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La Mer

This song has been stuck in my head for days, and thus is the inspiration for this latest drawing.I will most likely include it in my Sketchbook.

I believe

Well, Mulder would certainly be pleased with this news.  An alien planet, which has been observed for the last 11 years, has been deemed habitable.  Apparently there are close to 500 alien planets that have been found and are currently under investigation to see if, someday, people could live there.  This is simply fantastic.  If there's 500, there has to be more, right?  And, are there actual aliens living on these alien planets?  Or are they sitting vacant with for sale signs on them?  I'd like my own planet, please.  I'd like to be able to live on my own alien planet with all the people I love most and just create our own society and live by our own rules.  A planet where there's a river of red wine, trees filled with cucumbers and doritos, and it's fall for nine months straight.  Yeah, I really like the sound of that.     

Stonehenge skeleton

A wealthy young teenager buried near Britain's mysterious Stonehenge monument came from the Mediterranean hundreds of miles away, scientists said Wednesday, proof of the site's importance as a travel destination in prehistoric times.

The teen — dubbed "The Boy with the Amber Necklace" because he was unearthed with a cluster of amber beads around his neck — is one of several sets of foreign remains found around the ancient ring of imposing stones, whose exact purpose remains unknown.

The British Geological Survey's Jane Evans said that the find, radiocarbon dated to 1,550 B.C., "highlights the diversity of people who came to Stonehenge from across Europe," a statement backed by Bournemouth University's Timothy Darvill, a Stonehenge scholar uninvolved with the discovery.

"The find adds considerable weight to the idea that people traveled long distances to visit Stonehenge, which must therefore have had a big reputation as a cult center," Darvill said in an e-mail Wednesday. "Long distance travel was certainly more common at this time than we generally think."

The skeleton, thought to be that of a 14- or 15-year-old, was unearthed about two miles (3 kilometers) southeast of Stonehenge, in southern England.

Clues to the adolescent's foreign origins could be found in the necklace, which isn't a recognized British type. But he was traced to the area around the Mediterranean Sea by a technique known as isotope analysis, which in this case measured the ratio of strontium and oxygen isotopes in his tooth enamel.

Different regions have different mixes of elements in their drinking water, for example, and some of those are absorbed into a person's tooth enamel as he or she grows up. Analysis of the isotopes of oxygen and strontium carried in the enamel can give scientists a good but rather general idea of where a person was raised.

The teen, whose necklace suggests he came from a rich family, is one of several long-distance travelers found near Stonehenge. The "Amesbury Archer," so-called because of the stone arrowheads he was found with, was buried three miles (5 kilometers) from Stonehenge but is thought to have come from the Alpine foothills of central Europe. The "Boscombe Bowmen," also found nearby, are thought to have come from Wales or possibly Brittany.

It isn't clear precisely what drew these people to Stonehenge, a site which has existed in various forms for some 5,000 years. It clearly had an important ceremonial function, and the area around it is dotted with the remains of prehistoric monuments and tombs. Some say it was at the center of a sun-worshipping culture or that it served as a kind of astronomical calendar.

Others, like Darvill, also say it might have been an important healing site, drawing pilgrims from across Europe like a prehistoric version of Lourdes.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beyonce at Jay-Z's Mum House..dancing in the street

I kinda like this

EMP Attack and Solar Storms

How much do we need to worry?

So, do we really need to worry about a huge solar storm burning out the electrical systems of half the world in 2013? Masochists that we are here at the Telegraph, we love to shoot down our own stories, and I was cracking my knuckles for this one. It’s got all the ingredients – white-coated authority, grave warnings of impending doom, exciting sciencey nuclear nemesis in space. NASA! Solar flares! Planes falling out of the sky! Etc.

But I read the piece, and spoke to the reporter, and – while always remembering that I am no more an astrophysicist than I am a black belt in tae kwon do – it sounded pretty solid. Dr Richard Fisher, the director of Nasa’s Heliophysics division, is very clear in the quotes, and our reporter, Andrew Hough, was very careful to check his facts with Dr Fisher before publishing. It sounds like a lot of serious people think that this is a real danger.

Apparently the concern is in 2013, the sun will reach a stage of its cycle when these large events are more likely. This might strike you as a bit strange, as you’ve probably heard (as have I) that the sun has been especially active for the last half-century or so and is expected to die down in the next couple of years – I spoke to Marcus Chown, the physicist and author of We Need to Talk about Kelvin, who said “Solar activity has been abnormally high for the past 50 years, but the extremely feeble start to the latest 11-year cycle suggests this activity is coming to an end and things are going to be quiet on the Sun for quite a few years.” Dr Ruth Bamford, a plasma physicist at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, agrees: “The sun has been particularly quiet for the last few years in a protracted solar minimum. It has just woken up, as it were, and started its usual 11-year cycle a bit later than most.”

So what’s going on? Well, something similar has happened before. In 1859 a huge solar storm burned out telegraph wires across Europe and the United States. Dr Stuart Clark has written a book, The Sun Kings, about when that happened. He says that the “Carrington flare”, as it was known, “smothered two-thirds of the Earth’s skies in a blood-red aurora a night later, and crippled all of global navigation and global communication, such as it was at that time. Compasses span uselessly and the telegraph network went down as phantom electricity surged through the wire.”

The sun had indeed been running at a record high for the latter half of the 20th century, and has now died down to its lowest level for a century. But Dr Clark warns that “average levels of solar activity has fallen does not mean that the Sun is immune from large flares or even giant ones. Low average levels of activity may even promote the giant flares.

“Perhaps like earthquakes, when there are constant flares/tremors the energy is dissipated evenly over long periods of time. But in periods of quiet, that energy can build up and then suddenly be released in a giant event. This remains speculation, however.”

2013 is when the next peak in the sun’s cycle of activity is expected, and while we cannot predict individual flares, Dr Clark says that the largest flares are often shortly after the peak.

