Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock Lobster

Lady GaGa has gone and done it.  She's gone and outdone herself.  She sported this little outfit while out and about in the UK this weekend.  I'm not entirely sure the relevance of lobster hat to latex nurse dress, but what I find most interesting is the "bracelet" she's wearing.  Is that a plastic yellow hand?  Is she honoring Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?  Or is this the new "Live Strong" bracelet? 

[Image via Perez Hilton]

Business 2 Blogger

I don't know if any of you have checked this out yet, but I found it through Jay at Halftime Lessons. He and a couple of gorgeous gals named Shauna and Holly have started this website - Business 2 Blogger - to help blogs (and business!) make some money and/or swag and generate some business.Oh yah - it's free, too! Seriously! No, really... FREE!What they do is send you an email with several

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces

It's been a hectic last week or so, for some unknown reason. Trying to get tax stuff done. We've taken our respective turns with some kind of flu bug. Getting the website up. Beer and pizza night (and who wants to do anything after that?) Plus trying to get a Facebook page up for jewelry and art (I'm still ambivalent on that... last time I tried Facebook I had a stalker ex-boyfriend trying to

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Someone, preferably a friend or, heck, maybe even her agent, really needs to sit Jennifer Aniston down and have the talk. Y'know, the one where they tell her she's a really sweet girl and she has her shit together and she's super cute. Get her all smiling and gushing "oh, stop," while playfully slapping your hand. And then, just lay it on the table: honey, you need to stop doing movies. I know, it's harsh, but let's break it down:

TV career:
Friends - that says it all. She was fantastic on Friends.
South Park - very funny as Mrs. Stevens the Choir Teacher
King of Hill - again, funny stint as Pepporoni Sue
30 Rock - by far her funniest and most brilliant role since Friends. Yeah, she nailed it.

Movie Career:
Office Space - she was flaretastic.
Rock Star - definitely not a star. More like a flicker.
Along Came Polly - along came my finger to hit fast forward.
Derailed - a definite train wreck. I so wanted to like this one, too, because of Clive Owen.
Rumor Has It - yes, rumor had it that you were one of the top paid actresses. That didn't last long.
Love Happens - so doesn't anger, especially after watching this movie (I'm sure).

So, to sum it up: I do like Jen. I do. But, seriously, she needs to maybe consider a TV role again and get out of the movies. Maybe she can join her BFF Courtney on Cougar Town. I don't know how or why that show is doing so well (I have yet to see it), but maybe she could play a Puma. Oh, wait, never mind. That's the name of one of her upcoming movies.

The dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger

What's surprising to me is I'm not all that distraught over Ke$ha's outfit (maybe the cane), but it's the guy standing behind her with that very suspect, and quite disgusting, facial hair on his chin.  What IS that???  Seriously, does this guy think that, paired with the shaved head, that the chin hair makes him look even more bad ass?  Like, there's no way anyone will eff with him or Ke$ha because it makes him look like he's just always growling.  Sorry, dude, but I'm going to say that the chin hair makes me want to eff with you even more than I normally would (and no, I wouldn't normally want to mess with this guy because I'm not the kind of person who walks around scrapping with strangers, although I still have a lot of scrapping years left).

One other thing: do you think that Lady GaGa is getting seriously annoyed by all these wannabes?  Or do you think that she's flattered because since she's come onto the scene, other weird definitely out there individuals have thought, "hey, if she can do it, well, so can I."  Madonna is probably pissed.  Gone are the days when people idolized her and wanted to be like a virgin.  Now we've got people running around dry humping cops,  not wearing any pants anywhere, and wanting to get hammered while swimming in a kiddie pool with an inflatable whale.  Wait a minute...that actually sounds a lot better than being a virgin.  And now I know what I'm doing this weekend.

[Image via Splash News]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

16 going on 45

Seriously, this is madness.  Poor Ali Lohan appears to be absorbing the horror that is her sister's life, because this girl is only 16 and she looks like she's birthed four kids, divorced three times, and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.  I mean, what?  Maybe she should look into botox or something.  She should call Nicole Kidman and ask her what would be her best plan of action, because at the rate she's going, she'll be dead in a few years.

