Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leggings for All Ages

I've seen a lot of leggings since Christmas, which means one of two things: with Linds going into rehab, her line of leggings was deeply discounted (most likely just given away to anyone who would take a pair), or Santa had a few fabulous elves that were sick and tired of making baseball bats and barbies (I don't blame them).  I saw a woman yesterday who was probably in her 50s wearing jeggings.  It was mildly mortifying, but what was even more mortifying was the oversized Bill Cosby sweater she was sporting.  Needless to say, she did not pull off the leggings.  So, there's definitely an age limit, yeah?  A normal woman (not a celebrity) in her 30s - can she pull off leggings?  I mean, if Russell Brand can pull off leggings, I would think a 35 year old woman could pull them off.  Maybe.  Granted, not any woman with any figure can wear leggings.  I'm not trying to be at all mean, but larger women should never wear leggings.  Ever.  It's not always pretty and camel toe is never pretty.

So, can a 30 something woman pull off leggings?  Or will she look like a 20 something on her way to Starbucks for her third skinny mocha latte of the day while texting on her pink Blackberry about how Chrissy is such a slut for flirting with Tommy at the party?

[Image via Celebmo]    

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