Of course, if a proper “Carrington event” happens again, it has the potential to be far more problematic now than in 1859 when electric communication was barely in its infancy. Dr Clark says “There is absolutely no reason to believe that we are heading for solar armageddon in 2013, but sooner or later we should expect there to be another Carrington event and that is what these scientists [at NASA] are trying to prevent. Legislation in the US has just passed Congress to help harden the grid against solar flares.”

So – it’s a real thing, and we should be concerned. But preventive measures can be taken – satellites can be sent offline during big flares, power grids and communication networks can be shielded against electromagnetic radiation and so on. As Dr Bamford says: “The extreme events like the 1859 Carrington Event are 1-in-100-year probabilities, about the same probability as a storm of the level of Katrina hitting New Orleans – and New Orleans did not build their defences to withstand the extreme-but-unlikely magnitude. 100 years isn’t that long.

“But the end of the world it is not. Maybe as disruptive as an ash cloud, but not as protracted I’m sure.” She gives examples of precautions, like a GPS backup system called eLoran, or active mini-magnetosphere shielding for astronauts and satellites that her team have designed.

Of course, if those precautions are taken, and actually work, and no damage is done, then everyone will cry that it was all a big fuss over nothing, like they always do. So the scientists can’t win, really. But that’s just how it is.


A Guide

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), is generated from the detonation of a nuclear device. A similar waveform is created by extreme solar activity, such as that which was experienced in 1859, 1921, 1989 and as recent as 1994. The US Government and military have studied these phenomenon extensively and several reports have been issued regarding EMP effects on vehicles, computer networks, critical infrastructure and more. In this report, we'll briefly cover many of the topics discussed and researched in regards to geomagnetic anomalies, solar storm activity and the effects of an electromagnetic pulse. It should be noted, however, that Congress has largely ignored the EMP Commission's warnings and our hospitals and critical infrastructure remain highly vulnerable.

In the late summer of 1859, a great solar storm hit the planet. This storm was the product of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. While the science and physics behind these coronal ejections is interesting, it can also be long winded for some readers so I'll keep this brief.

Once in a while - exactly when scientists still cannot predict - an event occurs on the surface of the Sun that releases a tremendous amount of energy in the form of a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection, an explosive burst of very hot, electrified gases with a mass that can surpass that of Mount Everest. I encourage you to research this more if you would like a deeper understanding of the charged plasma that is ejected from the Sun's surface occasionally.

What you need to realize is that these solar storms are not only electrically and magnetically charged, but they bring radiation – across the spectrum, from microwave radiation to gamma rays.

On September 1st and 2nd, 1859, Earth's inhabitants experienced the greatest solar storm in recorded history. "The grid" was in it's infancy, consisting mainly of a few telegraph wires, mostly in larger cities. This storm short-circuited the wires and caused massive fires. The typical light show in the far north, known as the Aurora Borealis, was seen as far south as Cuba, Rome and Hawaii. Due to society's light dependence on any form of an electrical grid at the time, this did not disrupt the world substantially.

In 1989 and 1994, minor solar storms knocked out communication satellites, shut down power plants and disrupted the electrical grid. These were minor solar flares. Imagine if a solar storm the size of 1859's struck our modern society? Delicate wires run everywhere nowadays. Filaments, computer chips, hard drives, cell phones and electrical lines that stretch thousands of miles. Have you stopped to think about your vehicle's computer system? The details might surprise you. We'll get to that in a minute, but first, let's talk briefly about a man-made version of the Perfect Solar Storm – the nuclear EMP event.

Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

According to the 2004 Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States of EMP Attack (Executive Report), “Several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP). A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high level of sophistication.”

It goes on to briefly address the effects, “EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences. EMP will cover the wide geographic region within line of sight to the nuclear weapon. It has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of US society...” The Commission's chairman has testified that within one year of such an attack, 70% - 90% of Americans would be dead from such causes as disease and violence. It is also highly plausible that many Americans would die of starvation due to the interruption of the national food supply.

According to the Washington Department of Health, Office of Radiation Protection, “A 1.4 Megaton bomb launched about 250 miles above Kansas would destroy most of the electronics that were not protected in the entire Continental United States.”

So, as you can see, both a massive solar storm and an EMP event could quite possibly end civilization as we know it. I know that sounds drastic, but in the United States and other technologically advanced countries, how would the mass population handle a prolonged event with very little or quite possibly, no electricity? As the Commission noted, our society is utterly dependent on our electrical grid for everything.

Trucking and transportation

Gas stations and refineries

Information and communications

Commercial production of food and goods

Water purification and delivery

Most of our military capability

These are only a handful of things that we take for granted because they are always there. If the gas stations were out of order, and no refineries able to produce more fuel, can you imagine how quickly our “civilized society” would break down? With that event alone, grocery store shelves become empty within a matter of days and farmers can't transport any goods. If you were not aware, grocery stores do not stock much extra produce or food “in the back of the store.” In order to maintain a high profit margin, stores maintain only a few days worth of staples until another shipment arrives. This not only conserves space, but allows for them to keep their overhead lower, among other things.

Once the gas stops flowing and the shelves are wiped clean, how long will your neighbor remain civil?

Several tests and scenarios have shown that cell phones will be one of the first tell-tale signs of an electromagnetic event because of the enormous percentage of the population carrying one. If the power grid were to simply go down, this wouldn't effect your cell phone. Depending on your location, your local cell towers probably have back-up power systems, as well. The cell towers, backup power and your cell phone will all be disabled after an electromagnetic event, offering you a clue as to what has just happened.

The Commission went on to assess just how our society would be impacted from an EMP event, including how well cars and trucks can handle the burst of electromagnetic waves.

The Automobile and Trucking Infrastructures

[brief excerpt from the Commission's 2008 report]

"Over the past century, our society and economy have developed in tandem with the automobile and trucking industries. As a consequence, we have become highly dependent on these infrastructures for maintaining our way of life.

