Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Laugh and the World Laughs With You

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Hot diggity!

The new cover of RollingStone!!!!  The ladies look amazing, but what is up with Don Draper's face?  Is he trying his best Blue Steel?  And, if that's his best, maybe he shouldn't try anymore.

There's no way this is Jessica Simpson

So, apparently, this is Jessica Simpson.  I'm not sure what's going on with that hair, or those lips, but this doesn't look at all like Jessica Simpson.  It kinda looks like Ivanka Trump, but maybe after she's given birth and has birthing boobs and a few extra baby pounds to lose.  Does this look at ALL like Jessica Simpson?!??!?

[Image via Daily Mail]

This picture can't be real

I mean, right??  This seems a bit ridiculous to me.  This guy plays football and is a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders.  Apparently, Head and Shoulders just insured his locks for $1 million.  Really?  Heidi Klum's legs are insured for $2.2 million, which I can totally see given that Klum is a frickin model and needs to have nice gams.  But, a football player getting his hair insured...is...just weird.  Troy Polamalu hasn't had his hair cut in eight years.  Isn't that bad for your hair?  Aren't you supposed to trim your hair every couple of months to keep it healthy?  So, they're insuring this guy for his long, incredibly nasty, damaged hair??  I mean, there could be rodents living in that thing.  If he really wanted to make headlines, well, he could be a better football player, but also, he could cut off all that hair and donate it to Locks of Love. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

When Pigs Fly

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I have yet to watch the entire Emmy's (um, True Blood and Mad Men were on at the same time, and sorry, those take precedence), but I did catch the red carpet and the first hour, and the opening number was pretty great.  Seriously, that Jon Hamm is funny (however, Don Draper is not...oh my God, the episode of Mad Men last night was soooo awkward from a Don Draper point of view.  I actually covered my eyes at one point because I just couldn't watch the train wreck that he's become). 

But, how about that red carpet?  I was mostly underwhelmed, but man, were some of those dresses bad.  I think the worst of the evening was January Jones.  I mean, what in the world was she thinking putting this thing on and then going out in public?  I'm pretty sure even Cyndi Lauper wouldn't wear that thing.

I might as well stay on Mad Men and talk about Christina Hendricks' dress, because, like her costar January, it was a huge flop.  The style is not flattering on her at all, but what is with those feathers?  It's too 1800's prostitute.  I think Wyatt Earp would have liked this dress.
And, then there was this.  Poor Mindy Kaling. I mean, she should be fined for this.  Honey, it's the Emmy's.  Not tryouts for Who's the Next Burlesque Babe.  Maybe she's just tired of dressing business casual for The Office.

And, the Tara Reid Award of the evening goes to CSI: Miami's Eva LaRue.  But, to quote her co-star, Horatio Caine: "It's not important what people say about us. It's important what we think of ourselves inside." 

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Poster

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La Tropézienne by Clare Vivier

About a year ago I read about a handbag designer, Clare Vivier, in LA Weekly and then stumbled upon her again in Lucky magazine.  Now, it's no secret that I have a bit of a bag obsession.  I have more bags than I do shoes.  Or jeans.  Or, probably underwear.  And one word describes Clare Vivier's bags: brilliant. 

I kept looking for her, checking up to see where else she had been featured and what else she was up to.  Soon enough, I realized that I needed to invest in one of these brilliant bags before she exploded even more and I'd never be able to afford one.  So, with my bonus check last month, I excitedly went online and ordered the La Tropézienne in brown.  I only had to wait six days and then it arrived.  Slowly and carefully, I opened the box and gazed down at my latest purchase, and, what has quickly become my latest obsession.  I love this bag.  It's the perfect size and the color is so rich and lovely.  The more I use it, the better it looks.  And, the more I use it, the more compliments I get.  My favorite: "Wow, that bag is gorgeous.  Can I touch it?"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The best break up song. Ever.

