Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SaferMobile: Mobile Security for Rights Defenders

From MobileActive

SaferMobile is a new project focusing on increasing mobile security for rights defenders, activists, and journalists. We are providing online and offline educational resources, trainings, and software.
As part of SaferMobile's work to raise awareness about mobile security and privacy, we produced a Mobile Security Risk Primer for activists, rights defenders, and journalists. It describes security vulnerabilities associated with mobile phone technology and specific uses of mobile devices as well as tactical advice on how to mitigate some of these risks. The accompanying Mobile Security Risk Assessment helps you assess your mobile security needs and create security practices in your work.
For more information on mobile usage in high-risk environments, read "Mobile Tactics for Participants in Peaceful Assemblies" or our how-to for using Twitter securely. To make your mobile browsing more secure, check out our guide to HTTPS and the handy Handset Lockdown Guides to help you adjust the default security settings on your phone.
We also reported on the mobile phone location tracking scandal, the potential threat of remote listening applications, and how to gauge the security of your smartphone apps.

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