Our land-use patterns, in particular, have been enabled by the automobile and trucking infrastructures. Distances between suburban housing developments, shopping centers, schools, and employment centers enforce a high dependence on the automobile. Suburbanites need their cars to get food from the grocery store, go to work, shop, obtain medical care, and myriad other activities of daily life. Rural Americans are just as dependent on automobiles, if not more so. Their needs are similar to those of suburbanites, and travel distances are greater. To the extent that city dwellers rely on available mass transit, they are less dependent on personal automobiles. But mass transit has been largely supplanted by automobiles, except in a few of our largest cities.

As much as automobiles are important to maintaining our way of life, our very lives are dependent on the trucking industry. The heavy concentration of our population in urban and suburban areas has been enabled by the ability to continuously supply food from farms and processing centers far removed. As we noted above, cities typically have a food supply of only several days available on grocery shelves for their customers.

Replenishment of that food supply depends on a continuous flow of trucks from food processing centers to food distribution centers to warehouses and to grocery stores and restaurants. If urban food supply flow is substantially interrupted for an extended period of time, hunger and mass evacuation, even starvation and anarchy, could result.

Trucks also deliver other essentials. Fuel delivered to metropolitan areas through pipelines is not accessible to the public until it is distributed by tanker trucks to gas stations.

Garbage removal, utility repair operations, fire equipment, and numerous other services are delivered using specially outfitted trucks. Nearly 80 percent of all manufactured goods at some point in the chain from manufacturer to consumer are transported by truck.

The consequences of an EMP attack on the automobile and trucking infrastructures would differ for the first day or so and in the longer term. An EMP attack will certainly immediately disable a portion of the 130 million cars and 90 million trucks in operation in the United States. Vehicles disabled while operating on the road can be expected to cause accidents. With modern traffic patterns, even a very small number of disabled vehicles or accidents can cause debilitating traffic jams. Moreover, failure of electronically based traffic control signals will exacerbate traffic congestion in metropolitan areas.

In the aftermath of an EMP attack that occurs during working hours, with a large number of people taking to the road at the same time to try to get home, we can expect extreme traffic congestion."

EMP Vulnerability of the Automobile and Trucking Infrastructures

The Commission tested the EMP susceptibility of traffic light controllers, automobiles and trucks.

The summary of the tests conclude that traffic light controllers will begin to malfunction following exposure to EMP fields as low as a few kV/m, thereby causing traffic congestion.

For automobiles, approximately 10% of the vehicles on the road will stop, at least temporarily, thereby possibly triggering accidents, as well as congestion, at field levels above 25 kV/m. For vehicles that were turned off during the testing, none suffered serious effects and were able to be started.

Of the trucks that were not running during EMP exposure, none were subsequently affected during the test. Thirteen of the 18 trucks exhibited a response while running. Most seriously, three of the truck motors stopped. Two could be restarted immediately, but one required towing to a garage for repair. The other 10 trucks that responded exhibited relatively minor temporary responses that did not require driver intervention to correct. Five of the 18 trucks tested did not exhibit any anomalous response up to field strengths of approximately 50 kV/m.

In regards to the airline industry, “Although commercial aircraft have proven EM protection against naturally occurring EM environments [such as lightning], we cannot confirm safety of flight following [severe or hostile] EMP exposure. Moreover, if the complex air traffic control system is damaged by EMP, restoration of full services could take months or longer.”

In conclusion, you have a very good chance that should an EMP or severe solar storm occur while you are driving home from work, you will be able to make it home as long as you are careful to avoid collisions. Once home, however, is an entirely different story!

There will be no more fuel available. There will be no more food and water for purchase. There will be no more iPhone or internet. And if you do find these things, what will be the price? Your dollars will very likely mean nothing to anyone with common sense. The art of bartering will very quickly take on a new importance for your own survival.

If this event were to occur, you could count on a very prolonged period of great civil unrest, riots, theft and wide spread violence. Repairs will be very slow and new parts for the large generators and power plants will likely have to be manufactured overseas and delivered to the United States. Furthermore, these foreign factories would have to retool their machines to create the specific part that we need if they are not already our supplier. And that is if the other industrialized nations aren't effected, as well.

As for the military and police, you can expect high numbers of deserters, placing an even greater strain on the limited resources of government order. This is not meant as an insult to our uniformed personnel, but from my personal experience of being a New Orleans police officer before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, I witnessed 1/5 of the police department simply walk away the first day. Some chose to leave for family reasons while others left due to stress. I also saw how quickly those we entrust with public safety can become an armed street gang and simply take what you have at gun point. These are all valid topics to consider when speaking about an event such as an EMP or severe solar storm. These are valid points even when the disaster is very localized, such as Hurricane Katrina was.

If you would like to learn more details about the actual tests, continue reading below.

Traffic Lights

In testing the traffic lights, the Commission used the 170E controller which is in use in 80% of all signal intersections. They noted four different types of effects, depending on the power level of the electromagnetic pulse.

The following effects were observed:

1. Forced Cycle: At field levels of 1 to 5 kV/m, the light was forced to cycle from green to red without going through yellow. This is a transient effect that recovers automatically after one cycle.

2. Disrupted Cycle: At field levels of 5 to 10 kV/m, the normally programmed cycle times became corrupted and change to a cycle different from that originally programmed. The controller had either been damaged or needed to be manually reset.

3. No Cycle: At 10 to 15 kV/m, the side street lights at an intersection never turned green. The controller had been damaged.

4. Flash Mode: Also at 10 to 15 kV/m, the intersection went into a mode in which the lights in all directions were flashing. This mode can cause large traffic jams because traffic flow is severely reduced in this situation. The controller has either been damaged or needs to be manually reset.

Based on these results, it can be anticipated that an EMP will trigger moderate to severe traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. The traffic congestion may be exacerbated by the panic reactions possibly attendant to an EMP attack. None of the data predict or suggest life threatening conditions; conflicting green lights did not occur during the tests. All the observed effects would cause less traffic disruption than would a power outage, which results in no working traffic lights.


The potential EMP vulnerability of automobiles derives from the use of built-in electronics that support multiple functions within the vehicle.

With more than 100 microprocessors in modern vehicles, one might think that leaves newer cars more susceptible to being disrupted by an EMP, but due to higher standards in electromagnetic compatibility, this weakness has been mitigated.

