Friday, September 2, 2011

Magic Mike Cast Will Surely Entice You

So, I've been hearing lots of rumors about the 2012 male stripper movie called Magic Mike and after the article I just read, I think this is going to be the best movie EVER.  The movie is set to star:

Joe Manganiello
Matt Bomer
Channing Tatum
Alex Pettyfer
Matthew McConaughey

The hottie in the pic is Joe Manganiello.  He plays a werewolf on HBO's True Blood and holy amazaballs, he is ridiculously hot.  Allegedly, he'll do a full frontal nude scene in Magic Mike.  Um, yeah, my brain just exploded.  Can you EVEN imagine what that's going to look like on a the big screen?  I'm sweating.

The film will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, so it has to be fantastic.  No release date has been announced, but man, I can't wait to see how this turns out. 


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