Thursday, September 8, 2011

How I quit smoking

I smoked four packs of red marlboros a day. I'm the guy that kept phillip morris stocks skyrocketing. I had all the symptoms of a heavy smoker including HAP like breathing (Iwas one step away from it) especially up staircases, smoker's cough and "windy" bronchi. I also just about had enough.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo :

I left my job, took a three month vacation totally away from places and people I used to smoke, changed my morning afternoon and night habits, started working out step by step whilst following healthy eating habits, and replaced coffee with green and white tea.

Basically I decided to change my life totally... so that I could live.

oh, I also got a new girlfriend; left my american headache for a sexy russian doll.

So there you go; haven't touched the crap for over seven months, totally fit, great relationship movin' towards marriage, new career (I started my own company dealing with education issues), dumped the car in favor of public transit, and unplugged the tv in favor of books (the traditional kind, not the electronic media crap).

I'm a happy camper...hope life works out just as well for you...

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