[Image via Splash News]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Fever Necklace

A while back (has it been that long??) I said I was working on a necklace using some of the pretty, pretty beads from Well, I finally got it done! It turned out to be fairly labor intensive, plus I haven't had much time to work on it, but I think it was worth it.I used these Czech glass flowers and these Venetian glass beads and these Olive green ("Army" green) glass beads and a

How science will solve the mystery of Tutankhamun

New technology is helping answer the riddles in the life, and death, of the boy pharaoh. And it's cracked other historical puzzles too...

His golden funeral mask with its striped headdress has become the symbol of Egypt's ancient grandeur. Yet for all the fame that surrounds the boy King Tutankhamun, no one really knows who he was.

Now, the mystery of King Tut's lineage has finally been solved. It will be revealed to the world on Wednesday, more than 30 centuries after the pharaoh was sealed in a gold coffin.

Dr Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, will reveal the results of extensive DNA testing carried out over the past 18 months on the pharaoh's mummy as well as two mummified foetuses found in his burial chamber.

The findings, Dr Hawass says, are the most exciting since the discovery of the tomb by the British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. They are also the latest in a stream of breakthroughs in our knowledge about art and the ancient world that have been made possible by new technology.

Among the outstanding riddles, for example, is whether Tutankhamun's mother was Queen Nefertiti – whose mummy has yet to be discovered – and whether the two foetuses found with him were his children.

"We don't know how King Tut died," Dr Hawass said yesterday. "We have begun DNA testing and we have made some wonderful discoveries. The results have been confirmed by the Journal of the American Medical Association and they will be publishing all the findings. It is very exciting. We will know who King Tut was."

Master of the scrolls

When Vesuvius erupted in AD79 it covered a villa in Herculaneum in feet of ash and carbon. In the 1750s tunnellers found the villa along with carbonised papyrus scrolls which disintegrated if they were opened. Now X-rays and CT (Computerised Tomography) scans of the scrolls reveal they are predominantly the work of the Epicurean philosopher and poet Philodemus of Gadara.

A genetic time machine

DNA samples have been taken from Tutankhamun and other mummies from the 18th dynasty of rulers in an attempt to establish his family lineage. While the results are being kept under wraps, the level of detail is illustrated by a 4,000-year-old clump of black hair discovered in Greenland. Analysis found that the hair belonged to a short man with brown eyes, non-white skin and "shovel-shaped" front teeth, who had an A+ blood type and probably originated in Siberia.

The X-ray that takes the lid off Vincent Van Gogh

The fluorescence synchrotron is a powerful X-ray technique that picks up the the glow from chemicals in various layers of paint. In addition to revealing an image beneath a canvas – many painters would paint over earlier works to save money – scientists can link each signal to a paint pigment and reveal hidden paintings in full colour rather than black and white. It was used on Van Gogh's Patch of Grass to discover the face of a woman, providing better understanding of his development.

Thank heavens for Fourier and infrared spectroscopy

The Fourier transform infrared spectroscope was used to identify pigments left on ancient statues. It helped in restoring Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in 2004 by picking up organic matter in the paint, such as wax, varnish and glue.

Lasers shed light on the inner Sphinx

The ancient Egyptian Sphinx has been laser scanned from nose to tail to create an accurate 3D computer rendering of the statue. This model is used to measure the effects of humans and nature on the Sphinx. The technique has also been used by Southampton University to create an exact model of the head of an Amazon warrior discovered at Herculaneum. The model revealed the underlying geometry and tiniest detail. New digitisation techniques helped researchers to recreate the statue's colouring.

Every shroud...

Debate has raged for centuries over the Turin Shroud, said to be the cloth used to wrap the body of Christ, and imprinted with his image. Tests in 1980 using an electron microscope found red ochre which was said to be blood. An electron microprobe analyser proved that the image was painted. Carbon dating placed it between 1260 and 1390.

