Friday, May 20, 2011

Slim Waist Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine, commonly found on the tables of Greek, Italian and Spanish households offers a nutritiously healthy meal, at an attractive price full of energy, low in calories while light on the digestive system.

Mediterranean cuisine in addition to the fresh fish products which are usually tastier than their ocean counterparts, due in part to the saltier Mediterranean waters, consist of fresh vegetables, local cheeses and of course virgin olive oil.

Mediterranean dishes are always accompanied by wheat products, usually bread and have been proven to reduce toxins and provide an effective guard against a number of diseases.Typical Mediterranean cuisine is also excellent for weight control since the usually low fat high protein food contents (such as fresh fish, wild greens, virgin olive oil and fresh veggies) provide complete all around nourishment, satisfying the hardiest of appetites, without the equivalent cholesterol based intakes of meats and related by products.

Indeed, historic data has proven that those that traditionally adhered to Mediterranean cuisine and avoided today’s fast food based deep fried dishes, enjoyed a healthier lifestyle with less digestive system related problems; women especially enjoyed slimmer waist lines without engaging in unhealthy in time for the beach crash diets often resulting in numerous problems including anorexic behaviors and related ailments.

One of the most popular dishes, from the island of Crete –which is well known for its traditionally tasty Mediterranean approach to cooking- is a dish known as Dakos.This recipe’s ingredients can be found in most supermarkets or local grocery stores, but the reader is advised to choose products carefully and to insist on fresh products where possible since one of the powers of the Mediterranean dish, is the rich vitamin supply that is characteristic of fresh produce such as veggies, fruits, fish, olive oil and of course cheese.

Dakos is a Cretan dry and Crusty brown bread which is usually sliced in two, or cut into thick crumbs or pieces and served with the appropriate embellishments.The dish is made by first of all grating fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and Feta cheese and spreading the grated product over the Dakos break.

The topping is then garnished with oregano and capers, and olives are placed around the dish to add to the taste. Fresh olive oil is then lavishly poured over the product to enhance the dish’s taste and soften the crusty bread making it more palatable and easier to chew.Dakos is a quick, tasty and easy meal that can be prepared in under ten minutes, and that can offer a nutritious fulfilling meal anytime, anywhere.

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