Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrity Commencement Speakers

Tis the season for graduations and I'm headed to #2 this weekend.  Sadly, no celebrity guest speaker is scheduled to address the crowd, but CNN just posted this year's celebrity commencement speakers and, yes, I'm jealous that I won't be seeing a couple of these...

  • Amy Poehler - Harvard University (and Amy's a BC alumni...gasp!)
  • Stephen Colbert - Northwestern University (his alma mater)
  • Denzel Washington - University of Washington...ha!  No, kidding.  He'll be speaking at U of Pennsylvania
  • Brooke Shields - Princeton (her alma mater)
  • Tom Hanks - Yale University
  • Chelsea Handler - Emory University (her two siblings attended Emory)
  • Bill Cosby - Hampton University (Mr. Cosby has done more than 30 commencement addresses!)
[Image via Own the Dollar]

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