Thank you, Cee-Lo Green, for the awesomeness that is this song.  Warning to those that don't like the "F" word: listen anyway.  It's fecking brilliant.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My indulgence in Gothic Architecture

Salam Ramadhan to all friends celebrating this holy month. May Ramadhan this year bring something good for each and everyone of us. InsyaAllah.
Gothic literature and architecture has always been a favorite past time for me to indulgence myself in since forever and here i would like to share with you some of my favorite design of sublime example of it. Enjoy!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

art experiment redux

Re-thought the apple and pepper... I wanted to make them more cohesive, so they all go together better.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been a human feces kind of week

So, earlier this week I had to go to NY for a client meeting (a whirlwind trip down and back in the same day, which is totally doable, but sometimes exhausting), and there was an episode at Penn Station.  Now, I was tired and my brain was a bit fried, so I really just wanted to get into Penn, find a seat, and wait for my train.  Well, that didn't happen.  It was fecking nuts in the station, with mass crowds of people pushing and running and yelling.  I still am not sure what happened, but before I knew what was going on, I was pushed down and stepped on by a pack of 20somethings.  When I finally managed to get up (thank you man in the gray sweater and fedora), my hands were filthy and I desperately needed to pee (weird, yeah).  I hate using the restroom at Penn because, well, it's repulsive.  But, I was desperate, so away I went.  I finally found a somewhat clean (or so I thought) stall, but soon realized there was no toilet paper.  And, this was after I stepped in gum AND human feces.  In my favorite shoes.  Yeah, I cried.

However, I guess you can say that I'm lucky because, unlike Tila Tequila, at least I didn't have human feces thrown at me.  While performing.  On a stage.  Topless.  And drunk.  In front of an unruly mob.  If you don't know who Tila Tequila is, well, good for you.  But, if you do know who she is, I think you'll agree with me when I say having human feces thrown at her is probably one of the least dirty things that has ever happened to that trampy trollop.   

[Image via WENN]

She Has No Time

Another drawing based on a song on my iPod. I'm not quite sure I like it, and I'm not quite sure I'm done with it, but I suspect I need to quit messing with it for now!From Keane's "She Has No Time"You think your days are uneventfulAnd no one ever thinks about youShe goes her own wayShe goes her own wayYou think your days are ordinaryAnd no one ever thinks about youBut we're all the sameAnd she

You can be beautiful, but sometimes that doesn't always mean you will be smart, too

Kim K. recently confessed to Allure magazine that her "entire body is completely hairless."  Well, honey, that ain't true because you've got quite a bit of hair on top of that bobble head of yours (granted, I'm sure those extensions make up 50%).  However, what really got me is what her dream was when she was younger: to be a reality TV star.  That was her dream.  “In elementary school, The Real World came on, and I was like, That’s it! I know I want to be on a reality show. And I was like, OK, when I’m old enough, I will make an audition tape.

Even better?  Laurence Fishburne's daughter, Montana Fishburne, just announced that her idol, Kim Kardashian, made her want to go into porn. On her inspiration behind her newfound career: “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.”

It's really so inspiring to see these girls aim so high.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Um, wait. What? Honestly????

This is just weird.

It's splitsville...again!

Apparently Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have split up...again.  Third times the charm?  I honestly don't know how Ms. Wood went back to Mr. CrazyPants after seeing this video (warning - it's pretty graphic at the end), which he did after the second time they split up.  The resemblance between the woman in the video to Ms. Wood is uncanny.  And, the video is just disturbing.  But, she went back to him, so maybe she was touched by the video.  They're both weird.

Look at this guy!

I have had a very ridiculous week that's been chock o' block full of grumpiness (my own grumpiness, that is).  Until I saw this pic. 

Jude Law may be annoying and a fairly horrific actor, but the fact that he can dress like a dandy and date a hot chick is incredibly impressive.  In all actuality, I think he's actually wearing said hot girl's clothing.  The chest hair, the orange hue, the tight rolled jeans, the no socks...ahhhh, it's heavenly, isn't it??  Somebody's FABULOUS!!!!

[Image via Splash News]

My Soul to Take

Wes Craven's got a new horror flick coming out just in time for Halloween, and, based on a couple of the hairdos, I'm wondering if the movie is set in the 80s.  Which would make some sense considering Wes Craven's best work was done, well, before this movie.  Set in "Riverton," Massachusetts, the movie is based on a "dead" serial killer who comes back to haunt the kids that were born on the night he died.  Yawn.  He should've just saved this 3D awesomeness and done a fourth Scream movie.  Oh, wait...

Black Swan will getcha

The new Darren Aronofsky film looks ridiculous crazy.  And it's about ballerinas.  Mmmhmmm.  Ballerinas.  Hot ballerinas. 

Oh. Dear. God.

Alexander Skarsgard is, as everyone knows, a bit of an obsession of mine.  I mean, solely because I think he's a brilliant actor, of course.  And, even more so now that I've just read this juicy little nugget: Alexander Skarsgard goes sockless in all his nude scenes. “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way."