The Commission tested a sample of 37 cars in an EMP simulation laboratory, with vehicle years ranging from 1986 through 2002. Automobiles of these vintages include extensive electronics and represent a significant portion of the vehicles on the road today.

Automobiles were subjected to EMP environments under both engine turned off and engine turned on conditions. No effects were subsequently observed in those automobiles that were not turned on during EMP exposure. The most serious effect observed on running automobiles was that the motors in three cars stopped at field strengths of approximately 30 kV/m or above. In an actual EMP exposure, these vehicles would glide to a stop and require the driver to restart them. Electronics in the dashboard of one automobile were damaged and required repair. Other effects were relatively minor. Twenty-five automobiles exhibited malfunctions that could be considered only a nuisance (e.g., blinking dashboard lights) and did not require driver intervention to correct. Eight of the 37 cars tested did not exhibit any anomalous response.

Based on these test results, the Commission expects few automobile effects at EMP field levels below 25 kV/m. Approximately 10 percent or more of the automobiles exposed to higher field levels may experience serious EMP effects, including engine stall, that require driver intervention to correct.


As is the case for automobiles, the potential EMP vulnerability of trucks derives from the trend toward increasing use of electronics. The Commission assessed the EMP vulnerability of trucks using an approach identical to that used for automobiles. Eighteen running and non-running trucks were exposed to simulated EMP in a laboratory. The intensity of the EMP fields was increased until either anomalous response was observed or simulator limits were reached. The trucks ranged from gasoline-powered pickup trucks to large diesel- powered tractors. Truck vintages ranged from 1991 to 2003.

Of the trucks that were not running during EMP exposure, none were subsequently affected during the test. Thirteen of the 18 trucks exhibited a response while running. Most seriously, three of the truck motors stopped. Two could be restarted immediately, but one required towing to a garage for repair. The other 10 trucks that responded exhibited relatively minor temporary responses that did not require driver intervention to correct. Five of the 18 trucks tested did not exhibit any anomalous response up to field strengths of approximately 50 kV/m.


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The Ship

Somewhere beneath the sea the fish are singing...

Relax / Santai...

1. Cium Isteri

Pada suatu pagi, bertanya si isteri pada si suami:
Isteri : Abang tengok jiran kita yg baru pindah tu?
Suami : Kenapa?
Isteri : Tiap pagi sebelum pergi kerja, suami dia akan cium isterinya. Bila pulang
kerja, dia akan berikan isterinya sekuntum bunga mawar… Loving betullah
mereka. Kenapa abang tak buat macam tu?

Suami : Nak mampus!… Mana abang kenal isteri dia?!

2. Bunuh Setan

Suatu petang selepas pulang dari kuliah agama di surau si isteri menceritakan apa yang didengarnya dalam kuliah tersebut kepada suaminya.

“Abang, abang nak tau tak, ustaz kata bila suami dan isteri itu bersatu/bersetubuh kan bang, dengan cara yang betul dan menjaga syarat yang betul maka pasangan tersebut akan mendapat pahala sama seperti membunuh 10 ekor atau beberapa ekor syaitan”

Kata si suami “yerr kerr?, tak apa malam ni malam Jumaat, masa yang sesuai untuk bunuh syaitan kan , betul tak sayanggg?” sambil ketawa. Isteri hanya tersenyum panjang.

Selang dua hari kemudian, si isteri berkata “banggg, jom kita bunuh syaitan bang”. Si suami tersenyum panjang.

Selang dua hari kemudian, si isteri berkata, “banggg, jom kita bunuh syaitan bang”. Suami berkata “‘takpe…tunggulah malam”.

Esoknya si isteri berkata, “banggg, jom kita bunuh syaitan…bang”. Si suami diam sambil mengangguk lemah.

Esoknya si isteri berkata lagi, “banggg, jom kita bunuh syaitan… “, suami tiba – tiba marah dan berkata ……..“Ayang nie nak bunuh syaitan ke atau nak bunuh abang?!”

3. Belajar bahasa English

Seorang gadis yang Bahasa Ingerisnya kacau-bilau… suatu hari terlanggar seorang pelancong US ketika berjalan2 di The mall.

Gadis : I’m sorry.

Pelancong : I’m sorry, too

Si gadis kelihatan bingung kerana tidak faham apa yang diperkatakan oleh pelancong itu.. dia meneka2 dan terus menjawab…

Gadis : I’m sorry, three

Pelancong : What are you sorry for??

Gadis : I’m sorry, five!

4. Kek Hari jadi

Seorang lelaki telah pergi ke sebuah kedai kek untuk memesan sebiji kek sempena hari jadi isterinya. “Apa yang hendak ditulis pada kek ulang tahun ini, encik?”, tanya si gadis manis yang bertugas di kaunter kepada lelaki itu.

“Mmmm, tulis saja…”Sayang tidak bertambah tua” di bahagian atas, kemudian sambung dengan “Sayang cuma bertambah cantik” di bahagian bawah”, kata lelaki itu.

Esoknya, lelaki itu datang mengambil kek yang ditempahnya itu dan terus membawa pulang ke rumah untuk dipersembahkan kepada isterinya yang tersayang di hadapan tetamu-tetamu yang lain. Dan ketika kek itu dibuka di depan isteri dan tetamu undangan yang lain, lelaki itu setengah pengsan ketika membaca tulisan yang tertera di kek itu….


Hohoho!! Enjoy!~!!

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The Sketchbook Project

So there's this thing called the Sketchbook Project.It's sponsored by Art House Co-op. They have all these lovely little projects that are designed to get art to the masses and to provide a sort of gallery for anyone who fancies themselves to be an artist. They believe anyone can create art.Art House hosts a number of projects at any given time. I had been seeing buttons for the Sketchbook

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This one was done "just because". I suspect he is a not-so-distant cousin of Winston's.

Why we shouldn't fear Pastor Terry Jones and his intimidations!!

Note: This article was written before 9/11/2010.

