Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rihanna's S&M Video

To be honest, when I first started watching this, I thought I was watching a spoof of her new video (especially since Perez Hilton is in it).  But, then I realized that no, this is actually her new video for her song "S&M" and well, I hate it.  It's no secret that Rihanna has claimed she's super freaky when it comes to sex and may even possibly be a sex addict, but this concept of S&M is sooooo boring.  Xtina already tried to do this recently and it did not go well.  S&M isn't thrilling anymore thanks to so many celebrities and music artists overplaying it.  It's a shame because the song itself has some potential and yeah, I'll most likely add it to my workout list and totally get after it, but the video itself is not good.

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