Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mystery Astronaut Carving

Could this be a carving from someone who’s been to the future? Could this be some bit of technology that existed back in 1100 AD? Cathedral in Spain, built by Episcope de Salamanca in 1102 A.D., there is a figure of a NASA Astronaut hides among the fascinating carvings!

In fact its non of the above: In 1992 the Cathedral Ieronimus was renovated to add some additional modern and contemporary motifs. The reason for these motifs was in the tradition of the cathedral builders and restorers, they include contemporary motifs among older ones as a way of signing their work. The builder at the time, Jeronimo Garcia, chose an astronaut as a symbol of the twentieth century. This obviously debunks any and all suspicions of someone sent from the future.

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