Say: "If both humanity and jinn banded together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could never produce anything like it, even if they backed each other up." [The Quran, 17: 88]

A few days ago, I was watching the news when I saw a report about Pastor Terry Jones who is planning to burn the Qur'an on 9/11. At first, I got really sad and upset and I wanted to cry at the thought that the beautiful words of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala were going to be burnt. I wonder if Terry Jones ever read the Qur'an, and if he did, wasn't he at least touched by its beauty? The more I watched the report, the more disturbing it became. I found myself helpless in front of such a blatant insult and offense towards the Qur'an and the Muslims. But then, I got an epiphany.

This man could not burn the Qur'an. He can burn pieces of paper on which the

Qur'an is printed, but he certainly can not burn the Qur'an. Because the Quran is preserved in al-lawh al-mahfuz (The Preserved Tablet):

21. Nay; but this is a glorious Qur'an,

22. Inscribed on a well-guarded Tablet. [From Surah 85 of the Quran]

We have sent down the Reminder, and We will preserve it. [The Quran, 15: 9]

This is the promise from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Even if the whole world came together to corrupt it or destroy it, they wouldn't be able to. Let's rejoice brothers and sisters, man can not destroy the Qur'an. If we trust in Allah, which we should as Muslims, then there is nothing to worry about.

The Qur'an further states that:

It is nothing less than a message to all nations. [68:52]

Therefore, regardless of our attachment to this book, it doesn't belong to us. It was revealed to all of humanity, this pastor is burning his own book.

Let us then remember that the believers are those who believe in the Unseen and the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. If Allah allows this to happen, then alhamdulilah, because the words of Allah can not be extinguished by man.

And finally, the Qur’an says:

Therefore excuse them and proclaim, "Peace"; for they will soon come to know. [43:89]

Long live Islam...!!!

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LeToya new Movie: "From The Rough"

Letoya Luckett and Taraji P Henson

As we all already know LeToya has landed a role in a new film with Oscar Award nominated actress Taraji P. Henson. It was also revealed a Harry Potter cast member was part of the adventure. We now know that it is Tom Felton. He will be portraying her boyfriend in the film.

It has been reported that Henson and Felton recently signed on for the film, From The Rough. An official announcement has yet to be made.

The Writer of the movie is Mike Critelli and the director is Pierre Bagley. The film is classified in the drama category and is scheduled for a 2011 release.

The story is inspired by the real-life story of Dr. Catana Sparks, the gold coach at Tennessee State University who was the first female head coach of an NCAA Divison I men’s team. Felton, who is best known to audiences as Harry Potter’s nemesis Draco Malfoy, will play a British recruit named Edward (insert Twilight-related pun here). No word yet on what role Chon will play in the film. The film also stars Ving Rhames, and Taraji P. Henson will play the character on who the movie is based. Filming is scheduled to begin in New Orleans in October.

Michelle shops in River Island

Did you know  that all three DC members, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle shop in River Island when they are in the UK? Its ok..but it aint all that. They must be getting paid to promote this shizzz

Look at the scandalously promote this rubbish outlet.

LISTEN: Kelly Rowland - Wonderful Christmastime

What do you think? I like it.

THROWBACK: Destiny's Child first movie role - Beverly Hood

Aww look at their pre nose jobs

Beyonce endorses Temporary Tatts

Hence the House of Dereon pics. YAWN!

Turns out Beyoncé's generosity knows no bounds. Her and her mum (who also happens to be her business partner) got to chatting and realised that the temporary tattoos she wore for the Fall 2010 House of Deréon campaign caused quite a stir. The "tough edginess" of the biker-chick ad was helped along by Temptu who created the custom body art that B wore. And props to the superstar for feeling us mere mortals' pain when we spy something on an A-lister and then struggle to ever get our hands on it. Beyoncé didn't want to leave her fans out in the cold so she's teaming up with Temptu to replicate the body art transfers which will hit Sephora shelves on November 1. Aussie fans needn't despair — the tattoos will also be sold online via Deréon, who ship to Australia. You can even reserve a limited edition deluxe kit now, which as well as featuring the tattoo designs, also lets you go in the draw for the chance to win a trip to NYC and have a photoshoot with Beyoncé. Failing that, you can just snap up a standard kit (approx $17) in a coupla months. Whaddya reck? Are you interested in purchasing them?

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New Beyonce single coming in 3 weeks!!!!

Producer Los Da Mystro took to his twitter to write the following:

Listening to New B record Dream wrote...FUcKINg INSANE! WOw!! She About to Kill the game again! Had to Listen again!! Yall C in 3 weeks! Ladies Yall got anuther anthem

I personally heard through the grapevine of a new single called Resusitate but I dont think this is the song Los Da Mystro is talking about. Either way, a have excitement in my belly but I still think the world needs a break from Beyonce. Too Soon IMO

Neyo has also confirmed that Beyonce has a new agenda with this album. Wonder what Era we stepping into next

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For Illustration Friday.

What do you think is going on here?

Jon Hamm looks incredibly confused.  Maybe the lovely Blake Lively opened her mouth to ask him what he thought of her dress, and instead of her beautiful, curvaceous voice, she burped really loud.  And maybe he was at first disgusted, but then grew confused because she just kep burping this one really long burp and after a little while, he was disturbed because even her burping gave him a teeny little bit of wood.  Yup, he totally went from six to eight.

[Image via Splash News]

Yo! Hey! Ciao! Aloha! Peace!

Hi, I'm Sharon!  Greetings!  I'm so happy that you stopped by!  I've decided to break out my old leather pants, which, ahem, I wore when I was 11!  Take that, Janice Dickinson!  Also, I ran into Julia Louis Dreyfus last night and she was gushing about how I should try and bring back the hair boof her character Elaine wore on Seinfeld and I agreed with her that if anyone could do it, it's this girl!  The other thing I agreed to bring back?  The puffy shirt.  Yup, I want to be a pirate!  And I think I'm totally pulling it off.  Wait, hey, Richard! Hey, Richard Gere!!!  Over here!!!!  Ugh, he's such a snob.  Oh my God, there's Madonna!  MADONNA!!!!!!!  Wow, maybe I need to walk over there a little more because I don't think anyone can hear me.  Wait, I can't remember why I'm here.  What event is this??  Shit, where's my purse?  Excuse me, sir?  What event is this??  What?  Turn around/?  What?  Ohhhhh, *snickers* he must want to see how hot my ass looks in these pants.  Okay, yeah, I'll turn around....oops, what's that on the ground?   

