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WireLess TeleMedicine and Leros

Wireless Telemedicine is beginning to gain ground, and a number of mobile operators, equipped with the latest in broadband communication, are now offering this service to the elderly and general public.
What is not widely known is that the Telemedicine effort in this region, begun about 9 years ago with a presentation on the island of Leros.
The initiative was organized within the EU auspices by a certain gentleman name Lars Engval, a man of vision who was involved in the then European programs and had the very interesting idea of equipping Leros with telemedicine capabilities especially in the wintertime when the island was isolated from the Hellenic Mainland.
The seminar was very well organized and the participants included yours truly, a representative from the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization-OTE- , Dr. Cajander from Sweden who was a pioneer in the field, representatives from the local Leros hospital headed by Dr. Triandos and many other participants.
The OTE representative was sent by the then manager of broadband applications Mrs. Danelli, a result oriented executive of initiative, vision, and determination. Mrs. Danelli later started with the assistance of Sweden and the EU the driving safety program Panos Mylonas in memory of her son who was killed while driving to Patra polytechnic along the hazardous and infamous Athens – Patra “highway”.
The OTE proposal included the use of a 6 slot ISDN data connection to achieve video quality while yours truly complemented the OTE solution with a proposal for using the upcoming 3G network to achieve broadband video connectivity in areas where a wired connection was not possible.
The seminar was extremely successful and we had the pleasure of being trapped in the island for about a week since the high winds made it impossible for any planes or ships to reach the island. I say it was a pleasure because we used the time to discover the night life –there are some excellent bars and restaurants- as well as to meet with the then mayor – Mr. Adartis- and participate in an excellent dinner hosted by him.
The initial proponents of Telemedicine – Engvall, Danelli, YoursTruly, Dr. Cajander, Dr. Triandos- might be involved in other things now but mobile Telemedicine is on its was towards becoming an off the shelf service reality with today’s, and tomorrow broadband wireless networks.

Sotirios (Sotos) Hontzeas R.I.P.

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Dr. Sotirios Hontzeas (known to his friends as Sotos), Professor of Theoretical Nuclear Physics and retired University of Regina professor passed away on Sunday January the 10th 2010, in Athens, at the ripe old age of 90 years.
Dr. Hontzeas, after having earned a degree in Chemistry from the University of Athens begun his career as a wine inspector in the 50s.
After his brief engagement with the wine industry, Dr. Hontzeas considered enrolling into the Chemistry Masters program at McGill University. When the University staff noted Dr. Hontzeas’ acumen in higher mathematics (he was one of the few that achieved a perfect score) the faculty through Dr. Leo Yaffe convinced Dr. Hontzeas to abandon Chemistry and enroll into the Doctorate program of Theoretical Nuclear Physics with Dr. Yaffe as his immediate supervisor.
After earning his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from McGill, Dr. Hontzeas continued his theoretical work by first earning a postdoc from M.I.T., and then enlisting as part of the academic staff of the University of Saskatchewan-Regina, where he quickly became a permanent faculty member.
In 1982, Dr. Hontzeas was summoned by the late Prime Minister of Greece Andreas Papandreou as Special Secretary and Advisor; a position he accepted after first retiring from the University of Saskatchewan.
Dr. Hontzeas is survived by his daughter Nicole.

Goodbye Stamos Stamos, Rest In Peace (R.I.P.)

Goodbye Stamos, Rest In Peace

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Stamos Stamos

It is with sadness and dismay that we announce the passing away of our friend and collegue Stamos.
Stamos, while riding his Motorcycle in Crete, took part in an accident and experienced severe bodily injury which he did not survive.
Stamos, an engineer by trade, begun his career in telecommunications in 1990, a brilliant career that spanned over  2 decades and three continents.
Stamos decided in 2009 to leave North America and return home to Greece, relocating his family to the lovely island of Crete.
Stamos will be buried on Monday, in Kokkino Horio Crete.
Stamos is survived by his wife, his two children, a brother and a sister.
Καλό ταξίδι φίλε μας Στάμο….