A victory for good old Raman

Essentially a laser microscope that can zoom down to 1,000th of a millimetre. The topsail from Nelson's flagship HMS Victory is the only extant early 19th-century sail in the world. It was analysed using Raman spectroscopy in 2005, allowing conservators to re-create the sail. The technique also helped to establish that 19 Jackson Pollock drip paintings discovered in 2005 by the film-maker Alex Matter were fakes. Matter found the paintings among his deceased parent's belongings. Pollock scholar Ellen G Landau had said they were genuine, but the Raman microscope picked up five pigments that weren't invented until after the artist's death.

The Mackie Haunting

By now it must be clear to you that not all hauntings are benign. They can sometimes - although rarely - be far more physical and threatening than a fleeting shadow drawn by Casper the Friendly Ghost.

What took place at the Mackie farmhouse beginning in February, 1695, for example, is one of the most active and violent poltergeist cases on record. I was also well documented, having been witnessed and experienced by more than a dozen upstanding members of this Scottish community. Andrew Mackie, described by neighbors as "honest, civil and harmless," lived in the modest farmhouse with his wife and children. The property had been known to be haunted, but the Mackies experienced nothing out of the ordinary there... until that February.

The attack on the Mackies began with an assault of stones and other objects, thrown by some invisible force.

Life does not make sense. Is there a reason for living? Maybe...
Several family members were struck and injured by the missiles. The family sought the counsel of Alexander Telfair, the parish minister, who upon arrival experienced first-hand the bewildering phenomena. Whatever the entity was, it "molested me mightily," Telfair said, "threw stones and divers other things at me, and beat me several times on the Shoulders and Sides with a great Staff, so that those who were present heard the noise of the Blows."

The hateful presence was unrelenting. The Mackies testified that it attacked their children one night in their beds, delivering forceful spankings. More than once "it would drag People about their House by their Clothes," an investigation described. A blacksmith narrowly escaped death when a trough and plowshare were hurled at him. Small buildings on the property spontaneously burst into flames and burned to cinders. During a family prayer meeting, chunks of flaming peat pelted them. A human shape, seemingly made out of cloth, appeared, groaning, "Hush... hush."

This being the late 17th century, the Mackies were quick to attribute the phenomena to demons. On April 9, Andrew Mackie enlisted no less than five ministers to exorcize the farmhouse of the demonic spirits. But the ministers were to have their hands full throughout the ritual. Stones hailed down on them. A few of the minister, including Telfair, claimed that something had grabbed them by the legs or feet and lifted them into the air. The clergymen were not willing to yield victory to the entity, however, continuing their exorcism efforts for more than two weeks. Then on Friday, April 26, a voice from the invisible specter declared to them, "Thou shalt be troubled 'till Tuesday."

When that day arrived, the witnesses watched in astonishment as a dark, cloud-like shape formed in the corner of the Mackies' barn. As they stared, the cloud grew larger and blacker until it nearly filled the entire building. Blobs of mud flew out of the cloud into the faces of the witnesses. Some were gripped by some vice-like force. And then... it vanished, just as it promised it would.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She's at it again

If it's not Lindsay, it's Paris.  These two were meant to be train wrecks.  I find this picture very interesting.  What do you think Paris is thinking about in this instance?  Hmmm....

Wait, I don't see my underwear.  Why is everyone screaming about my underwear when I don't even have any on?  Wow, my head feels heavy in this position.  This rug is like totally dirty.  I wonder if my ass looks as good as I think it does right now.  *hiccup* And where's the stripper pole?  I mean, someone promised me there would be a stripper pole in this club!  I'm calling daddy.  He can have one flown in like in two seconds.  Something smells funny.  And now I'm craving fish tacos.

[Image via Splash News]

Curves are back!

Christina Hendricks graces the cover of this week's New York Magazine wearing her best Beyonce outfit.  Or is it Lady Gaga?  Regardless, it's refreshing to see someone flaunting a very curvy figure.  The woman is gorgeous and the fact that she stands out because of her curves gives me a bit of hope that Hollywood can be saved.  Enough of the "nothing tastes better than skinny feels" movement.  Bring on the curves!

Immortal Animal - Turritopsis nutricula

...The Only Immortal Animal on Earth...

