Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off the Beaten Path

My fiance and I are getting married this September but we're waiting until next year to embark on a honeymoon (honestly, I don't know how people plan their wedding AND their honeymoon to happen one after the other).  I've just started poking around online to plan the ideal trip and I have to say, what I originally thought would be an easy decision (um, Italy is my favorite place on Earth, so that was an obvious choice), is turning out to be rather difficult!  There are so many places that I still have yet to discover, and there are so many amazing honeymoon destitations out there - how do you choose? 

I stumbled upon a posting on Grey Likes Weddings and immediately fell in love, and not just for a honeymoon but for a typical vacation getaway.  Rent (well, more like try to find!) a vintage airstream trailer and travel around the country, stopping wherever the hell you please and doing whatever the hell you want for a few weeks.  It doesn't necessarily sound exotic, but the pictures have me wanting to book it right now.

[Images via Wendy Nordeck]

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