[Image via Splash News]     

Somebody thinks they look awesome

This outfit is awful.  I hate when women try to do the messy version of the male suit and put something like this together.  And what is Tom Cruise's son Connor doing with her??

[Image via Splash News]

I'm watching you

I don't get what all the fuss is about over Kelly Brook. I mean, this picture certainly shows that she has boobs, although it could be because her top is at least a size too small.  But, I'm not sure I get what's happening with her face.  Is she supposed to be pretty?  Her lipstick is the only feminine thing on her face (however, she should learn how to apply said lipstick).  And what is that thing on her upper lip?  Do you see it?  It's not a shadow, that's for sure.  Geesh, she's wearing that thing on the runway??  Well, yes, the outfit is hideous (eyes AND flowers??), but the moustache is so not in style this season.  She needs to do her homework. 

[Image via Splash News]

The Reason Why "Put It In A Love Song" Aint Coming Out

Well I have been digging around finding out as much information as I can relating to a post I made a few days ago.

This is the info I was sent:

"Alicia's people didnt have 100% belief in the song, Alicia was pushing it more and she wanted Beyonce to be apart of it. Alicia's people still refused, main reason being they thought that it was more of a Beyonce ft Alicia, rather than Alicia being a dominant artist on the track. Basically, next to Beyonce, Alicia was over shadowed. So they canned "Put It In A Love Song" and opted for "Unthinkable" instead. They thought the fans would react better to "Unthinkable" but personally, I think it was a stupid move. "Put It In A Love Song" would have been a huge summer smash and Alicia knows it"

Update from my girl Necole Bitchie who emailed me a short while ago regarding this story:

Swizz Beatz is acting as manager of Alicia Keys so:

According to another source, Alicia Keys also axed her entire glam squad. “Swizz Beatz is trying to remove anyone from the team that appears to be a threat because of his own insecurities” says the source.

The source also reveals that no one approved of Alicia’s relationship with Swizz Beatz because of the drama and baggage that revolve around the relationship. “Some are questioning his motives“. Case in point, Swizz Beatz pushed for the release of “Put It In A Love Song” featuring Beyonce even though the song received mediocre reviews. He not only produced the song but he co-directed the video. As of right now, the release of the video has been put on hold and they aren’t sure what to do with the video.

Kelly Rowland: Now Thats What I Call Christmas CD

This bitch dont stop and she aint missing a tuurrrrrick!

Kelly will feature on the "NOW That's What I Call Christmas!" CD out in October 12th. Her new song with be called "Wonderful Christmastime"

The CD will feature 36 festive holiday tracks, among them 18 standards and originals from many of music's top stars.

Seriously Beyonce.... you better wake up because Kelly is coming for your crown. Maybe not with this album, but definately with the next one.

Illuminate Part 5 - Beyonce and newest recruit Lady Gaga

So its been a while since I touched on this subject and enough new confirmed information has come out of the obvious envolvment Beyonce and her clan have with the Illuminate.

If you want to read the other Illuminate Posts then just click the below:

Illuminate Part 1 - Beyonce and Jay-Z
Illuminate Part 2 - Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West
Illuminate Part 3 - Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Obama
Illuminate Part 4 - Jay-Z Mason Handshakes

Today I will be exploring the new and interesting relationship between Beyonce and Lady Gaga. They recently released two videos "Videophone" and "Telephone". Beyonce's video are full of occult symbolism relating to the Illuminate, as are Kanye, Rihanna and Jay-Z's. These artists dominate the charts and you think its a coincidence?
Lady Gaga has quickly reached global superstardom with many "monsters" following her every move. Many of you have previously asked Why would the illuminate be interested in pop stars?

Well ask yourself, what is the best way to dominate, mind control and condition young people? A large percentage of the planet listens to music..especially people like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye...
Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange single handly had politics under a spell when Obama was being offered as the new president into the white house.
It was time for a new global star that would reach everyone..along came Lady Gaga, seemingly out of nowhere. She has OVER 6,000,000 followers on Twitter, she denounces John McCain (Obama's rival) at any given opportunity, and seems to want every person in the world to have equal rights, plus she repeats over and over that she loves her "little monsters" without prejudice. An easy figure to love.... an dangerous figure to follow.
Beyonce has brought Lady Gaga to the front, since her Telephone video things seems to have shifted. Peep the video below: This is just scratching the surface

Its easy to ask why they would be so obvious with all their imagery of illuminate signs. They know we like to speculate so they play on it. Regardless, it doesnt matter.

Nelly ft Kelly - Gone

The last time Nelly and Kelly Rowland collaborated, they scored a pop smash with their 2002 hit "Dilemma," which was named one of the most popular songs of the decade by Billboard.

Now, eight years later, the duo are reuniting to give it another go, but to hear Nelly explain it, the forthcoming track "Gone" isn't a sequel to "Dilemma." Rather, the song, from Nelly's upcoming release 5.0, is an "update."

I cant frickin wait! It better not be shit

Fan literally creams himself meeting Beyonce

Check this fool out and his story... BIG SMH!
You are not dreaming.
That is the one and only, Beyoncé Knowles.

She was standing next to a nobody like me.
Well, a nobody on the way to being a somebody that is.
Here is how it happened….

I was chillin at work.
Better yet, tired at work, while browsing on the computer.
I had a toothache that kept me up until 5 that morning.
my cousin and his friends went back to Barbados and I was semi-depressed.
I had repeated something online for the 50th time and was probably on the way to repeating it for the 51st.
The elevator opened up next to me and out walks Tina Knowles.

Mrs. Knowles and I go way way back.
Well, not really… she just comes into my job to do business and since I am usually the first person she sees,
we have established a little relationship.