Have you ever wondered what would happen if our life cycles were reversed, that is if we were born old and died young? Well, there’s one animal that comes close and has achieved immortality in the process, just to top it off. Meet the Turritopsis nutricula, a small saltwater animal or hydrozoan related to jellyfish and corals.

Like most jellyfish, Turritopsis nutricula undergoes two distinct stages in its life cycle: The polypoid or immature stage, when it’s just a small stalk with feeding tentacles; and the medusa or mature stage when the only 1mm-long polyps asexually produce jellyfish.

A jellyfish’s lifespan usually ranges from somewhere between a few hours for the smallest species to several months and rarely to a few years for the bigger species. How does the only 4-5 mm long Turritopsis nutricula (let’s call it T’nut) manage to beat the system?

Well, T’nut is able to transform between medusa and polyp stage, thereby reverting back from mature to immature stage and escaping death. The cell process is called transdifferentiation, when non-stem cells either transform into a different type of cell or when an already differentiated or specialised stem cell creates cells outside this specialised path.

T’nut requires tissue from both the jellyfish bell surface and the circulatory canal system for its transdifferentiation. This switching of cell roles is not unusual and can be seen in many animals and humans, but usually only when parts of an organ regenerate. In T’nut’s case, reverting back to an immature state is part of its regular life cycle.

In its medusa form, Turritopsis nutricula is bell-shaped and about 4-5 mm in diameter. Young specimens will be only 1 mm in diameter and have eight tentacles to start out with but can have between 80 and 90 as adults.

Turritopsis nutricula most likely originated in the Caribbean but can now be found in the temperate to tropical regions in all of the world’s oceans, spreading further through the ballast water that ships discard in ports. According to Dr. Maria Pia Miglietta from the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute: “We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion.”

Silent invasion? Possibly, but while Turritopsis nutriculae may be biologically immortal, they are surely not invincible. Especially in their immature stage, they are susceptible to predators and diseases and many die before they even reach jellyfish stage. Still, they are to date the only known animal capable of reverting to an earlier, immature stage.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yes, I have been absent from posting and commenting and so on for a few days. I am actually on "vacation" - which means I am not at work, but me and Secret Agent Man are taking a few days to get my actual web site set up. So I'm not around much, but I'm trying to take some time outs and make a little presence here and there. Once we get this sucker up and running I will be back and link to the


The strange-looking oarfish is the longest bony fish in the sea. Known scientifically as Regalecus glesne, it is a member of the Regalecidae family of fishes. The name Regalecidae is derived from the latin word regalis, meaning "royal". The origin of the oarfish name is unknown, but may refer to the oar-shaped body or the long, oar-like pelvic fins. Because of its long, thin shape, the oarfish fish is sometimes known as the ribbonfish. It is also commonly referred to as the king of herrings. Even though it is a deep water species, it is not too uncommon to see an oarfish. These unusual creatures have been known to wash ashore on beaches after storms, providing endless hours of fascination for curious onlookers. They also have a habit of floating near the surface of the water when they are sick or dying. Because of this, it is believed that the oarfish may be responsible for many of the legendary sightings of sea monsters and sea serpents by ancient mariners and beach goers. Although it is fished for sport as a game fish, the oarfish is not usually fished commercially because its gelatinous flesh is not considered edible.

The most noticeable feature of the oarfish is its extremely long, ribbon-like body. These fish can reach a length of over 50 feet (15 meters) and weigh as much as 600 pounds (272 kilograms). Its scaleless body is covered with a silver to silvery blue skin and is topped with an ornate, red dorsal fin that resembles a decorative headdress. This dorsal fin runs the entire length of the fish, with a tiny spine projecting above each of over 400 individual fin rays. The pelvic fins of this fish are elongated and similarly colored. The oarfish has a small mouth with no visible teeth. Their diet consists mainly of plankton, small crustaceans, and small squid that they strain from the water using specially formed gill rakes in their mouth. In turn, the oarfish may be a food source for larger ocean carnivores such as sharks.

