Thursday, June 30, 2011

WireLess TeleMedicine and Leros

Wireless Telemedicine is beginning to gain ground, and a number of mobile operators, equipped with the latest in broadband communication, are now offering this service to the elderly and general public.
What is not widely known is that the Telemedicine effort in this region, begun about 9 years ago with a presentation on the island of Leros.
The initiative was organized within the EU auspices by a certain gentleman name Lars Engval, a man of vision who was involved in the then European programs and had the very interesting idea of equipping Leros with telemedicine capabilities especially in the wintertime when the island was isolated from the Hellenic Mainland.
The seminar was very well organized and the participants included yours truly, a representative from the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization-OTE- , Dr. Cajander from Sweden who was a pioneer in the field, representatives from the local Leros hospital headed by Dr. Triandos and many other participants.
The OTE representative was sent by the then manager of broadband applications Mrs. Danelli, a result oriented executive of initiative, vision, and determination. Mrs. Danelli later started with the assistance of Sweden and the EU the driving safety program Panos Mylonas in memory of her son who was killed while driving to Patra polytechnic along the hazardous and infamous Athens – Patra “highway”.
The OTE proposal included the use of a 6 slot ISDN data connection to achieve video quality while yours truly complemented the OTE solution with a proposal for using the upcoming 3G network to achieve broadband video connectivity in areas where a wired connection was not possible.
The seminar was extremely successful and we had the pleasure of being trapped in the island for about a week since the high winds made it impossible for any planes or ships to reach the island. I say it was a pleasure because we used the time to discover the night life –there are some excellent bars and restaurants- as well as to meet with the then mayor – Mr. Adartis- and participate in an excellent dinner hosted by him.
The initial proponents of Telemedicine – Engvall, Danelli, YoursTruly, Dr. Cajander, Dr. Triandos- might be involved in other things now but mobile Telemedicine is on its was towards becoming an off the shelf service reality with today’s, and tomorrow broadband wireless networks.

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