Sigh.  That damn Soooooookie Stackhouse is one lucky waitress. 

Tongue Diving?

This is just disturbing. Apparently, Adam Lambert has stated via Twitter that tongue diving (grabbing random audience members' during your own show and sticking your tongue down their throats) is the new stage diving.  Um, well, this is one trend I will certainly not be following.  I mean, stage diving can't give you herps.  Wait, actually, I guess it could.  Stage diving can't give you a viral infection.  Well, actually, I guess it could. Stage diving can't, oh, for christ sake, stage diving isn't nearly as disgusting as tongue diving.  Period.  

[Image via FreakingNews.com]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010




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WATCH: Kelly Rowland : When I was 17

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.

I love the fact LeToya is in this and Kelly is speaking so freely about the past....

VIDEO SHOOT: Kelly Rowland - Rose Coloured Glasses

I hope its better than the commander video.....

LMAO!!! Beyonce talks about sustaining female friendships

Is this bitch serious?

"I think I am a feminist in a way. It`s not something I consciously decided I was going to be; perhaps it`s because I grew up in a singing group with other women, and that was so helpful to me. It kept me out of so much trouble and out of bad relationships. My friendships with my girls are just so much a part of me that there are things I am never going to do that would upset that bond. I never want to betray that friendship because I love being a woman and I love being a friend to other women. I think we learn a lot from our female friends - female friendship is very, very important," she added.

Do you ever see this bitch with any other female anymore apart from her mother, her sister or her cousin? The only female "friends" you have is family.
Kelly knows how to keep friends...she nearly lost Brandy and LeToya because of you.
Sit down! You are so delusional.....

Farrah Franklin is on the unemployment line!

Well it was bound to happen at some point.

Sadly, we have been informed that Farrah is now on the unemployment line and all work has dried up. Desperately trying to be a director money and fame is no longer knocking at her door. No producers want to work with her musically and it seems she is too old now to step back into the limelight.

DC Reunion also looks bleaks as many fans as calling for her not to return to the group.

Sad times Farrah...

LaTavia Announces New Book Title

LaTavia has announced that her new book will be entitled "Revelations Of A Destined Child".

Interesting choice of title, now we know she will be spilling her guts on what happened in the group and how she feels about it now.

When asked if she would like to rejoim Destinys Child at some point she replied "Why Not"

We think it might have gone too far for a reunion now..

Kelly Releasing Two Albums! WTF

It seems Kelly is being all things to all the markets.

With Kelly Rowland still hard away at work on her third studio album, particulars about the project have remained closely guarded. However, during a recent promotional stop at Houston’s ‘The Mad Hatta Morning Show’, the Grammy winner revealed that there are set to be two versions of her as-yet-untitled LP.

When quizzed about the Dance songs on the record, Rowland lifted the lid on the fact that there will now be US and ‘overseas’ editions of the album. While the Stateside version is to be primarily Pop/R&B, the International incarnation will house such tracks as well as the more Dance-inspired songs.

You know.. Kelis should have taken a note out of her book..

Beyonce talks planning a family

Is it me or does someone sound a little bit selfish. Does she not realise that Jay-Z's sperm is drying up? WTF

And in a recent interview with You magazine, the superstar didn't do too much to quash the speculation.

"My ambition is to continue to learn about the world and to eventually have a family," she says. "No dates, no times – it will happen when I am ready. Probably the biggest challenge in my life is time – making sure I have time to be a wife, to be a singer, to be a songwriter, to be an actor and still have time for my clothing line and now for my perfume,"

"I am like any other woman who has a child, who has a husband, who has a job. I think it’s the hardest thing about being a woman because we have so many responsibilities."

LOL Did she say Songwriter? Oh Bee, you do make me laugh.
Anyway, peep the pic above of what Beyonce and Jay-Z child will look like in the future.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Human lightning rod - Roy C. Sullivan

When it comes to being a human lightning rod Roy C. Sullivan is the iron clad holder of the title.

Roy C. Sullivan was a U.S. forest ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and it seemed that having an electric personality prerequisite for his job.

Lightning strike #1 came in 1942 happened as he was working up in a lookout tower and the lighting bolt shot through his leg and knocked his big toenail off.

Lightning strike #2 came in 1969 while he was driving along a mountain road a second strike burned off his eyebrows and knocked him unconscious.

Lightning strike #3 came in 1970 while he was walking across his yard to get the mail, left his shoulder seared.

