Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tsalikidis Vodafone Greek Wiretapping Case Re Examined

The family of Costas Tsalikidis, who allegedly commited suicide in 2005, has requested via their lawyers Nikos Konstantopoulos (the former leader of Greek leftist party Syriza), Zoe Konstantopoulou and lawyer Ragousis, the re activation of the Tsalikidis file and the direct correllation of Costas Tsalikidis death with the vodafone greek wire tapping scandal.

Costas Tsalikidis was found hung in his Kolonos apartment in Athens in 2005 prior to the Greek Vodafone Wiretapping Scandal which is currently linked to the American Embassy and the American NSA.

The investigation regarding Tsalikidis death, which was labelled by the government as a suicide was archived as the wiretapping scandal, and the Tsalikidis family is requested the reactivation of their son's investigation and its link to the wiretapping scandal investigation currently under way in Greece.

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