ινστιτούτο οδηκής ασφάλειας Πάνος Μυλωνάς

  1. He will be missed. Our thoughts remain with Tamara, Calista and Alexander.
  2. Rest in Peace Stamos. My thoughts are with Calista and Alexander who adored their dad.
  3. Rest in Peace Stamos. You will be missed my friend. God bless your family.
  4. Rest in Peace Stamos. My deepest thoughts are with Tamara and children. God bless you!!
  5. Stamos rest in Peace, god forgive and bless your soul. Tamara, Calista and Alexander, I so sorry! dearest friend Tamara, I’m sending you all my love! And I ask God for your consolation, be strong.
  6. Terrible. RIP Stamos. Deepest thoughts to Tamara and the kids.
  7. I very much regret what happened. God will continue blessing your family and help them to find conformity in these moments that are so difficult for all of them. Tamara all my love is with you and the kids. Big hug.
  8. What unexpected news. Rest in Peace Stamos !!! My deepest condolences to Tamara, Calista, Alexander and immediate family.
  9. Stamos rest in Peace.
    Tamara, god is our refuge and strength…
  10. We are crushed by this news. Please know our harts and home are open to you Tamara.
  11. Stamos Stamos rest in peace, Tamara be strong, I know is very hard to lost a very good man. God for your consolation, be strong.
  12. Rest in peace Stamos. My heartfelt condolences to the immediate family.
  13. Stamos rest in Peace.
    Tamara my condolences and I´m for sure that God will help you and you family find conformity in this difficult moments.
  14. Rest in Peace Stamos!!! Deepest condolences to your Wife Tamara and your Kids Calista and Alexander. Goodbye My Friend.
  15. All the support for families and relates, especially to Tamara and his Kid. Stamos ever enjoy the life, Rest in Peace!
  16. Rest in Peace Stamos, My deepest condolences to Tamara, Calista, Alexander and immediate family.
  17. Rest in Peace Stamos. My condolences to Tamara and family.
  18. Tamara receive my condolences, this is a really bad notice and difficult to understand. I hope that you, your kids and your family find a conformity in these moments that are so difficult, please receive a big hug. My mind is with you in this hard moment.
    Stamos was a woderful teacher during my beginings in my carrer. Stamos rest in peace.
  19. In hard times like that, I was that it is difficult to understand that life continues but we must be strong and tackle these tough tests that puts us life, but we must be strong and continue. God take care of you and protect you and the children. A big hug
  20. Dear Thamara, may God confort your soul in company of your children Calista & Alex. Nothing can change the time, nevertheless, our prayer and consideration for the friendship from years before. God bless you hugs, Kev.
  21. This is a tragedy and we would like to express our deepest condolences to Tamara, Calista and Alexander for their loss. Nobody will ever replace him in life or in our hearts. I had the pleasure of working with Stamos many years ago, and I am deeply saddened by his passing. Rest in Peace Stamos.
  22. RIP Stamos. Our deep condolence to Tamara and children. God bless you all. If you need any help, let us know… Our prayers are with you…
  23. Restin peace Stamos. My deepest condolence to Tamara, Calista, Alexander and immediate family. My prayers is that God give you all peace in these difficult moments.
  24. We were deeply saddened to hear the news. Our sincere condolences to Tamara, Alex and Calista. Be strong guys, you all are remembered in our prayer.
    RIP Stamos!
    Alex and Calista, Jean, Jean-Baptiste and Justin say hello to you!
    Joseph and his family!
  25. RIP Stamos. Condolence to the family. My God give you the needed strength to thrive through this difficult time.
  26. We were deeply saddened to hear the news. Our sincere condolences to Tamara, Alex and Calista. Be strong guys, you all are remembered in our prayer.
    RIP Stamos!
    Alex and Calista,
    Jean, Jean-Baptiste and Justin say hello to you!
    Joseph and his family!
  27. Restin peace Stamos.My deepest condolence to Tamara, Calista, Alexander and immediate family.My thoughts are with you Tamara.
  28. I am really missing your special smile even if I am crying in my heart. You are always a stonge man in my mind and in the heaven.
  29. Goodbye Stamo… I always thought that Crete would be a retirement place, not a resting place. This is really sad…
  30. Tamara, god bless you and the kids. Stamos was a very good man and a great friend, I will always remember him and his lovely family… bid hug for Calista and Alexander… Stamos, rest in peace.
  31. You were a good man. Rest in peace Stamos.
    My condolences to family.
  32. rest in peach, were always a funny guy and a good father.
  33. Stamos and the Stamos family. You and your family brought joy to our little Ericsson facility in South Florida. Our customers and fellow employees loved the support and smiles that you gave us. Rest In Peace now my friend. Your children will grow up with new fire in them,apart of them named Stamos Stamos. Thanks to sharing some time with us all. Gods Blessings.
  34. What unexpected sad news. Rest in Peace Stamos.
    Just came to know yesterday.My deepest condolences to the immediate family.
  35. What terrible news! Stamos, it was a pleasure to have known you. Tamara, my deepest sympathies.
  36. Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and words.
    Tamara, Alexander and Calista.