Lightning strike #4 came in 1972 when lightning set his hair on fire and Roy had to throw a bucket of water over his head to cool off.

Lightning strike #5 came on August 7, 1973 while he was in his car, just one Year after his hair had grown back, a lightning bolt ripped through his hat and hit him on the head, setting his hair on fire again. It threw him out of his truck, knocked his left shoe off and seared his legs.

Lightning strike #6 came on June 5, 1976 while he was checking on a campsite, injuring his ankle.

Lightning strike #7 came on June 25, 1977 while he was fishing. It sent him to hospital with chest and stomach burns.

Roy Sullivan was never killed by lighting - he committed suicide while in his 70's in 1983 reportedly distraught over the loss of a woman.

13-year-old struck by lightning on Friday 13th at 13:13

At precisely 13:13, a boy aged 13 was seen by the St John Ambulance team at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival in Suffolk after he was struck by lightning, a spokesman said.

The boy suffered a minor burn and was taken to James Paget Hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Jason Gillingham, county ambulance officer and on scene at the show, said: ''This was a very minor burn to the boy's shoulder, but he was conveyed to hospital and is recovering well."

A second teenager and a woman were also struck by lightning but did not need hospital treatment.

The three were watching a display of the Red Arrows during a downpour when the lightning struck.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keep Calm

I'm sure that many of you have seen the ubiquitous "Keep Calm" posters all over everywhere. (No, no, they are literally EVERYWHERE, I'm not kidding.)Little bit of history for those of you who care: they were designed by the British government in 1939 to raise morale in the event the British were invaded during WWII. Which they weren't - because, let's face it, who wants to eat British food?

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Super" bacteria

(Reuters) – A lake in Argentina's remote, inhospitable northwest may offer clues on how life got started on Earth and how it could survive on other planets, scientists say.

Researchers have found millions of "super" bacteria thriving inside the oxygen-starved Lake Diamante, in the center of a giant volcanic crater located over 15,400 feet above sea level.

The bacteria's habitat is similar to primitive earth, before living and breathing organisms began wrapping a protective atmosphere of oxygen around the planet.

The conditions -- which include high arsenic and alkaline levels -- could also shed light on life beyond Earth.

"This is of great scientific interest as a window to look to our past and also for a science called astrobiology, the study of life on other planets," said Maria Eugenia Farias, part of the team that discovered the life-forms in Lake Diamante earlier this year.

If bacteria can survive here, the theory goes, it could also survive somewhere like Mars.

So-called "extremophiles" have been found in other parts of the world -- and they can have significant commercial value. Bacteria that break down lipids are used in detergents for example.

But Farias said these bacteria, called "polyextremophiles" are exceptional because they flourish in the harshest of circumstances.

"What we have here is a series of extreme conditions all in one place. And this is what makes this place unique in the world," said Farias, a microbiologist at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Tucuman province.

The lake sports levels of arsenic 20,000 times higher than the level regarded as safe for drinking water and its temperature is often below freezing. But because the water is so salty -- five times saltier than sea water -- ice never forms.

The bacteria's DNA mutates to survive the ultra-violet radiation and low oxygen levels found at such high altitudes, which could make it of interest to the pharmaceuticals industry, Farias said. It could also have future commercial applications in products such as sunscreens, she added.

Farias and her team are looking for Argentine funding to produce a metagenome of the bacteria, an advanced study which provides a DNA sequence of the entire microbe colony.

This would enable her crew to study the bacteria in Argentina and help ensure that the South American country keeps hold of potentially lucrative patents for new antioxidants or enzymes that could be derived from the bacteria.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Whitney, bitch

Which do you prefer?  The maybe still on drugs, failed at relaunching her singing career, vacationing Whitney?

Or, do you prefer the coked out, crack is whack, Booobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy screamin trainwreck?

I'm sooo torn.


Joey Lawrence is apparently coming out with a new album.  His first album, Joey Lawrence, had two top ten hits in 1993, and if you'd like to listen to the whole album, here you go.  You're welcome.  So, jump ahead 17 years, and here we go again, except Joey has no hair, no famous catch phrase, and is comparing his new album to Justin Timberlake's first album.  Um, come again?  Apparently, Joey is starring in a new sitcom premiering this month and he sings the theme song:

"It's called "Stuck with Me." It reminds of me of the theme of Friends. And I'm making a brand new record that will drop early next year. It is right there with the first Justin Timberlake CD.  I haven't done an album since 1997, but it sold six million copies and fans have always asked me for more. And I would not have waited this long and gone down this path again if I didn't think we had something."

