Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thousands of Greeks Protest in Central Athens

Greek residents, following their Spanish counterparts, organized a protest via facebook and amassed in Central Athens today protesting the Greek government's austerity measures and the memorandum issued by the IMF (international Monetary Fund) and the European Union.

The Greek government announced on Monday the sell off of a number of public corporations including Helenic Telecom (OTE) as well as the Hellenic Post. These measures which were assembled in a haphazard manner reflected the government's reluctance to tackle the real issue beleaguering the country, that being the core public sector costs where employment is protected by the constitution.

About twenty thousand Greeks have so far assembled in central Athens outside the Hellenic Boule, or Greek parliament buildings. Similar protests are taking place in other Greek cities notably Thessaloniki Macedonia and Patra Achaia.

The protesters have maintained that the protest will be carried out in a peaceful manner, without any hidden intentions leading to violence or catering towards anarchy.

The Greek protest is an awakening to the calling of the peoples of Spain for the Greeks to wake up and take control of their destinies.


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