Saturday, September 10, 2011

People are Taking this Vampire Thing a Bit too Far

Now, I'm a fan of vampires. I'm totally obsessed with True Blood and I enjoy a saucy vampire novel as much as any fainting 16 year old. I may or may not have watched the Twilight movies (and read the books) and yes, sometimes I swoon at the brooding and darkness that is a vampire. But ths crazy bitch is taking the whole vampire thing a bit too far. Josephine Rebecca Smith, a resident of St. Petersburg, FL, truly believes she's a vampire and attacked a 69 year old disabled man at a, wait for it, vacant Hooters. Of anywhere, the last place I would have expected a Hooters to tank is Florida.

The old man met his vampire, 22 year old Smith, at a gas station and then invited her back to the porch of the vacant Hooters where he was staying. I mean, why else would a 22 year old follow a disabled wheelchaired old man back to a vacant Hooters unless she was going to suck his blood? And who knew the gas station was a good place to hook up? Anyway, the old guy fell asleep on the ground and that's when Smith made her move. The best part? The old man somehow managed to escape, wheel back to the gas station, and call for help. The police found the alleged vampire on the Hooters porch, half naked and covered in the old man's blood. I like that she stuck around, kind of like wanting to show off the fact that she was hanging out on a vacant Hooters' porch, half naked, soaked in blood. I mean, it could have been BBQ sauce for all we know. Apparently Hooters has good wings.

[Image via Sonic Eclectic]

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