Almost everything we know about the oarfish has been learned from specimens that have washed ashore on beaches or have been accidentally caught by fishermen. They have been known to come to the surface at night, apparently attracted by the lights of the boats. In 2001 a live oarfish was filmed alive for the first time. It was spotted by a team of US Navy personnel repairing a buoy in the Bahamas. This specimen was observed to be swimming by undulating its long dorsal fin while keeping its body fairly straight. This type of propulsion is known as an amiiform mode of swimming. Oarfish have also been observed swimming in a vertical position. It is believed that this may be one way that the oarfish searches for food. Little is known about the reproductive habits of the oarfish, although they have been observed spawning off the coast of Mexico between July and December. After spawning, the eggs are abandoned by the adults to float on the ocean surface until hatching. Once hatched, the tiny larvae feed mainly on plankton until they mature. Adult oarfish are thought to live solitary lives.

Oarfish are a pelagic species found throughout the deep seas of the eastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. They are usually found at a depth of around 600 feet (200 meters), although they have been known to go as deep as 3,000 feet (1,000 meters). They have also been observed at depths as shallow as 20 feet (60 meters). It is possible that they move to shallower waters as they search for food. Though rarely seen in the wild, their numbers are thought to be abundant enough that they are currently not considered to be endangered.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Esquire takes on Leo.

And the pictures are delicious. Check out March's issue for all the goods.

[Image via]


Does anyone care about seeing Kara DioGuardi in a bikini? I mean, didn't she already do that on stage during American Idol last year? If I remember correctly (and I do), she tried to show up "Bikini Girl" by flashing her lady bits and, when I say flash, I mean, she ripped her dress open then covered herself up really quickly and ran off stage. AND, she said after the fact that she's really very shy and didn't really want to show any skin. Yet, here she is, in MAXIM, nonetheless, flashing more of her bits.

Yawn. Bored. I mean, you don't see Paula running out to pose for Psychology Today or Randy beebopping over to guest star on DogTown OR Simon skipping to fire someone on The Apprentice. She needs to take it down a notch.

[Image via]

It's classy Friday!

Leave it to Pammy Anderson to totally class it up while snowboarding. Not sure what to wear for lessons? Take a page out of Pammy's skank handbook and go with this little number. She gives it a touch of dignity by going with the white panties, which I'm happy to see considering the panties her handbook told her to wear were crotchless.

[Image via Splash News]

Genie, Jinn or Djinn

We don't actually know a single thing about life on other planets. Scientific evidence that extraterrestrials visit us doesn't exist.

Our belief that they do is fantastic modern mythology in the making.

However, there is enormous evidence that deceptive entities are masquerading as extraterrestrials.

There are unseen creatures that we share this Earth with.
They don't come from other planets.

They've been called many names:

aliens, spirits, Etherians, Ultraterrestrials, and more.

In the Koran they are called the Jinn.

Information about the Jinn reads like a textbook description of UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

Discovering these entities gives you an essential key to understanding paranormal phenomena.

They are the major players behind our myths and most perplexing mysteries.

UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

The JINN are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means to conceal. They appear to include juvenile pranksters as well as powerful superior beings with an agenda we don't understand. They have influenced mankind's religious and cultural beliefs from antiquity to the present.

Jinn can create UFOs, hallucinations, psychokinetic effects, cattle mutilations, crop circles, apparitions and other paranormal phenomena.

Genie Invocation Spells or Jinn Invocation formulas Djinns.
Jinns, Genies are also living beings but they are made of fire. Genie or Jinns can be conquered by human beings by special invocations and if the invocation is done properly then after the completion of the Invocation it is possible to conquer the genie of jinns. But they all are one having the same powers and if this power is conquered by any one that person will be a very powerful human being having any type of power to do any thing and every thing.