 Well, this should be interesting.

[Image via FilmMagic]

This is, well, gross

Just looking at her makes me feel dirty.  She just oozes gross.  This is what she wore to the unveiling of her new fragrance, Pathetic.  I think that sums it up quite nicely.

[Image via the Daily Fix]

Um, is that nipple?

Yes, I definitely see nipple.  Well, it was bound to happen eventually.  She definitely likes taking her clothes off for photo shoots, yet refrains from doing so in her movies because of ethical reasons.  Jen, meet Karma.  She's a bitch.

So we gonna smoke a ounce to this

Mischa Barton seems to be enjoying herself on a yacht in St. Tropez.  Too bad for her she didn't get the memo that it's super cliche to go on a vacation on a yacht in St. Tropez.  Especially wearing that outfit.  She looks like she may be filming a scene for Boogie Nights 2.  Do you think she'll ever redeem herself?  Or do you think she's walking the LaLohan crazy line and headed for Washedupchildactordrugaddictattentionwhore Island?  Maybe that's where the yacht is headed... 

[Image via INF Daily]

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adab berpuasa dan Tarawikh

Setiap orang yang mengerjakan puasa perlu mematuhi beberapa peraturan dan adab yang boleh menyempurnakan ibadah tersebut. Antara yang terpenting adalah:
1. Menjaga lidah daripada berdusta, mengumpat dan mencampuri urusan orang lain yang tiada kena-mengena dengannya;
2. Memelihara mata dan telinga daripada melihat dan mendengar perkara yang dilarang oleh syarak dan yang sia-sia;
3. Mengawal perut daripada merasai makanan dan minuman yang haram atau yang mengandungi unsur syubhat terutama ketika berbuka dan berusaha sedaya mungkin untuk menghasilkan pemakanan yang halal lagi bersih.

Ulama silam pernah berpesan: “Apabila kamu berpuasa maka perhatikanlah apa yang akan dijadikan makanan berbukamu dan di manakah kamu akan berbuka?” Ia adalah panduan yang terbaik bagi mengawasi diri daripada terjebak dengan unsur-unsur makanan yang tidak halal;

4. Berusaha menjaga kesemua pancaindera dan anggota tubuh badan daripada mendekati atau melakukan maksiat dan perkara yang sia-sia. Dengan demikian ibadah puasanya akan suci dan sempurna. Terdapat ramai yang memenatkan diri dengan berlapar dan berdahaga, membiarkan diri terdorong kepada perlakuan dosa dan noda, kerana itu puasanya rosak binasa dan keletihannya tidaklah berbaloi sebagaimana maksud sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.: Ramai yang berpuasa tidak mendapat ganjaran daripada puasanya melainkan lapar dan dahaga. (Riwayat an-Nasaei)

Meninggalkan maksiat menjadi kewajipan kepada seluruh orang Islam sama ada mereka sedang berpuasa atau tidak. Apatah lagi bagi yang berpuasa, ia lebih dituntut dan diwajibkan. Sabda Rasulullah, Puasa itu adalah ‘perisai', sekiranya seseorang daripada kalangan kamu sedang berpuasa janganlah dia bercakap kotor, melakukan keburukan dan berbuat bodoh. Jika ada orang lain yang mengejinya atau cuba memeranginya maka hendaklah dia katakan kepada orang itu: “Saya sedang berpuasa.” (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim);

5. Jangan membanyakkan tidur pada siang harinya dan makan pada malamnya, bahkan bersederhanalah pada kedua-duanya bagi menyelami kejerihan lapar dan dahaga. Dengan demikian sanubarinya terkawal, keinginan nafsunya kurang dan hatinya ceria. Itulah rahsia dan intipati puasa yang perlu dicapai;

6. Jauhkan diri daripada mengikut dorongan nafsu ketika berbuka dengan beraneka jenis makanan yang lazat-lazat. Sebaik-baiknya adat makannya sama sahaja pada bulan puasa dan bulan-bulan yang lain. Penggemblengan diri dalam mengurangkan tuntutan jasmani dan keinginan perasaan memberikan kesan yang positif terhadap kecerahan hati nurani yang amat dituntut terutama pada bulan Ramadan.

