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Vacationing in Greece : The Beachside Resort of Artemida Loutsa

Loutsa Artemida is a seaside resort located about 25 km north east of Athens Greece.

The municipality of Loutsa Artemida belongs to the Attica periphery and is part of the Attica prefecture. Loutsa Artemida bears its name from the nearby pre-classical Doric temple in Vavrona, dedicated to the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis.
Loutsa Artemida is notable for its fine inexpensive fish taverns, its fashionable cafes and lavishly exciting nightlife as well as its impressive 18 km shoreline which is easily and freely accessible for beach side events and swimming. One of the most popular windsurfing clubs in Greece is located in Loutsa Artemida as well as a number of entertainment facilities and fun parks for the younger of age.
Proximity from Athens Greece
What makes Loutsa Artemida so attractive and popular amongst Athenians and foreigners aside from its lovely countryside, is its proximity and easy accessibility from Athens and the nearby Eleftherios Venizelos international airport. Accessibility from Athens via the Attika superhighway (Attiki Odos) is about 20 minutes while from the airport about 5.
This proximity from the Greek capital and accessibility from various parts of the Greek capital gives Loutsa Artemida a village air with all the facilities and services of the metropolitan city. A number of Athenians hold summer houses in the area making it possible to escape on weekends, and even weekdays from the hustle and bustle of the Greek capital for a quick swim, relaxation and fresh fish. To the south east of Loutsa stands the port of Porto Rafti and to North East the beach side resorts of Rafina, Nea Makri and Marathon with the tomb of the slain Athenian infantry dating back to the first Persian War.

Popular Family Vacation and Holiday Destination

The last couple of years have seen an impressive acceleration in the number of permanent residents and construction has been hectically trying to keep pace with the ever increasing demand. Paradoxically, prices have remained relatively stable (and in some cases have actually decreased) partly due to the working class nature of the municipality and the relative noise of the nearby airport especially during the summer.

Historic Loutsa Artemida

From most parts of the municipality one can see the island of Evia which is separated from Attica and mainland Greece by the Evoikos Kolpos a body of water belonging to the Aegean Sea. Herodotus states in The Persian Wars, that Artemida Loutsa was used by the Athenian Army as an observation post to observe the movements of the Persian navy from Thermopylae towards their final annihilation (whilst decimating the city of Karystos in Evia) at Salamina.

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