Looking for Genie Invocation spells or formulas for invocation of genies.then here you will get all the information on genies. Jinn invocation is done to conquer jinns. Invocation of jinn is possible by jinn spells or genie spells with talismans or charms.
So Genies can be called with different name. Some common genie name are JINNS, GENIES, DJINNS, ANGEL, HAMZAAD, JABAL, AJINNA MUSSA, DJINNS and more, what ever may be the name but evocation of these powers and the method to evoke genies or jinns, djinns are the same as they are same power.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesdayness

Or is it "Tuesday Randomness"?Either way...I forgot that when I was in college I used to write poetry. I found this one in a folder the other day:Moth-like wings of flamedance shadows upon walls ofdelicate paper.Abbreviatedmemories flash and are gone -sensory haiku.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

Whoa, I think my brain just exploded. Could you even imagine this scenario? Here, let me help you:

Howard (to AI contestant): Listen, you were horrible. You sounded like my ex-wife when we were doing it doggy style on Wednesday nights.

Randy Jackson: Ohhhhhhh, H-Dog, family show here, family show.

Howard: Randy, stop being a pussy. This broad is terrible. She's gotta nice rack, but her voice is bad.

Kara: Howard! As a woman, I'm incredibly offended by what you're saying!

Howard: Oh, please, Kara. You're only saying that because you think that's what you should say. F--k you. There's a dirty little tramp hiding inside you (nudges Ellen Degeneres and winks at her) and I'm sure your husband is somewhere in the audience right now nodding his head in agreement.

Ellen: don't touch me.
Howard: Ellen, you know you miss the penis. Well, if you don't, you haven't been introduced to mine. However, I do find lesbians incredibly hot. Well, not you because your too old. But, your wife. YES!

Randy: I agree 100 billion percent.

Ryan: Uh, guys, can we get back to the judging here?

Howard: right. Yeah, sorry sugartits, but you're not going to make it in Hollywood. As a singer, anyway. I could help you make it if you're intersted in doing softcore porn. I mean, that ass is like--

Ryan: THIIIIIIISSSS is American Idol.

So, this happened

Honestly, sometimes I just don't get what people put on their bodies. Especially celebrities. I'm certain that Rihanna is competing with Lady GaGa for craziest performance outfit. She kind of looks like a dirty elf. I mean, the girl's got curves. But, I'm not sure this accentuates her best assets (I think if she worked it even a little bit she might show more crotch than is absolutely necessary). And it looks like she's trying to ram the microphone down her throat. She's a dirty angry elf.
[Image via Getty]

Ouija boards

Ouija boards, also known as talking boards, have been in use for hundreds, if not thousands of years in one form or another. The most clear examples are talking boards widely used during seances during the hay day of the Spiritualism movement during the early part of the 20th century.

In modern times Ouija boards find themselves at the heart of investigations into what are called "negative entities" or "demons". Modern folk lore points to Ouija boards as being at the beginning of most manifestations of "demons" into the lives of those foolish enough to make use of them.

Talking boards have been debunked as early as the 1970's by paranormal investigators. Investigators created their own board, randomly shuffling the letters and numbers and asked groups of psychics to ask questions of these boards while they were unable to see the letters being indicated. The answers produced during those experiments were always random orders of letters.

It is believed that the indicator of a Ouija board is moved either consciously or unconsciously by one of the operators in the group who is acting as the dominant controller of the indicator. The controller may or may not be aware that they are controlling the answer although answers that come into their head either through intuition or actual knowledge of the subject matter being asked then appears through the indicator. Operators who have read extensively may have knowledge about a subject in vast detail which they are not even aware of on a conscious level and may be tapping into that knowledge during the use of a Ouija board.

Proponents of the popular resurgence of talking boards in the 21st century claim that some of the answers given by spirits during the use of these boards are impossible to gain other than through direct knowledge of the spirit being contacted.

Some practitioners of the occult believe that talking boards create the potential for problems and attribute them as a cause for negative entities because the boards work as the focus for a summoning ritual but provide no protection for the participants and do not provide any instruction or means for banishing the entity summoned after the ritual is successful.

Wherever the truth resides in all of these claims it is clear that some users of talking boards continue to receive answers to their questions and are frightening themselves when this occurs. If you are thinking of using a talking board for fun with a group of friends, my advice is to leave well enough alone. Don't go looking into the world of the human unconscious or ghosts unless you are ready to confront whatever might be staring back at you.

