Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Totally Obsessed with: Treehouses

Right now, I can't get enough of treehouses.  Now, I'm not necessarily talking about the kind of treehouse your friend had growing up - and I say friend in this instance because I never had a treehouse when I was a kid, but I did have a lot of forts, which were just as much fun (I think).  I'm talking about adult versions of treehouses.  Swanky amazeballs treehouses that you could move into tomorrow and live out your days lounging on your deck with you feet up on a treelimb, reading a book and sipping a glass of wine. 

My fiance and I are getting married in less than two weeks and while we're not taking a full-on honeymoon until sometime next year, I've been doing some browsing online to see what kind of honeymoon we might want to consider.  For me, I adore Italy and would go back in a second, but I also think that we should be a little more adventurous and do something different.  It's pretty impressive how many treehouse type villas are available to rent all over the world.  I've include some pics of some of my favorites below - enjoy!

The majority of these charming abodes can be rented via airbnb. And if you don't know about this website yet, you should definitely check it out. It's brilliant.

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