Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheap Way of ensuring Goldfish Life

This simple method ensures a cheap way to ensure goldfish longetivity without spending bucks : What you need is a tank, goldfish, a ph neutralizer, water and goldfish food

  • Ensure that the tank is large enough for the amount of fish
  • Ensure that the food is good quality and doesnt rot immediatly (in like 24 hours)
  • ensure that you have a clean basin ready for use
  1. The day before fill the basin with tap water and let it stand for 24 hours preferably outdoors; that way the chlorine and ammonia evaporate
  2. clean the fish tank before every use but make sure that you get rid of all soap; change water every 2 to 3 days ; if the fish food is low quality you'll smell it after the first day so if the tank smells change the water
  3. put the recommended amount of ph neutralizer in the basin and stir
  4. let the basin stand for about 8 minutes; put some basin water in a side container to temporarily part the fish
  5. park the fish in the side container
  6. clean the tank well with liquid detergent similar to the one used to clean kitchen plates; make sure that you rinse well and that all soap is washed away
  7. fill tank with water from basin
  8. put fish from side container to tank; feed fish assuming that the last time you fed them was 2 days ago; feed fish every two days; fish should be fed once between tank cleaning procedure so if you clean the tank every two days feed the fish every two days. This eliminates food rot effects and minimizes consequences of low grade fish food
  9. Always keep fish in room temperature and place in semisunlight place (indirect, not direct access to sunlight).
  10. Repeat routine (step 1) every 2 to 3 days
If you leave on vacation say 3 weeks to a month, find a large enough basin, fill with tap water 24 hours before you leave and leave exposed so that chloride and ammonia will evaporate, put neutralizer 1 hour before you leave and put goldfish in (ensure that the basin is at room temperature before you put fish in so if it was exposed, bring it in a couple of hours before) a couple of minutes before you split. Regarding food, go a couple of days before to your pet shop and tell 'em your leaving, mention the time you'll be away, and ask them to give you food for the duration of your absense. This kind of "vacation food" consists of a little brick which you put in the water with the fish, and which dissolves slowly thus providing ample food for your fish for the time of your departure. Once you return go to step one above which means that you'll change the water the day after you return.

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