to shoot the photos. Similar to any high profile guest, pictures by the pyramids have become almost routine. When American President Barack Obama was in Cairo last June, Hawass personally escorted the president around the monstrous pyramids, allowing Obama to have his photo taken on the plateau.

Gamal added that Beyonce did not win over the journalists following her, however, as at least one bodyguard threatened a cameraman with violence if he did not give the pop-star her space. “One of the bodyguards threatened the cameraman, saying he would smash the camera if he continued to film,” Gamal wrote.

The incident has left archaeologists angered. They say it is time to show the world the real Hawass. “He insults and is so controlling that it has become extremely difficult to work in this country,” one archaeologist said.

Hawass’ office did not return phone calls on Thursday morning to discuss the actions of the country’s Supreme Council of Antiquities chief’s comments in front of journalists and Beyonce.

“We are talking about an Egyptian government official and he goes as says something like this? Come on, this is very rude and totally undiplomatic,” said another archaeologist, both of whom asked not to be named as their current work is funded by the council headed by Hawass.

An Unexpected Call

Wednesday morning, aproximately 9:30.Me: “Crime Check, what are you reporting?” Heavily accented Indian male voice: “Yes, my name is Sanjay*. I am calling to you from Mumbai* about your advert.”(*I couldn't understand what he actually said...) Me: “I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number. This is a non-emergency number for the police department.” Caller: “Yes. I am calling to discuss

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ms. Luckett

LeToya Luckett was spotted outside of the MTV studios recently wearing some sexy shoes.
Her video for "Regret" featuring Ludacris is to be premering tonight on BET's 106 & Park. You can watch the video at the link below:

Wale on Solange

DC rapper Wale on Solange in this months Honey Magazine:

"I do love her," he admits of Solange, flashing a Chesire. "We're friends. She's amazing. She's a good person. Any single mother contributing to society the way she does - I got a lot of love for them. She's got to do a lot on her own and raise a young black man in this day and age so my hat goes off to her. She's definitely an anomaly and the way she can do that and manage to do the same things that I complain about having to do."

His affection is as obvious as set of flushed cheeks. And impossibly adorable. Wale, the former mixtape rapper from inner city DC, is borderline giddy. "Did you interview Solange about me?" Wale asks. He's sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. "Did she smile when you mentioned my name?"

Sounds liks someone has a crush to me

Veterans Day 2009

Thanks to all our past, present and future service members. We are forever in your debt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss Kelly - T for the Trust

Kelly has been up to good deeds in Europe...

Alesha Dixon, Pixie Lott, Kelly Rowland and boy band Kid British have teamed up with leading high street retailer River Island, for an exclusive range of T’s in aid of youth charity, The Prince’s Trust. The collection has been designed by River Island’s top young designers especially for each celeb, all of whom are Prince’s Trust Ambassadors, to reflect each star’s own personal style – and for a short time only you can get your hands on them too.

Kelly Rowland describes her style as “classic meets contemporary with an edge of sexiness”. Her T-dress is a beautifully structured, one shoulder design, with stunning crystal detailing. She says, “I have always loved things that sparkle – you’ll see that my River Island T has gorgeous crystals all over it.”

You can purchase Kelly's dress at this link:'s%20trust&_ccCt=7TQyiuYWAoaFdXHNLAFK05Ox0-VfvzAK7QqMekJ_43PsBXwRdYRKFYwLyIPrvAUd

Cater 2 theft?

First a lil history:
Cater 2 U is an R&B song written by Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Rodney Jerkins, Ricky "Ric Rude" Lewis, Robert Waller for Destiny's Child's fourth studio Destiny Fulfilled (2004). It was produced by Knowles, Rude and Jerkins and released as the album's fourth and final single in summer 2005, while the song peaked at number 14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. "Cater 2 U" was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song and Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo Or Group. It is also the band's last high-charting single.

However interestingly enough only Beyonce is named as being sued.

A copycat claim contained in a 2006 lawsuit is expected to land the "Bootylicious" sensation in a witness chair next month as part of a copyright infringement trial to be held in Chicago's federal courthouse.

A Chicago songwriter copyrighted the song "Cater 2 U" long before Destiny's Child came out with a song by the same name. The songwriter also says the lyrics are similar. (AP)

In dispute is a song titled "Cater 2 U" released by Destiny's Child in a 2004 compilation called "Destiny Fulfilled." The video features sultry scenes of the musical trio proclaiming: "Whatever you desire, I'll aspire."

But Chicago songwriter and performer Rickey Allen says it's his song, and a judge has given the green light for a jury to hear his claims against Mrs. Jay-Z.

Allen first copyrighted his "Cater 2 U," -- with the same spelling -- in the mid-1990s. He performed the song locally and updated the copyright three times, as recently as 2000.

Allen's song is about "relieving the stress of a significant other, and getting them to relax." He says Destiny Child's version contains similar steamy lyrics.

When Allen's song says: "I want to rub you down," Destiny's Child asks: "Want a foot rub?"

Allen's lyrics say: "The tub has hot steam rising," and "I'm waiting to soak your body through."

The Destiny's Child song offers to: "Let me run your bath water."

"Do we say [Beyonce's] responsible for copying? Yes. But there's no such thing as innocent copying, even if it's unintentional," said Allen's lawyer, Matt Wildermuth. "The jury will decide the notion that these are simple coincidences."

Allen says he passed a copy of his "Cater 2 U" to Chicago remixer Maurice Joshua, and the two planned to collaborate on a demo.

That never happened, Allen says. But Joshua later spent several hours in a session with Destiny's Child recording a different song, according to court papers. Joshua says he never had a copy of Allen's work.

Lawyers for the threesome say the case has no merit and asked that it be tossed.

It was Knowles who was the source for the idea of "Cater 2 U," her lawyers said in a court filing.

"She is perhaps the most important witness for the defendants," they said.

U.S. District Judge James Holderman has ruled there's enough evidence for the case to go before a jury, pointing to Joshua as the link and saying it's possible he could have provided a copy of Allen's song before they released their hit. The trial was delayed once because of conflicts with Knowles' schedule but is set for Dec. 10.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beyonce & Julius leaving the telly...

Beyonce and Julius were spotted leaving a hotel. Beyonce kept her hand on her mouth the entire time and Julius's lips looked like they had some red lipstick left on them. What do you think, it's just a considence, they had some sexy time, or was Beyonce simply hiding something, a cold sore perhaps?

Michelle Williams - Alter Ego

Michelle Williams recently did a photo shoot with famed photographer Derek Blanks for his alter ego theme.

A very interesting look. So her alter ego is an old lady?
I'm excited to see the final look since Derek's shoots are usually amazing.

Destiny's Child Alter Egos:
Michelle Wiliams alter ego is Nina Capone
Beyonce's alter ego is Sasha Fierce
Kelly Rowland's alter ego is Natalia