Coming Home

Let me tell you about Stamos Stamos (yep, that’s his full name; so you can call him Stamos, Mr. Stamos, Master Stamos or Stamos “squared” without feeling that you have offended or misrepresented him in any way).

Stamos was born in Trikala.

Stamos got accidentally shot (he’s got two bullet holes in his back) by the cops in Athens (they thought he was someone else) and after recovering moved to the UK where he completed his education including an engineering degree from Plymouth University.

Stamos, along with some other Brits was hired by the big boss man who always had a knack for technical talent ( in Stamos’ class there was also a gent that lived about a block away from Johnny Steele, the Animals‘ drummer from Newcastle upon Tyne). These guys were sent to Montreal for training and that’s how Stamos and I became friends.

Stamos was always a man who forged his own future (I mean if you got shot and were this close to being paralyzed you would consider taking your own fate into your own hands, wouldn’t you?) so back in 90, he decided to stay in Montreal even though the rest of the Brits returned to London Guildford.

Stamos and I lived through a time when mobile communication was on the upswing. It was a time when you did what you did because you had a passion for it, a belief that even though you were making good money, you were also doing some good. Age played no role (we had a crew that ranged from early 20s to late 50s) and what counted was talent, insight, commitment, innovation, vision, perseverance, endurance and respect for experience and initiative.

When I was doing my tenure in Mexico, Stamos was building his house in Florida. When I was rushing to prevent outages in Buenos Aires, Stamos was laying systems in Caracas. We both got together and rolled out the first digital system in South America, in Chile. There was something good about witnessing a remote village being able to dial with a push of a button emergency medical services when in the past they relied on snail mail and word of mouth ( and very fast runners).

 Of course we saw other things, ominous things.

It was a time of vision and strategy, romance and reality, when the word “commodity” was restricted to rice, and engineering talent and initiative shone across the value chain (sorry, no room for Porgies at that time !). They were challenging times, but with a little faith you got through !

I mean, when you have to roll out 150 MSCs in a month, you need dedicated people don’t you? When you had to design a fix within 3 hours, and load it on a live switch to return the system to normal load levels (no errors allowed ’cause if the correction backfired and New York 1 went down, (yeah the same switch that relayed a call to Big G. Bush from his wife for the morning groceries)) you needed commitment (and of course a helluva lot of competence).

 Stamos being a man that takes his future in his hands has decided to quit the business, leave Montreal and come on back home. He’s gonna be going down to Crete   and he’s gonna be getting into a new endeavor along with other friends and family. He figures that he’s got to ride the next wave, the wave that’ll carry him for the next twenty so years.