Mereka yang menjadikan keinginan nafsu perut sebagai tunggangan akal ketika berbuka yang menyalahi kebiasaan pada bulan-bulan lain sebenarnya terpedaya dengan pujukan iblis. Rayuannya bertujuan menghilangkan barakah (berkat) ibadah puasa mereka, nikmat limpahan ketenangan daripada Allah s.w.t., kekhusyukan diri ketika bermunajat dan berzikir kepada-Nya.


Sepatutnya orang yang berpuasa mengurangkan kadar pemakanannya sehingga terserlah kesan puasa itu kepada dirinya. Kekenyangan adalah punca kelalaian, kealpaan, keras hati dan malas untuk taat kepada Allah s.w.t..

Sabdanya: Takungan jelek yang dipenuhkan oleh manusia adalah kantong perutnya, memadailah baginya beberapa suapan yang dapat meneguhkan tulang belakangnya. Jika dia enggan maka berikanlah sepertiga (bahagian perutnya) untuk makanan, sepertiga kedua untuk minuman dan sepertiga terakhir bagi pernafasannya. (Riwayat Ahmad dan at-Tarmizi)

Terdapat ulama yang mengungkapkan kata-kata berikut: “Sekiranya perutmu kenyang anggota-anggota lain akan lapar (akan menurut turutan nafsu) tetapi sekiranya perutmu lapar kesemua anggotamu akan kenyang.”

As-Salaf as-Soleh (mereka yang terdahulu) mengurangkan perkara kebiasaan dan dorongan diri serta memperbanyakkan amal ibadat pada bulan Ramadan secara khusus bahkan itulah adat mereka sepanjang masa;
7. Tidak menyibukkan diri dengan urusan duniawi pada bulan Ramadan, bahkan mengambil kesempatan bagi beribadat kepada Allah dan mengingati-Nya sebaik mungkin. Justeru, dia tidak melakukan perkara duniawi melainkan sekadar keperluan hariannya atau kepada mereka yang berada di bawah tanggungannya. Demikian yang selayaknya dilakukan pada bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini sama seperti pada hari Jumaat yang sepatutnya dikhususkan bagi amalan akhirat;
8. Mempraktikkan amalan sunah seperti segera berbuka apabila masuk waktunya, berbuka dengan buah tamar (kurma) dan jika ia tiada memadailah dengan segelas air serta melambatkan makan sahur.

Nabi s.a.w. berbuka dahulu sebelum Baginda mengerjakan solat Maghrib. Sabda baginda: Umatku sentiasa berada dalam keadaan baik (berkat) selama mana mereka mempercepatkan berbuka (apabila masuk waktunya) dan melambatkan makan sahur. (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim);
9. Menyediakan makanan berbuka kepada orang yang berpuasa sekalipun dengan beberapa biji tamar atau segelas air. Sabda baginda s.a.w.: Sesiapa yang menyediakan makanan berbuka bagi orang yang berpuasa baginya ganjaran seumpama pahala orang yang berpuasa tanpa mengurangi sedikitpun pahalanya (orang yang berpuasa). (Riwayat al-Baihaqi dan Ibnu Khuzaimah)
10. Memenuhi malamnya dengan amalan sunat seperti solat terawih, witir dan sebagainya.

Adalah dinasihatkan kepada para imam supaya tidak mempercepatkan solat terawihnya seperti mana amalan kebiasaan di masjid dan surau.
Perbuatan tersebut menjejaskan mutu ibadat solat tersebut kerana meninggalkan ‘wajib-wajib' solat seperti meninggalkan tomakninah semasa rukuk dan sujud, mencacatkan bacaan al-Fatihah sebagaimana sepatutnya lantaran ingin kecepatan dalam mengejar waktu sehingga menyebabkan makmum di belakang tertinggal rukun-rukun penting dalam solatnya. Amalan terawih seperti itu adalah tidak sempurna dan berkurangan pahalanya.
Oleh itu berwaspadalah terhadap cara demikian dengan kembali mengamalkan ibadah solat seperti waktu-waktu lain, menyempurnakan kiam, bacaan al-Fatihah, rukuk, sujud, khusyuk, hadir hati dan semua peradaban solat dan rukunnya.
Bagi makmum pula disyorkan supaya sentiasa bersama imamnya sepanjang solat terawih itu sehinggalah selesai sama ada 20 rakaat ataupun lapan rakaat. Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w., Apabila seseorang menunaikan solat bersama imamnya sehinggalah imam itu (selesai dan) beredar, dikirakan untuknya (makmum) pahala kiam semalaman. (Riwayat an-Nasaei)