Friday, September 2, 2011

Madonna's Face Decides it's Time to Turn Old

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Madonna.  I don't love her, but I like her.  And, she's impressed me with her rockin body over the years.  She's 53 years old people, and her body is rock solid.  Her face, however...well, that's another story.  I'm fairly certain that Madge freaked out a few years ago about the fact that she was nearing 50 and had some work done to "help" keep her looking young.  I think she should fire her plastic surgeon because he went and made her look, well, bad.  It's really unfortunate because I really thought she was aging very well, but then she went and did this and now I think she looks awful.  It's really a shame that celebrities think that, just because they're getting older, they have to get work done to make them retain their youthful appearance.  You know what?  It hardly every works.  I think some people age gracefully (Demi Moore) and some don't (Helen Hunt).  Deal with it, ladies.  Work what yo mama gave you, work it fierce, and love the body, and face, you've got.  Because your plastic surgeon doesn't give a rat's ass.

Check out Madonna just 10 years ago in her "Don't Tell Me" video.  Hot, right?  She looks amazing.

[Image via WENN]

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