Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dark Gift

From an unknown hand:

I read your articles on the Vampyre Ziku, and I must let you know that Ziku and his lesbian betrothed, Valmyra still walk the cursed earth.

My girlfriend, a lovely young woman aged 22, begun a couple of months ago to have nightmares; she dreamt that a shadow spread over and engulfed her body while she was sleeping, the result of which was a choking feeling. She found herself waking up and gasping for air.

As time went by, the shadow took a human form, and the gasping feeling transformed into sweet sensations and vigorous contractions resulting in arduous releases of nocturnal feminine passion. This midnight fervor was followed by languid mornings where my loved one grew weaker and weaker resulting in an inability to eventually leave her bedroom.

One night I decided not to sleep and kept post outside her room. At about 3 pm I heard the window shutters open, and felt a gust of wind creep through the closed bedroom door and into the hall. I soon heard a rustling sound and sweet moans of pleasure coming from my loved one, growing ever more passionate while beseeching for more and eventually leading to lascivious screams of pleasure from cataclysmically delightful implosions.

I rushed into the room and upon my horror, saw my love's sensuous legs wrapped around the vampire Valmyra’s neck, while Valmyra’s serpent tongue was exploring my love’s womanhood, whilst simultaneously draining my love from her lifeblood. Valmyra upon seeing me rose up in fury and dashed out the open window disappearing into the wondrous night.

But alas, my love also departed that night for the great beyond and became Valmyra’s undead loveslave, walking the grounds eternally with Ziku and the damned Valmyra, eternally searching for female victims to feed on, and initiate into the dark gift.

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