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Sotirios (Sotos) Hontzeas R.I.P.

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Dr. Sotirios Hontzeas (known to his friends as Sotos), Professor of Theoretical Nuclear Physics and retired University of Regina professor passed away on Sunday January the 10th 2010, in Athens, at the ripe old age of 90 years.
Dr. Hontzeas, after having earned a degree in Chemistry from the University of Athens begun his career as a wine inspector in the 50s.
After his brief engagement with the wine industry, Dr. Hontzeas considered enrolling into the Chemistry Masters program at McGill University. When the University staff noted Dr. Hontzeas’ acumen in higher mathematics (he was one of the few that achieved a perfect score) the faculty through Dr. Leo Yaffe convinced Dr. Hontzeas to abandon Chemistry and enroll into the Doctorate program of Theoretical Nuclear Physics with Dr. Yaffe as his immediate supervisor.
After earning his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from McGill, Dr. Hontzeas continued his theoretical work by first earning a postdoc from M.I.T., and then enlisting as part of the academic staff of the University of Saskatchewan-Regina, where he quickly became a permanent faculty member.
In 1982, Dr. Hontzeas was summoned by the late Prime Minister of Greece Andreas Papandreou as Special Secretary and Advisor; a position he accepted after first retiring from the University of Saskatchewan.
Dr. Hontzeas is survived by his daughter Nicole.

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