The History

What is a Ouija board? Ouija boards came into existence as a parlor game in the mid-1800's, when spiritism and channeling were at the height of fashion. The word "Ouija" is a blend of the French and German words for "yes." Adolphus Theodore Wagner first patented Ouija boards, sometimes referred to as "talking boards," in London, England on January 23, 1854. In the patent, Wagner called his invention a "psychograph" and its purpose was to read the minds of people with "nervous energy." By 1861, Frenchman, Allan Kardac, was describing the Ouija board as instruments with which to open communications with the spirit world. In seven short years, the Ouija board had evolved from a mind-reader to portal of communication with the dead.

Modern Ouija boards were developed by inventor William Fuld. Fuld sold his patent to Parker Brothers in 1966. Ouija boards, as we recognize them today, look nothing like the original prototypes. The 20-25 million Ouija boards sold by Parker Brothers consist of a rectangular game board that is covered with a woodcut-style alphabet, the words yes, no, and good-bye, and the numbers 0-9. Also included with the "game" is a heart-shaped plastic planchette. The planchette is the 'pointer' that is supposed to glide over the board under the direction of supernatural forces and form comments and questions by pointing out questions and comments. Parker Brothers has marketed Ouija Boards under the tagline, "It's only a game - isn't it?"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No One Likes a Perky Goth pt 2

So I have decided to re-do some of my old artwork in my new style... some of the ones I was not particularly happy with the first time around.This is from a couple years ago:...which is okay...but not quite what I pictured.This one I finished today. I think I like it better....but then, I'm kinda partial to my new girls. Whadda you think?(update: I've had a couple people say they missed the

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Money cash hoes money cash chicks what

Does anyone else think Ke$ha looks like a young completely methed out Debbie Gibson? Because I do. Not only do I find her irritating as hell, especially considering that stupid Tik Tok song hit #1, but she can't carry on a conversation to save her life. She just sounds.... dumb. I read somewhere that she said she's a party girl because her Mom went into labor with her while partying. Wow. I'd like to now imagine that conversation:

Ke$ha: But, Mom, I just love to party! Y'know, crunk it up and get drizzunk with my girlies!

Mom: Oh, honey, you were born to party. I'm not surprised because I actually gave birth to you at one of the most stellar parties of 1995!

Ke$ha: nooooooooooooo way. You popped me out at a party?

Mom: *nodding excitedly* Yes! Oh, it was amazing. It was the night after high school graduation. Be My Lover by La Bouche was playing and a bunch of us were all dancing around acting silly. Your Dad was even there for a little while...

Ke$ha: were you high?

Mom: I sure was! I was high on you! Well, to be honest, I really didn't know I was pregnant and then boom! I peed my pants, but it wasn't pee, it was like pregnancy stuff. And then I was pushing and everyone gathered around me because they thought I was busting out a new dance move. They called it "Heavy Breathing with a hint of rage." It was all the craze for the rest of that night.

Ke$ha: wow, mom, that's like totally cool. So, how'd I get my name?

Mom: well, no one actually took me to the hospital for a few days, so in the mean time, we created our own little birth certificate out of poster board, glitter, and confetti. Oh, and some magazine clippings from Cosmo!! I still have it somewhere... Someone spelled your name using the Money Cash Hoes confetti.

Ke$ha: wow! I'm going to go write a song about this.

We can do so much more. We can save this world... with the right outfit.

Malin Akerman is just very meh to me. I don't think she's a very good actress. And, you can now add dresser to that list. This outfit is so ridiculous to me. Kinda like she's trying to be edgy like Lady GaGa (uh, no one will be ever be as creative as that woman when it comes to clothing), but at the same time, she's having a hard time letting go of her costumes from The Watchmen. And I hate that smile she's sporting. It's that smile that sneers "I'm so pulling this off." Um, no you aren't Malin. Maybe if you were wearing red cowboy boots.

The Land of Counterpane

When I was a kid my folks had lots of books for us to read. The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Davy Deer's New Red Scarf. Numerous nursery rhymes and poems. There was one great big book (I don't remember what it was called, and it's packed away in a box somewhere) that had every fable, nursery rhyme and fairy tale you could think of in it. I loved that book and I still love it. It's illustrated and just