Good man Stamos, and welcome home !

Yuvraj Singh Cricketer,YUVI, School,College days, Education,Personal, Auto Biography, Videos,Pictures,Family,Girlfriend,Marriage Date ,Six Records

Yuvraj Singh Cricketer Wiki,YUVI, School,College days, Education,Personal, Auto Biography, 
Videos,Pictures,Family,Girlfriend,Marriage Date ,Six Records
Download Yuvraj Singh Wallpapers
Yuvraj Singh in the action

Man in blue

Born: 12 December 1981
Place: Chandigarh 
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Father: Yogiraj Singh
Test: against New Zealand in Mohali in late 2003 in front of his home crowd in Punjab
One day:against Kenya at Nairobi in 2000, at the ICC KnockOut Trophy
Twenty-20: On 19 September 2007 against England in the ICC World Twenty20 Super 8 match 
held at Kingsmead in Durban
His School days:
School: DAV public school, Chandigarh
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Kapil Dev used to visit his school and  Yuvi used to get tips from him
Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar is Yuvi's inspiration.

In school Play

Yuvraj and His mother

On His  17 the Birthday


The Ericsson Chronicles

Dedicated to the cross continental sections of Canada, the US, Mexico and Greece that in their time and place. and in their own respective ways, contributed to making digital mobile communication a reality.

Cuavia Carrillo Peraza

On the death of my girlfriend, Cuavia Carrillo Peraza

My girlfriend died on Thursday, November 5th, at 7:20 pm local time in Tepic, Nayarit Mexico. She was 37 years old. I had been her boyfriend for a scant seven months. She died in hospital, and was surrounded by those who loved her most .. me, her mother Sofia and her 10 year old daughter Cecy.

Those are the bare facts of the situation. I am writing this about her in an effort to mark her passing, more for mself than anyone else. Another bare fact.

I am posting this on the internet, on this blog, because I cannot think of any other way to immortalize her. I know that this must sound ridiculous to any anonymous reader who chances to pass by, but nothing published on the internet ever disappears, so here we go:

She was a beautiful woman, but quite sick with what was supposed was asthma when I met her.

She did not have the money for doctors, so I began taking her to doctor after doctor to try to get a decent course of treatment for her. We finally found a doctor whom we felt might be the one to help. He started her on an aggressive course of treatment not only for her asthma, but for the Cushing's Syndrome she had developed over the years when, due to lack of money, she had used excessive amounts of prednizone to treat her symptoms.

During the course of this "treatment" she went into a deep crisis from which she never recovered.

I loved her very much. Everyone she knew loved her. She lived in Tepic for six years prior to her death, working as an English teacher in various schools. The last one she worked in was Universidad Viscaya.

I persuaded her to quit working so we could concentrate on improving her health.

Irony at this point ran out into the street and got crushed beneath the wheels of a bus.

She died much as she had lived; gently, slowly, and with little complaint. It is impossible for me, a Canadian, to express the level of sorrow I am feeling at having discovered this great treasure in Mexico, and then to have watched it slip through my fingers due to the years of medical maltreatment she had received from others, inflicted on herself and that I caused through my bungling enthusiasm.

The only consolation I can rescue from this tragic experience is the knowledge that for the seven months that I knew her, she was a happier person, according to her family. This is a very small comfort to me, for having lost a great, too-short love in my misbegotten life.

I shall try to keep in my memory always her optimism, her love of laughter, her gentleness, her keen intelligence, and most especially her love and empathy.

"That time of year thou may'st in me behold,
When yellow leaves, or none, or few do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare, ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang......:

...This thou perceiv'st, which makes thy love more strong
To love that well which thou must leave ere long"

Wm. Shakespeare, Sonnet LXXIII

The Old Curmudgeon