(Mrs. Knowles is my boo!)

She waved at me and she went her usual direction…. but she was followed by a gorgeous woman.
I only got a glimpse of her, but I knew she was pretty and she had a mean walk.

“Is that Beyoncé?” I asked myself.

They motioned for me to unlock the door and when the pretty gorgeous woman turned around…. It was indeed Beyoncé.

Beyoncé was wearing a skin tite short dress and some sexy leopard skin pumps.

I was so in shock.

Here is a woman that has been a part of my life since her days in Destiny’s Child.
I wasn’t a super fan but I owned her music, been to a concert, and watched her videos.

A gentleman was in front of me,
requesting a page from one of the employees.
The page went something like this:


Now we arent suppose to even page anyone like that,
but I was so overcome with fear,
I fucked it all up.

Quickly, someone called me from the back:

“OMG did you hear what you just said?”
“I know. Beyoncé just walked in here and I got flustered.”
“WHAT? Which room did she go in?”
“The usual.”

Here I go,
I see him walk by with two dresses.
LOL (he needed props)

So her bodyguard came off the elevator and he is one big black man.
I was NOT about to get yoked up by him.
Beyoncé and what appeared to be an assistant came out and went to the bathroom.
When she walked by,
I was just staring at her.
She gives off the aura of superstar plus she is so beautiful in person.

Her mother and a co-worker came out and were talking at the elevator and I had a few thoughts in me head:

“Justin. Beyoncé just walked in the DAMN bathroom.”
“Those heels she had on were HOT.”
“She is killing that dress.”
“You could be a pussy today or for once in your life, take a risk.”

So I choose risk.
What was the worst that could happen.

“Hi. *ahem* Hi…. Miss Knowles.” I said outloud towards Tina Knowles.
Everyone looked in my direction.
“Hi…. would it be possible if I took a picture with your daughter?”

It was silence.
Did I fuck up?
Would I be seeing the unemployment line the next day?

She came over to the desk swiftly.

“Well you gotta ask Beyoncé. Not me.”

I said a quick prayer.
I actually had to SPEAK to her.

So during the short wait,
my supervisor came back from lunch and we were all talking in the lobby.
Mrs. Knowles started showing us pictures of her youth and a picture were she looks like Solange.
She was very pretty when she was younger.

Beyoncé emerged from the bathroom.
She had on a grey shirt, nice form fitting blue jeans, and the same leopard skin pumps.
Mrs. Knowles looked at me and I looked at her.

“Beyoncé….” She asked.
“Huh?” Beyoncé asked, turning around.
“This gentleman would like to ask you something.”

So it was all eyea and ears on me at that point.
So I took my moment.

“Wassup Beyoncé? would it be an inconvenience if I took a picture with you?”

You know I had to keep it professional.

“Sure that would be no problem.” She smiled at me.

I got up and she wanted to take the shot on her good side.
I mean, all sides were his good sides.
I asked Mrs. Knowles if she wanted to be in it, but she declined.
I would have loved that, to be honest.
I gave my camera to my coworker and he snapped the shot.
Went a little something like this:

and BOOM.
It was done.

Don’t we look fly like?

“Thank you so much. It is nice meeting you.” I said, extending my hand.
“Awww no problem and it is a pleasure meeting you too. “

She was looking at me in my eyes as she shook my hands.
Nice soft hands and she smelled so good.
She got into the elevator and that was it.

My day went from bad to better in one hour.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caffeine will make you kill people

So, for the past year I've been battling the caffeine demon.  I quit coffee cold turkey back in 2005 and didn't even miss it, but when I started drinking Red Bull (sugar free) a couple of years ago, I got so hooked that I would practically burst into tears at the thought of not drinking one every afternoon.  Then, I started drinking two a day and that was when I realized something had to give.  So, I quit cold turkey January 1st 2010.  And I missed it.  However, I got back into the swing of drinking more tea and enjoyed the morning ritual of making, and savoring, a cup of tea.  Yeah, I've totally fallen off the wagon and had a few Red Bulls here and there (more so recently, but I blame that on the insomnia that has snuck up on me again), but it's nothing compared to what I was consuming each day. 

I guess it's a good thing that I'm laying off the caffeine, because who knows, I could've potentially ended up like Woody Will Smith of Kentucky.  That poor sonofabitch is claiming he killed his wife because he was so tweaked on caffeine.  The guy was drinking sodas, energy drinks, and taking diet pills all at once and apparently lost his country shit and strangled his wife.  Apparently there is a legit diagnosis for "caffeine intoxication," which includes nervousness, excitement, insomnia and possibly rambling speech.  Did you know that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines an overdose as more than 300 mg? That's about three cups of coffee.  Woody Will Smith allegedly consumed 400 mgs, but was also so sleep deprived that he apparently went into a state of psychosis. 

There appears to be some holes in his story, but his lawyer is going to play the caffeine intoxication card in court.  A legal strategy invoking caffeine intoxication is unusual but has succeeded at least once before, in a case involving a man cleared in 2009 of charges of running down and injuring two people with a car in Washington state.

SMH! Beyonce related to the Queen

You know this is some weird ass ploy from Mathew Knowles..... WTF. Peep the family tree above.

Beyonce is said to be the 14th Cousin once removed from the Queen Of England.

Beyonce wishes she had blue blood. Mathew Knowles probably plotting the demise of the whole Royal Family right now just so he can get his daughter claim to the throne

VID: Kelly and LeToya do Brandi interview

I have a feeling these two will be dueting at some point..maybe with Michelle? Kick Beyonce out of Destinys Child LOL

EXCLUSIVE: WTF! Kelly DUMPS 2nd Manager!!!!!!!!

As you all know, the gorgeous Kelly Rowland decided to stand on her own two feet recently and fired long time manager Mathew Knowles, we all breathed a sigh of relief!!! Months of speculation had us guessing who Kelly would take on as her new manager, Jeff Rabhan stepped up to the job. However, on Twitter recently Jeff confirmed that he was no longer working with Kelly and had not done so for some time!
So who is managing Kelly right now? There is no way she is doing this herself considering the extensive promotion trail she is currently on. She has just released two music videos in succession. WTF is going on?!?!?!?
DAMN!! Kelly aint taking NO prisoners this time around. Im scared of Kelly.

Update: "Apparently, it's the same management team...just a different manager. I knew about this a while ago. It's not as big as it's being made out to be. What's more, the change-over happened way BEFORE the US singles fiasco...before 'Commander' actually. That much I know as fact."

Thanks Sam @ ThatGrapeJuice  

Oh lawd! Mathew Knowles to become a lecturer on Ent Bus

O... EEEEM.... GEEE! Can this fool not just disappear from our world...

BEYONCE's manager/father MATHEW KNOWLES is heading back to school to teach undergraduate students all about life in the entertainment industry.

The mogul, who guided Destiny's Child to chart success and his eldest daughter to solo superstardom, took on a lecturing role at the Texas Southern University School of Communication in Houston last year (09) and he will return to take charge of a weekly class this autumn (10).
He says, "Knowledge and empowerment are two of the greatest gifts one can give.

"The environment at TSU is one of dedication, to excellence and diverse opportunities for its students. I'm honoured to be back to have this opportunity to share my experiences."

Knowles earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1974. In 2008, he was honoured with a Doctor of Humane Letters by his alma mater.

Ok so basically this will be Mathew's lecture on how to be successful in the Entertainment Business:

1. Get a four piece group and make your daughter the star
2. Make all the other girls tan and put lots of pale make up on your daughter so she stands out

3. Hire your whole family, nephews, nieces, wife as makeup artists, PA's, tour managers. Blood is always thicker than water
4. If anyone acts up. Fire them, as long as your daughter remains who gives a shit
5. Lie, Lie and Lie again. Could be about anything... song writing abilities, producing etc etc

Care to add anymore?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where is the "Put It In A Love Song" video?

Is anyone else wondering where the Alicia Keys ft Beyonce video is? I mean seriously, they shot that video months ago and it's not like Alicia is too pregnant to promote it back in June when it was supposed to come out. She was singing her brains out and falling on stage long after it should have been released.

I smell a fish somewhere.... anyone got any info because Im just coming up against brick walls. Surely Alicia is done with her album now and moving onto the next phase? WTF is going on?

Clearing up some shit

OK people, been reading your comment and time to clear up a few things

1/ DC Rehab and I completely 100% support eachother and we are nothing but friends
2/ When I moved to the .com address it was because I thought someone was helping me out. It actually happened that they ended up stealing my site. The other writers on there were nothing to do with me and I did NOT give my permission for them.
3/ This is Soulgirl, Quiana should know this from personal stuff I have sent her. Not sure how you guys want me to prove it lol... you should know from my writing styles. If you want to ask personal questions all you have to do is email me at: No one ever could access this apart from me, and those that used to email me know this.

Glad  to see alot of you have returned. Our readership is nearly back to what is was already, which has astounded me.
Thanks for being so loyal!!!!!!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Solange to Announce Clothing Line

Ever wonder why Solo decided to denounce herself from House Of Deadwrong? Well, little Solo has been working on her own Fashion Range. When the dust settles and she thinks people have forgotten about her public rejection of HOD, she will announce her new plans.
No word yet on whether Solo will be a fully fledged designer or whether she is endorsing her name to a store like Kate Moss did.
Would you really buy her clothes? Exhibit A above.... hmm?

Oh and Solange gonna be real pissed we got this info lol... she needs to keep her insiders quieter

Jim Jonson wants to take Beyonce back to the 80s

Michelle meets Amber Rose and Jamelia

Michelle was on the Fashion Circuit this weekend and was pictured with the bald headed beast (Amber Rose) and the stunning Jamelia!

VID: Kelly Rowland - Forever and a day

Im glad Kelly attacking both markets. Seems the US is loving this as much as Europe.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: The Power Couple

Gay-Z and Beyonce have made the Guinness Book of World Records, for being the highest earning couple. Lets face it, Beyonce brought in the main portion while Jay-Z kept it pimping. Earning were $122 million! Beyonce earned $85 million of that.

You would think she could buy some decent booty pads with that money. SMH

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is Halloween

Okay, so it's a little early. But we just found out at work that we are having a costume contest on Halloween for those of us unlucky enough to be working that day.Except there's a catch: We have to dress up as a typecode.Let me 'splain.As a 911 operator in my county, I have the unfortunate job of talking to the public that calls in on 911 and figuring out what to do with them. We call this "

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kelly Rowland promoting her sorry ass...again!

Im sorry but this bitch starting to get on my god damn nerves. I loved Kelly but ever since she stepped from Mathew and dumped Beyonce, reunited with old friends etc, Im starting to think Kelly is a two faced heffa. Anyone else get that feeling? I know leaving Mathew was the best thing she could have done but suddenly seeing her bouncing with leToya, Brandy and em, leaves a funny taste in my mouth. She is ALWAYS out with eveyone BUT Beyonce and Solange, then insists there is no bad feeling between them all. Erm... ok then

Anyway... here she is once again at another event with Shontelle. Does anyone actually care where they are? Nah..didnt think so.

LeToya Hints At BIG Things Coming...REUNION???

EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce Info on new TRACK & ALBUM

Beyoncé's next album will be more of a party, uptempo record according to producer, Sam Garrett.

Garrett is working with Knowles on the follow-up LP to her hit 2009 album, I Am…Sasha Firece, with Queen B's new release expected to hit stores sometime next year.

Despite the former Destiny's Child singer's new record only being in the early stages of production, the producer revealed: "I am going in the studio with Beyoncé this week to work on her next record. I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one."

"She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely,"

As well as working with Garrett, Jay-Z other half has also recruited the help of Ne-Yo for the record.

The Beautiful Monster star recently said of the Single Ladies singer's LP: "It's coming along nicely. I can't speak too much on it, but it's another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche."

Seriously... as long as it hits next year I dont mind. DO NOT release another single this year Beyonce... FFS